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About Coach Sharissa Sebastian

Hi there, Thanks for stopping by. My name is Sharissa and I'm a career success coach for ambitious, heart-centered, mid-level to executive corporate career women. I help my clients fully step into their confidence, own their value and communicate in a way that gives them the results they want (including promotions, salary increases, new job opportunities, etc) while being respected for who they are. I also assist them in decision making without the guilt, second-guessing and overwhelm as well as achieving work/life balance. My goal is to help you have a career you love where you're excited about going to work every day knowing you're making a difference, being well compensated and having a life outside of work that you love. I've had the honor of coaching executives and leaders at companies like Harpo Studios Inc., Victoria's Secret, Microsoft, Ameriprise, etc. I'm also a TEDx speaker, a writer for Forbes and the Huffington Post as well as a member of Forbes' Coaches Council. I don't just want you to hear from me so here are some success stories from my clients so you have an idea of what to expect... Sharissa is a remarkable career coach! She provided tools and a new way of thinking that shaped my perspective and helped me become a more effective leader in my job. She pushed my thinking so that I was able to dimension out my unique strengths, leverage them, and ultimately gain confidence. its a journey but I went from confused to clear, from frustrated to happy! Barbara Jo G. Vice President, Victorias Secret Sharissa's coaching is empowering . The amazing work I have been doing with her over a mere 3 "official" sessions thus far have been profoundly transformative. In this short time, she has already helped me to build on what I already know and has masterfully drawn out clarity and self-awareness about the personal brand that I have been, often unintentionally, cultivating throughout my life's journey. As I prepare for the next chapter in my career, she is inspiring me to be a bolder and braver "me". Her authenticity, positive energy and professionalism is truly a gift. Sharissa has motivated me to be more confident and open to the myriad of known and unknown possibilities of the future. I am eternally grateful for her sincere support, expertise and wisdom! With heartfelt passion - onward and upward! Michelle R. VP of Human Resources, Harpo Studios I look forward to connecting with you soon. -Sharissa


I specialize in Leadership, Life and Executive Coaching for ambitious, heart-centered, mid-level to executive corporate career women.

Licenses & Certifications

MBA, MS - Technology Management, CPC (Certified Professional Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF)), ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Master Practitioner), NLP-MP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner)

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