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Life Coach Sami May - Jacksonville, FL

Coach Sami May

Jacksonville  ·  Florida
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Manifestation, business, communication, entrepreneurship, emotional health, spiritual health, physical health, mental health, financial health

About Coach Sami May

In addition to being a life coach, I am also an entrepreneur with most of my success in the digital marketing and real estate space. I also just recently launched my own social media marketing consultantIng agency, and enjoy spending all of my free time with my partner of 12 years.


Jacksonville  ·  Florida


I am a Manifestation Master, and believe that understanding and applying the God given power of manifestation can change every aspect of your life drastically and quickly. I am very personable and direct in my delivery when answering questions, and actively listen to ensure I completely understand all factors that could be impacting a client's situation before I offer my guidance. I aim to partner with my clients so that they feel confident and empowered, with a course of action they can easily follow to improve upon the aspects of their life that are in need of some alterations when our session is over.


30-Minute Voice/Video Call: $71
Weekly Unlimited Messaging: $29/week
Monthly Unlimited Messaging: $99/month

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