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I will help you get a fulfilling, successful and happy career by: - Helping you quickly overcome any problems at work - Working with you through a role, job or career change - Getting you promoted

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About Coach Aldous Lippard

My mission in life is simple: I help people be the best that they can and the happiest that they can in their careers. I love doing this. Seeing others succeed drives my coaching! There is very little I have not experienced when it comes to work, from bad bosses and office politics to feeling demotivated and stressed, and scared and worried about change. I have a lot of experience of this from the last 15 years from working in senior, global roles at big corporate organisations, all the way down to being one of a handful of leaders at a small business and start up. I have worked for myself too and set up a number of companies. I have coached hundreds of happy clients into new roles, jobs and careers and helped countless others wade through and transform their career situations. I can help you too. Let's chat!


- I have 15 years experience of coaching, mentoring and developing people. - Using a tried and tested structured process, have coached hundreds of people successfully through role, job and career changes, - I have a 2:1 BA Hons degree in Business Management -I have qualifications in and continue to study Personal Coaching and Business Coaching (PGCert) -I have completed the prestigious Barefoot Coaching Programme - I am a prize-winning public speaker, a member of Toastmasters public speaking club and coach and mentor specifically on presentation and public speaking. - I use a mixture of psychological, business and interpersonal coaching methodologies, emotional intelligence training, communication training, confidence building, and career studies to help my clients

Licenses & Certifications

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) of the International Coach Federation (ICF) PGCert Personal Coaching PGCert Business Coaching BA Hons Business Management Completed Barefoot Coaching Programme

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Client Reviews for Aldous Lippard

"Aldous challenged me to develop new ways of thinking and helped me take action in some critical decisions in my career. He is an excellent coach to me"
― Alain D
"Aldous's career coaching programme helped me become a stronger team leader and got me promoted. I now know where to focus my time and energy to ensure I succeed"
― Lewis G
"I had recently taken on a new role in a new company. Working closely with Aldous allowed me to find my feet more quickly, build gravitas and develop confidence. Having his support really was invaluable"
― Corrina K
" Working with Aldous as a coach was refreshing as his style and calming nature really allowed me to explore my goals without feeling conscious that someone might be judging me" "He helped me to explore what was most important to me and my business and that's helped me to grow into the business leader I want to be"
― Jen L
"His coaching helped me move up to the next step in my career, creating a greater self-awareness of my situation and clarifying my professional goals. Aldous is understanding, observant and direct in his approach. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach”
― Tim L
"Aldous has a kind, supportive nature and is highly motivating - his career coaching supported me in taking a huge leap in my career"
― Rachel W
" The coaching has helped me immensely. I've overcome my challenges and reached my goal of becoming more managerial as a business owner. "
― Dorthe K
"Working with Aldous has been both a benefit and a joy. He combines sensitivity and perceptivity of insight with charm and wit. If you are seeking guidance in your career or in personal and communication skills, look no further!"
― Vaughan E
'"Aldous combines gentle inquiry and natural perceptiveness with warmth, support and positive challenge to help you realise the change you want to make in your life. I recommend him highly.''
― Emma B

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