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Spiritual life coach, spiritual counselor, binge eating, intuitive eating.

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About Coach Martita Robinson

I'm on a mission to inspire men and women all over the world to embrace self-empowerment through self-realization, love and acceptance. I believe whole-heartedly in the sacred power that lies within each and every one of us, and I know that self-realization is possible through practicing presence and choosing love. I am a mother of four raising my beautiful children alongside my darling husband. I enjoy all forms of body movement including yoga and dance, and love to travel. My greatest love is to help others. Being able to help someone move towards and obtain their goals brings me joy.


Intuitive eating, anxiety, emotional eating, stress eating, binge eating recovery.

Licenses & Certifications

M.A. Clinical Mental Health B.A. Sociology & Criminal Justice Reiki Master

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Akashic readings are the quickest way to overcome those challenges in your life that seem to be taking over your ability to move forward. Here is a sample reading I did recently: "What can I understand/release or shift to find a deeper understanding? Your understanding is blocked by your inability to see where you are right now. Everything that is happening financially is more to do with your inability to take hold of the position you’re in and your ability to shift through it. Transform through it. How can I send my spiritual in my physical life? Merge the two by being more open to your gifts. Become more in tune with who you help and why. Then incorporate those gifts into your daily life. What can I do to trust myself and have the confidence to move forward? Trusting yourself is blocked by your inability to see the gifts within you. Focus more on how you help people and things will begin to open up. How can I get an deeper engagement with others? Your engagement is effected by your inability to see who you are and how you help. Focus on the specifics of who you are helping and how you help them. Thats the path to opening up everything in your life. Where is this inner sadness coming from? How can I release it? Sadness is a feeling that comes from not feeling full enough. Full enough of love. Full enough of pleasure. Take more time to delve into what makes you happy—then practice that happiness daily.
 How can I release the tension within my shoulders and neck? Shoulder and neck pain are more about handling too much at once. Find a way to prioritize your day. Figure out whats more important, then go from there. Whats going on with me financially? What do I need to release in order to become abundant in that area? Your finances are blocked because you are blocked. You are blocked in the area of understanding yourself and the gifts you bring to the world. Figure out how you help and that area in your life will open up like a river. How can I increase my closeness to my husband? Create closeness by being with one another in a more focused and present way. Put distractions away. Stay focused on one another while you are with one another and the rest will fall into place. What are the binds that I need to release or contracts financially? You don’t have anything stopping you from receiving the money that youre after—thats within you. Its simply a matter of becoming clear on who you serve and your purpose with them. Why are you helping? What do you do? Who do you help? These the questions that are most important. (extra question I was guided to ask) Is there anything else I should know about maximizing my day and who I am? You’re a light in the life of many. You dont see that though. You have to turn into that part of you where your gifts lie. Create your path by pulling out your gifts and showing them to the world. Things will shift then." These readings are done online. Once you purchase the session I will dive into your akashic records and ask up to three questions. I find that three questions provide much needed clarity when a person is stuck within their life. GUIDELINES: The best questions should begin with “what”, “why”, and “how”. “Yes or no” or “when” questions should be avoided. Read the sample questions below and formulate your questions based on that. Relationships: Why does ______ always happen in my relationship(s)?  What can I know or do to improve my relationship with _____?  What other lifetimes have I possibly lived with _______?  What past life experiences may be affecting my relationship with ______?  How can I clear my past relationship with _______?  How can I attract more loving people into my life? Career/Money:  What blocks do I have that keep me from the abundance I deserve?  What gifts and talents from this life and previous lives am I not aware of that I can apply to my current or future job/career? Life Purpose:  What gifts and talents from this life and previous lives can be applied to my life purpose?  How do I know what my life purpose is and how can I make the first steps towards living it? Soul Lessons/Soul Purpose:  What lessons is my soul learning about ______ in this lifetime?  What lessons have I mastered in my previous lifetimes?  Why has my soul incarnated on Earth at this time? Soul Group/Soul Family:  Who is my soul family or soul group (ancestral lineage)? Past Lives:  What past life or lives might be causing me to feel ______?  What past life or lives might have caused my fear or phobia of _____?  Who might have my (sister, brother, mother, husband, etc.) been in relation to me in previous lifetimes? You can purchase as many 3 question session as you'd like. Please inbox me with any questions you have! Thank you! OX

Client Reviews for Martita Robinson

" Martita gave me motivation and has helped me live in harmony with myself; and I am able to face each day with a delightful sense of joy. She is a noble soul who radiates compassion and kindness in her practice. She is clearly devoted to this path, and finds joy in being of service. "                                                                                                                                       
― Avi V.
Martita has a way with people and making them feel understood. You can tell her things that any average person would judge you for and she doesn't. Nothing is taboo or inappropriate. She encourages me to be honest with myself and face things head on. She is a very honest upfront person with tons of suggestions on how to tackle any issue you're dealing with. I always feel better after talking with her.
― Sonya A.
I don't know what I would do without her.
― Ray R.
Martita's program started helping me immediately. I was able to stop thinking so much and put my energy into feeling better. She's an amazing coach!
― Miriam S.
Martita's presence never fails to calm me down and change perspective.
― Imma R.
Martita knows how to clean, clear, and cleanse the junk out of your life. She's been a source of strength when things were down--she's made such an impact in my life. 
― Mandisa M.

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