Life coach Angelo John Lewis - Lambertville, NJ, United States - transition coaching, life coaching,
Life Coach Angelo John Lewis - Lambertville, NJ, United States

Coach Angelo John Lewis

Lambertville  ·  New Jersey  ·  United States
Personal Coaching  ·  Career Coaching  ·  Business Coaching  ·  Communication Coaching  ·  Academic Coaching

transition coaching, life coaching, team building, strategic planning, corporate consulting

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About Coach Angelo John Lewis

I am a coach and consultant with a mission of helping people reach higher levels of effectiveness. I specialize in helping people undergoing transitions, such as divorce, finding a new job or mapping out a retirement plan. As a consultant, I work with teams, organizations and communities to enhance group effectiveness. My consulting work focuses on team effectiveness, group problem solving, and community building.


Lambertville  ·  New Jersey  ·  United States


Ive worked as an executive coach in industries that include telecommunications, financial services, e-business industries, and higher education. Coaching work focuses on helping you understand the organizational culture in which you work, how your actions translate into others perceptions, and how to be both authentic and proficient as a follower, team-player and leader. Coaching sessions provide a safe place for talking through issues, skill building, and practicing presentation skills.


Unlimited Messaging:   $29 / week
30-minute Phone/Video Consultation:   $75

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