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I help frustrated professionals who feel unfulfilled and overwhelmed, discover their purpose so they finally create and live a life they love.

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About Coach Mario Sousa

I am an agent for change, a catalyst for transformation and a strategist for success. I help frustrated professionals who feel unfulfilled and overwhelmed, discover their purpose so they finally create and live a life they love. I have spent the last 10 years on my personal Journey towards Self-Mastery. Ive lost count of the number of times in my life conversations with acquaintances have ended with the others saying, "I cant believe I just shared all that with you! I think its because Ive had more than my fair share of challenge in life and have overcome lots of adversity. Somehow, others can sense it and pour their heart out trusting in that energetic bond. My life is probably a lot like yours. I graduated from high school and dropped out of college. I got that so called 'good job'. Next I bought a townhouse. Then I got married, became a dad and began raising a child. I did all the right things. All of the things you 'should' do to live a good life. Except when I got to the end of that list, I didnt feel fulfilled or happy. I didnt feel satisfied. Even though Id checked a lot off the list, I didnt feel like I was living my dream. I just had a hungering for something more. This couldnt be all there was to life, could it? So, I set out to find out for myself. Learning and growing and figuring it out. In that journey, I learned that the most important thing I can do for myself is to consciously choose my life. Those 'shoulds' were good and important, yet they left me hungering for more. And so I know from personal experience that this sense of there must be something more is an amazing opportunity. An opportunity to look at all the parts of life and your life as a whole. To consciously make choices to live life on purpose. To lead life where you want it to be, instead of settling. Living on Purpose is a Lifetime Journey Living life on purpose is not about discovering some hidden purpose for which you were designed and are hopefully lucky enough to -OMITTED- life on purpose is a decision you make, a plan you create and actions you take. Ive learned that it will be a lifetime journey to continuously live my life on purpose. Ive learned the importance of recognizing my value. What it takes to stand fully in my power, express my value and make an impact. Ive learned how important it is to understand my personal values and live my life so that my thoughts and actions are deeply aligned with those values. How to create and hold a big, bold, vision of my life so that I can be consciously creating what I want in every moment. Ive learned to surround myself with people who inspire, motivate and uplift me. The kind of people who will pick me up when I flounder and not kicking me when Im down. Ive learned to set and hold boundaries so that I am a powerful authority in my life, and not letting life happen to me. Ive learned to create structure in my life that lets me be fully who I am, living how I want to live. In short, Ive learned to love myself and to love my life. All of this is the real work needed to live life on purpose. Its the work that makes life meaningful and rich. My Big Why Inspires Me To Support You Too All of this makes me absolutely fired up to support you in your own explorations of living your life on purpose. To support you in creating and leading a life you love. Its powerful stuff thats a whole lot of fun too. If youre ready to move beyond the 'shoulds' of life, discover what truly has heart and meaning for you, and take action to live life on purpose, to live a life you love youre in the right place!


Founder and Creator of Life Purpose Academy Freedom Partner at Simple Freedom Club

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Coach through Rapid Coaching Academy Certified Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles Certified Life Purpose Coach through Transformational Academy

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Client Reviews for Mario Sousa

When I joined Life Purpose Academy I was in such a low place in my life, I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and depressed. I was really struggling to define what I really wanted to do in life and financially I was in a very low place. I knew I was meant to be doing something more meaningful but I felt very stuck and lost on how to make it happen.  Since completing Life Purpose Academy, I feel that I know myself at a deeper level,  I feel more confident,  got clarity on what I want to do and I’m in a much better place financially. For the first time in my life I know my life purpose and I’m fully committed to fulfilling it!
― Claudia Maxwell
For the past 7 years I've been hopping from one job to the next - every 1 1/2 years, not satisfied. I've been with Fortune 500 companies with fantastic benefits. I always felt like I was trying to make myself fit into these roles. I tried brainstorming over & over trying to find my purpose and passion, "What would make my life more fulfilling?" A friend of mine recommended that I check out Life Purpose Academy. I took a leap a faith. I signed up for this program that I could not afford, but I had to make a drastic change in my life to find more meaning and fulfillment in my life. It proved to be the best decision I have ever made. Since then I've started my own business that I am passionate and on purpose about. If it wasn't for what I learned about myself through the Life Purpose Academy I would of stayed in the same cycle for years to come. I am forever grateful!
― Linda Harrington
My experience with Life Purpose Academy proved to be life altering, my whole perspective towards my life is so positive, motivational and confident now and these changes are part of my life now and guide me through each situation I face in my life.
― Mary Livingston
Life Purpose Academy was an amazing experience!  I learned so much about how to focus my life on what really matters to me.  It was practical and transformational. I highly recommend this program.  It will make the biggest difference in your life.
― James Komo
Life Purpose Academy has inspired and ignited the power inside of me, my deepest passions, my success, my inspirations and aspirations. I’m now living by what’s really is most important to me and my life has so much more purpose and passion! This program is extremely valuable. It will change your life forever.
― Tony Cota

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