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Spiritual, Christian, Relationship, Communication, Anxiety

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About Coach Christi BYERLY

I like you already. I want you to feel cared for and important in each conversation. The changes you make will be natural, internal and gentle so that, when you notice how differently you are able to handle things and what a courageous person you have become, it will have seemed almost effortless. The process moves from experiencing yourself as loveable, building a community of empathy and grace around you, and living your mission as part of something bigger than you are. It's normal to be nervous--that just means that you have the energy to invest in what you really want.




- I have worked with dozens of pastors, missionaries, NGO workers, corporate CEO's and HR managers on several continents as a coach and spiritual director. - My career path, prior to coaching, was in corporate communications. - I have lived and had children on three continents and love to walk people through major life transitions. With my family, we are now living in Alsace, France after having spent 11 years in Kenya. - I am bilingual in English and French, and am happy to coach in either language. - I am comfortable with silence and letting you have time to think.

Licenses & Certifications

Certifed Daring WayTM and Rising Strong Facilitator with Brene Brown NLP Master Practitioner - Dutch board certified International Coach Federation - Professional Certified Coach (ICF - PCC) Certified Spiritual Director - Hekima college in Kenya Certified Group Coach Certified Depth Coach Registered ICF mentor coach


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