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Leadership, career stall, satisfaction and fulfillment, emotional pain, relationships, confidence

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About Coach Mitchell Creasey

Raised by the real life Dharma and Greg, I had experienced every alternative healing method known to man by the time I was 16. Some years later, when my father, the CFO of a publicly traded company collapsed in his office after suffering a severe anxiety attack, I decided to move my ten-plus years of coaching experience from the gym to the boardroom. There I started translating every mindful concept my mother had taught me into a language and set of tools that everyone from senior leaders to employees could use to trade burnout, career stall, or severe overwhelm for inspired output, and both personal and professional fulfillment. I havent looked back since.

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Mitch is a faculty member at NeuroEQ.

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Client Reviews for Mitchell Creasey

Working with Mitch helped me develop a new perspective at work and home life. He was a pleasure to work with due to his friendly and positive attitude. Mitch tailored his program to focus on areas where I needed and wanted improvement. His methods allowed me to think outside the conventional 'box' and he provided simple exercises where I learned to apply new techniques. I now find myself in a more calm, proactive, resourceful state of mind when solving issues and communicating with others. I would recommend Mitch for anyone wanting to gain a fresh perspective on how to proactively and productively manage time and tasks, and increase the development of new ideas. The benefits I have received from working with Mitch far exceed the initial investment.
― Sherry S
Mitch has given me the confidence to put myself first, and my performance at work has been better because of it. Managing my work-life balance has allowed me to focus on what’s important to me, have “me time” again, and I am better at what I do because of it. I used to get anxious about my emails all day – now I barely worry about them because of what Mitch taught me. Now I am better able to prioritize at work and at home, leaving me with less stress at the end of the day.
― Nick M.
It was a pleasure to work with Mitch. Mitch has the unique ability to identify key aspects of my personality and give me great personalized ideas to deal with some of my most challenging situations. For many of my meetings I felt I may have been too busy to attend and considered cancelling. I never did and each and every meeting was fruitful and fulfilling. I never regretted any time I spent with Mitch. I would recommend Mitch to everyone.
― Jim F

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