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I'm a healthy eating coach. I help you permanently change the way you eat through shifting your mindset from diet to lifestyle and through falling in love with the process of eating healthily rather than obsessing over food and weight. This, inevitably, leads to weight loss. And the weight loss leads to you getting your life back.

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About Coach Matt Hearnden

I struggled with my eating for my entire life. I never had the body I really wanted, I felt like eating healthily was a sacrifice, and I just felt like I had no control when it came to food. Now, I love eating healthily, I'm in the best shape of my life, and I'm more ME than I've ever been.


I specialize in helping people permanently change the way they eat.

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Exactly what it says on the tin. We'll talk about the biggest thing that's been holding you back for all these years - maybe even your entire life - and we'll get to the root of it so you can finally feel relieved from it. Then we'll make a plan of action so that moving forward you can continue to create success for yourself.

Client Reviews for Matt Hearnden

Matt has changed my whole mindset around food and eating. I felt like I'd tried everything but then I found Matt and I loved how different his approach was, that he focussed on me as an actual human being and not just on the food. He also helped me realize that the best way to lose weight is to stop obsessing over it and, instead, focus only on the process of eating healthily. That was such a relief. As a result, I lost 20 pounds in 3 months. But more importantly, I made permanent changes to the way I relate to food and therefore how I eat. If you feel like you've tried to lose weight a whole bunch of times and nothing has worked, and if you're tired of the way this has been affecting you and your life, hire Matt. Now.
― Amy B

Case Studies for Matt Hearnden

I helped a man in his 30s lose 10 pounds by exploring his triggers for making poor food choices and creating ways to both avoid those triggers and also to understand those triggers so he'd be empowered to make healthy food choices going forward.
I helped a recently divorced mother of two in her 40s lose 15 pounds by helping her fall in love with the process of eating healthily rather than obsessing over weight and food.
I helped a woman in her 50s lose 10 pounds - and keep them off - through encouraging her to be mindful about exactly what she was eating.

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