Life coach Bruce James Kaufman - Seattle, Washington, USA - Health Coaching, Goal Achievement,
Life Coach Bruce James Kaufman - Seattle, Washington, USA

Coach Bruce James Kaufman

Seattle  ·  Washington  ·  United States
Personal Coaching  ·  Health Coaching  ·  Spiritual Coaching  ·  Stress Coaching

Health Coaching, Goal Achievement, Life Coaching, Stress Management, Spiritual Guidance (Christian)

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About Coach Bruce James Kaufman

Greetings! My name is Bruce James Kaufman, people call me Bruce or James, either one works. Welcome! I'm so glad youre here searching for coaches, your looking to see how they could be useful too you. Well, coaches can be useful, because coaching is about defining a clients intentions and working towards inevitable results; therefore, because you are here, you desire results, you need results, you want results. My coaching method works because my clients always feel valued and respected, I deliver world class coaching for solutions involving health, life and spiritual needs. Sometimes clients feel they just need someone to talk too that cares, together we become partners in discussion. The results you experience will depend on your commitment and if you are, you will discover and unlock thoughts, solutions and answers that have been keeping you stuck. Not only that we will tap into your dreams, for short term and long term goals. Did you know coaches even have coaches? Yes, that's right, it is important that coaches deliver the very best coaching experience to you, my client; it is important that I have ongoing coaching as well. Learning never stops, I will curate and share with you the best information pertaining to our session, but that's not all, each session will have action steps to create transformation. During each session, you will not be inundated, or overwhelmed with information, because as a coach I know that knowledge alone does not equal change. I'm committed to helping you become the best version of you in modalities of health, life and spiritual health! I think we can agree that everyone needs to be heard, because everyone has something they want to change in their lives, and being stuck is not the way to live! So, are you ready? Book an appointment with me and show up for yourself, you will discover authentic, heart centered love and care from a professional coach. So get curious today and discover what has been hidden and is waiting for you to experience. My clients aha's, insights and appreciations after my client sessions are typically overwhelming with positive feedback! After 4 sessions with one of my clients that had struggled with weight loss said "I feel like all the puzzle pieces are coming together" not only that but my client had lost 6lbs. and increased energy! Another client said "I didn't know this coaching session was going to be this powerful! I just want to apologize" and another client who struggled with chronic low energy said after our third session "I feel great! I'm doing more!" and a similar testimony after four weeks said "I feel like being healthy is natural, like that's what I just do now!" this just a small sample of what people like you are experiencing from booking me as their coach. Because coaching really is about defining our intentions and working towards inevitable results, therefore I believe that everyone should have a coach! Because it works! So now is your time, dare to change! Because change is something you can do! Best Wishes, Coach Bruce **Certified Health and Life Coach - Health Coach Institute (CCE Accredited from the International Coach Federation (ICF)) **Certificate of Ministry - College of the Open Bible Theological Seminary 2016


Seattle  ·  Washington  ·  United States


My name is Bruce James Kaufman, I'm a Certified Health and Life Coach through the Health Coach Institute (CCE Accredited from the International Coach Federation (ICF)) I have been useful to many clients overcoming the obstacle of weight loss and low energy, my methods create sustainable habit change and transformation that surprises and delights most clients. I care about health, because I care about people! I also care about the spirit and the soul of my clients, I earned my Certificate of Ministry through the College of the Open Bible; I can be useful to clients that are troubled, confused, tired, or even lost spiritually; many clients are delighted to be introduced to a solution that gives them hope and solutions for all of life's most difficult and perplexing times. . **Certified Health and Life Coach - Health Coach Institute (CCE Accredited from the International Coach Federation (ICF)) **Certificate of Ministry - College of the Open Bible Theological Seminary

Licenses & Certifications

Health Coach Institute - Certified Health and Life Coach College of the Open Bible - Licensed Minister


30-Minute Call: $150
Weekly Unlimited Messaging: $29/week
Monthly Unlimited Messaging: $99/month

Client Reviews for Bruce James Kaufman

Great session we had earlier today! Thank you for your prayer, everything is perfectly normal now!
― Kevin, C
Thank you Bruce! You helped me through a very difficult time! Life is back to normal and that's even better!
― Scott, H.
What I'm doing is working and I'm very excited! This is quality time for me!
― Sarah, L
"It's working, I feel better, because I'm changing my thought process, being healthy is becoming second nature..."
― Linda, Q.
"I'm moving around better, I actually feel lighter"
― Douglas D.

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