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Coach Angelo John Lewis

Lambertville  ·  New Jersey
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About Coach Angelo John Lewis

I am a coach and consultant with a mission of helping people reach higher levels of effectiveness. I specialize in helping people undergoing transitions, such as divorce, finding a new job or mapping out a retirement plan. As a consultant, I work with teams, organizations and communities to enhance group effectiveness. My consulting work focuses on team effectiveness, group problem solving, and community building.


Ive worked as an executive coach in industries that include telecommunications, financial services, e-business industries, and higher education. Coaching work focuses on helping you understand the organizational culture in which you work, how your actions translate into others perceptions, and how to be both authentic and proficient as a follower, team-player and leader. Coaching sessions provide a safe place for talking through issues, skill building, and practicing presentation skills.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

In the midst of a transition? Complete an assessment, receive a foundational coaching session, followed by a customized blueprint and a followup week of email support.

Client Reviews for Angelo John Lewis

Angelo's coaching was an important contribution for me at a key moment of uncertainty and transition. I approached our sessions initially with a slightly vague intention to clarify my own goals and desires for that precise period. One of the strengths of the method he uses, however, is that the quality, or lack of quality, in my own understanding of the reason for our session, is not very crucial - the questions take the client right into what is, in that moment, desired, blocked, needed, etc.
― Scott Smith, Development Professional
Angelo helped me develop a plan to tackle a project that I'd put off for years. His work with me was effective and comprehensive. Angelo is focused, direct, and straightforward. I recommend him to anyone wanting to do practical change work.
― David M.
Angelo has the most useful set of questions to help YOU clarify what is going on and how to proceed. The questions were very structured to help focus, while still allowing tangents where necessary. He was friendly and non-judgmental going through those answers. The time and energy he dedicates to helping you through a choice or experience is inspiring. If you need someone to help you sort through your own mind, I can't imagine turning anywhere else as a starting point to be a better option. if you're reading this and on the fence about his services, do it. ???? I feel so much calmer! Thank you, Angelo
― Sara Benedict, Electrical Design Engineer, WSO
Working with Angelo really provided a clear outline of what I need to do going forward in both my professional and personal life. I now have a clear outline of where I want to go forward for a) relocating and b) generating revenue when I get there. I just don’t know what I would have done without the coaching session..
― Remi Alli, Founder and CEO, Brav
""While facing challenges at some point in my life, I came to Angelo seeking couching in harnessing my potentials and making use of inner strength. Angelo has helped me realizing my powers moving forward on the right path and leaving behind any self-doubt or fear of failures. This was a good opportunity for me that helped my personal growth journey. "
― Bandar A.

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