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Life Coach Arevik Hayrapetyan - Yerevan, Armenia

Arevik Hayrapetyan

Yerevan  ·  Armenia
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My mission in life is to serve individuals who want to excel themselves in all aspects of their lives and grow into a better human being every single day. As your Coach, I will help you discover your lifes passion and turn your biggest dreams into clear goals. I will continuously remind you about your goal and will challenge you to execute on your ideas and promises on daily basis. Together with me, You will design a step by step strategy to achieve your goal, execute on your ideas every single day via small steps towards your goal, develop strong focus, strengthen your willpower, increase your productivity, get out of your comfort zone and overcome your fears, become self-confident and shape a positive mindset about your abilities, install new positive habits and get rid of negative ones, tap into your creative potential, transform your relationships with other people, by making them healthy, meaningful & rewarding, create harmony in your life, live each day with a clear sense of purpose and fulfillment and many more... I will be there for you when you celebrate your achievements, big or small, as well as when everything seems to be going against you. You will learn to push beyond your current capabilities to become a stronger and more confident, happier, and continuously self-actualizing human being. I am excited to Serve and Wow You! Get to know more about me via:


Yerevan  ·  Armenia


5+years of my coaching practice, based on Science-backed methods and tools, has been proven to be absolutely valuable for *Individuals, committed to excel themselves, *Business Executives/Companies *Athletes/Sports Teams *Creative Professionals As a Life-Coach and Co-Founder of Kaizen Mastery People Development Institute, I have been nominated to speak for TEDxSevan event to be held in September 2017. I designed & taught a comprehensive Athletes Development Course in frames of C & B Coaching License at Football Federation of Armenia. Lets work and explore together the art of small steps, the power of small wins and transform your Life and Career into a real Masterpiece! Get to know more about me via:

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Coach & Member at Professional Coaching Alliance ( BA & MA in Communication Studies Certificate of Achievement by Leadership School Foundation


Unlimited Messaging:   $29 / week
30-minute Phone/Video Consultation:   $35

Client Reviews

“I started coaching with Arevik with a high level goal to be able to set my priorities for the day. Arevik identified the specific habit to form towards this goal and helped me form that habit through constant motivation, check-in and tips along the way. It has been a great experience being coached by Arevik and would recommend her to anybody looking to get priorities aligned to be productive!”
― Sanil P.
Arevik helped to instill strong habits in me. When I started working with her I was not doing a great job planning my day and setting aside specific time for growth. Now I spend at least an hour a day working on content for my site. Her strong questions helped lead me to a clear understanding of where I should focus my attention.
― Blaze J.
Thank you for having made such a great contribution in my life, in my progress and development and motivating me believe in the greatness of the work I am doing!
― Vladimir A.
Your coaching has made positive impact on my mindset, actions, decisions and my life overall. I am very grateful to you for your unique approach to coaching people with diverse backgrounds, me in particular :)
― Hripsime P.
Arevik is a person who gives you an appetite to wake up early every morning and to continue do things which you believe in as she motivates you to dig yourself, to believe and never give up. Lots of appreciation and gratefulness.
― Lilit P.
I am so happy to get to know you.There are so many interesting things in life that I have been searching for and I am happy to have found them due to your coaching. You brought a lot of new and interesting perspectives into my life. Your ideas are always in my mind and I am doing my best to realize them. You have truly influenced me positively. My huge thanks to you for everything.
― Tigranuhi M.
While working with Arevik I clarified both my long-term goals and short-term goals, learnt to develop strong focus, which raised my productivity to a whole new level. I am making great progress with my thesis and somehow I also find time for the social life I used to neglect before. Definitely recommend.
― Kristian M.
Arevik has been a bright light on the way towards my dream. Due to the coaching with her I found strength within to make what was considered impossible for me before. Keep it up!
― Armine Kh.
Arevik took me on a journey of self-discovery, she truly helped me to comprehend how I can explore my calling in life.
― Ani K

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