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Helping people get unstuck. Helping people overcome their limiting beliefs and get them into a space of High Performance.

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About Coach Adam Mortimer

Adam Mortimer uses the latest technologies to help clients discover and overcome their limiting beliefs so that they can stop unconscious self-sabotage and live the life of their dreams. Adam specializes in two main areas in personal development. He can teach you how to find your limiting beliefs and how to clear your unconscious limiting beliefs. Adam has coached thousands of clients all over the world on the topics of wealth creation and personal development. Adam has spent the last decade decoding the mysteries of the human mind working with many of the greats in that field of study. He has coached students in every state in the US and many countries all over the world.He has coached for Brendan Burchard, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Nightingale and Conant, The Silva Method, Mind Valley, Learning Strategies and many other leading companies in the field of personal development. Adam is the creator of the Quantum Meditations program and the author of the bestselling book, The Secrets of As a Man Thinketh. Adam has been referred to as the Blockbuster for his ability to identify and eliminate unconscious blocks. Adam's current project he's been working on is the Fidgi Pen, which is now live on Kickstarter. It's a project he and his team have been working on for a while now and are so excited to share it with the world. Adam has a wife and twin boys and two daughters. He loves to travel the world. His favorite destination is Hawaii. Adam considers himself fortunate to be able to do what he loves and to help people achieve their dreams. He has been featured on Inc, ABC news, and GQ Magazine. He has shared the stage with Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty. He recently spoke at the Best You event where he shared the stage with Marie Diamond and Paul Mckenna, the top experts in Europe on personal development.


NLP Hypnosis Clearing Methods Mediation Business and Marketing Lead Creation Kickstarter Personal Finance and Debt Elimination Confidence Sales Authorship

Licenses & Certifications

CHPC Certified High-Performance Coach, Certified Zig Ziglar Coach, Certified Miracles Coach, Certified Achieve Today Coach, Certified Quantum Meditation Coach

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

12 Session package. This is 90 days to work on you becoming the best version of yourself. Remove stuck limiting beliefs, work on your clarity and vision for your life and reach new levels of success.

six 30 min Sessions one on one. Support coaching for 1 year.

This is a starter package for those wanting to get started in personal development and create powerful success habits.

1 session. This session is to get you back on your game with your confidence or anything else that you need to keep you performing at a high level.

Client Reviews for Adam Mortimer

Right away I felt so good. The negativity had left me. It was like the icing on the cake. Because I have been working now on myself for years and this was the last bit I needed to move myself forward and rid myself of negativity. I really felt in power of my life.
― C.H.
I came into this program and felt like I was wandering. I was not connecting the process. I now have more clarity and processes. My future is exciting it will all come as I do what I can do! I have much better practical understanding of this. I would say to the people that are considering this is that it can truly work in rewiring your mind for growth and wealth and what you want!
― Jess
Let me begin by saying my self image is high! Higher than it has been in years. I have come to respect myself and appreciate myself for who I am. I am able to see and feel the difference in everything that I do. It makes me ecstatic to see how much I have grown in under two months. Before I joined Prosper I used to look at myself as simply being there. It was all just another day in my mind. Looking at myself back then I just felt like this is who I am and there was nothing I would or could do to change that. My outlook for life has changed in some of the most miraculous ways. Viewing myself differently is huge. Someone asked me how big of a difference my self image is compared to how it was. My reply is 'IT IS TOO GREAT TO EXPRESS IN WORDS.'
― Matt
If you are fortunate to have Adam Mortimer as your coach, you will be very pleased!! I want to let you know how he has helped me in this coaching program in my first 5 sessions... I really looked forward to our Monday morning appointments!! Adam is incredible respectful of our time together. Adam has genuine positive energy coming to me each week!! He specifically helped me with getting rid of old repetitive negative patterns my mind entertained. I learned specific and simple steps to instantly clear those destructive patterns and clutter!! I am calmer, clearer and better educated about how much is in my control. I appreciated Adam's insight and how he really listened to me. Adam shared with me a better way to move forward to the future I desire. I look forward to the next phase of my program!! Thank you, Adam!! Your guidance and training have watered the seed within me! I believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I will practice the tools I've learned so far and this is just the beginning!! Peggy P
― Peggy P
I now cannot wait to GET OUT OF BED EVERY MORNING is like that NOW! I feel more BOLD I feel so much more EMPOWERED. I am meeting more people and things are happening that are so much more serendipitous and things are just coming together and I am making more confections. I say hello to everyone and networking and saying. I have to say too I had a doubtful moment but as I took those small steps then I was able to get here. Those small steps all added up and it is HUGE I could not wait to speak with you today because it is a different ME….. I AM 180 DEGREES DIFFERENT!!!... … You have done more for me in the last 5 session than THERAPY EVER DID!!! You gave me tools and explained why I use those tools this has done a WOLD of good for me! I had to get over my fears of my coach in the beginning because I thought everybody knows more than me. I had a hard time with authority figures. I felt inferior and I have now been able to overcome that. That was the previous me and I am ready to MOVE ON!!! Kysa
― Kysa
I cleared the FEAR of failure! That was my single biggest barrier and breakthrough, it has given me my confidence back. I feel more self-assured now and I feel happier, life in general is really good. My relationships my wife and my kids is better now I’m happier in myself. I am now focused on growing my finances as this area is still lacking in my life. I get those flashes of insight again now, I can see myself having my own business again that I could not see before. Six months to a year for now I see myself working for myself. I will be independent. I will take my kids on a holiday and give my son a car. I can see myself doing it. Without your help this transformation would not have been possible and I am very grateful to you for your support. Regards MF
― MF
I’m a different person than I was just a couple of months ago and other people are taking notice. I rarely have negative thoughts come up, and when they do, I’m aware and able to dissolve the limiting beliefs behind those thoughts almost instantly. I’m so thankful I found this program and followed the Devine inspiration to take action and join Miracles Coaching. It’s been life changing already and I’m just getting started…. I am no longer suffering and I am completely free! I think that my life will be different in a way that is different. I am going to look at everything as a learning situation now. I would recommend this program I would tell people to go for it!... Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Dale E.
― Dale E.
I have found my mission in life that is the main thing that I got from the program. Before I did not know. I now know where I am going and I am on my exciting JOURNEY! There are two paths success and failure and now I know that I want success. I am going to be a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER! I now know that! I would HIGHLY recommend this coaching program! Dennis C
― Dennis C
I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the last few weeks of coaching. You have helped me realize my true potential and the greatest obstacle to greatness is being good .I've gone from being a good agent to one who leads Our District in Life Insurance, Cars Insurance and Home insurance Sales. I think your coaching has helped me see my true potential. Before you started assisting me I let self-limiting beliefs rule my thoughts,now I control my thoughts. My sales have tripled since I started working with you in the prosper program. I'm looking forward to the greater things in the coming weeks of the program. Thank you again for helping me understand my thoughts and my potential ! With Joy, Kenneth W.
― Kenneth W

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