About Coach Hunter Phoenix

Coaching for me is a second career; I spent two decades working in film and television and as an international model. A natural born intuitive, I've trained in a number of healing modalities and bring a spiritual component to compliment the coaching which is highly tactical and practical. I've worked with clients across North America and Europe; including artists and entrepreneurs, corporate executives and scientists. If you are motivated to make even a consistent 5% shift, I can help you find clarity and focus, and breakthrough blocks in record time. I've helped hundreds of people create the futures and lives they deeply desire Id love to help you too. I look forward to connecting with you!


WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT COACHING * Cut through the internal noise and clear out the mental and emotional clutter * Identify elements of your life that arent serving you and strategize ways to shift those or let them go * Take supported, life-changing actions * Cultivate strong internal courage and tap into your unique personal power * And because of this unequivocally know and own your worth and move forward in healthy, happy, productive manner ENTREPRENURIAL COACHING for MILLENIAL WOMEN * Launch or grow your business to reach your full potential * Identify game changing actions based on your unique vision and skill set * Learn how to implement those in a way that feels easy, fun and sustainable * From this solid base fully engage with your target market optimal clients * Plan strategic, timely, simple marketing rooted in your core values and one-of-a-kind brand * Coaches & Therapists - set up a thriving perfect Private Practice

Licenses & Certifications

MA Psychology ICF Master Certified Coach

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Will you find your next client … or are you hoping they’ll find you? You are amazing at what you do – now get amazing at letting your potential clients know that! It’s YOUR TIME to own your visibility online and in the world in a way that is empowering, aligned with your values and creates the impact you desire. Share what you do, your offers and your services with love and integrity and never feel like your selling! It’s no longer enough to just have a website. Your website is only one component of a rich and vibrant network of information about your business. Everything together conveys a clear message about you, your brand and your expertise, to those searching for a product, solution or service just like yours. A solid marketing strategy with clear action steps can be the difference between your business thriving or barely getting by. Marketing today is more than just followers and likes and while much of it is online, that is not the whole picture. It’s embedded in everything you do;  in every conversation you have with a client, every interaction, your business philosophy, your image and your brand and your business persona. Imagine How You’d Feel If…. * You were completely thrilled about your business! * You were working with clients you love, knowing that you are making a profound impact in their lives. * You felt confident and competent every single day as a business owner. * You knew exactly what to do on your own and what to outsource to someone else’s expertise. * And you were bringing in more than enough money to be able to live and work on your own terms. HERE"S HOW WE START: * We kick things off with an Intensive Marketing Review where we review all of your current marketing materials, structures and plans. From that we identify the strengths and the weak spots. We also connect with your vision for your business, your values and your goals. * 3 hour long sessions each month over the course of 3 months Step by step we work through key areas outlined above to hone your brand, and expand your reach. Three sessions a month allows time for implementation without overwhelm. It also keeps you moving forward in a positive manner at a sustainable pace. Every session you will walk away with NEXT STEPS that moves you closer to your specific goals. The tools are permanent – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or relearn them. You can take them a reapply them to any business you have moving forward. You will always know how to have clients on-demand and enjoy the total peace of mind and ease that goes with that. I would love to help you step into your role as a leader and a vibrant successful entrepreneur and business owner. This is where you find freedom. xo Hunter p.s. This is a Special Rate for LiveCoach members only! Let's show a little love :)

Client Reviews for Hunter Phoenix

Working with Hunter has been a godsend.  When I first contacted Hunter and spoke with her I knew that I found the right person to help me along my journey.  I instantly felt at ease with her.  I was searching for a new career path, needing clarity, focus and direction. Although challenging at times and having to face certain fears, Hunter’s patience, understanding, compassion and guidance has led me to take action.  Her forceful yet gentle approach allowed me to become honest and real with myself to enable me to move forward to manifest my dreams and desires.  Her motivation, inspiration and encouragement has led me to open my healing practice in just a few short months. I am forever grateful to Hunter and look forward to building my business with her support. Vibrational Healing Therapies, Los Angeles CA
― Suzy Gruzen
“I originally contacted Hunter about coaching for finding full-time employment, since my own business wasn’t providing my desired income level. It took about one and a half sessions for her to to conclude, that a regular job was not what I really wanted. She began coaching me on building my own business. Coaching is an appropriate word for what she does. She has an uncanny intuition to see your strengths and weakness, and then pushes and prods towards the desired outcome. In a one person business, often the most difficult thing is not having anyone to bounce ideas off of, and not having additional perspectives for solutions to problems… or to even see where the problems are. Sessions with Hunter was like having regular “Board meetings” with your own board of business advisors, where light was shed on real issues, and a plan for progress is outlined and set in motion. Two words: Brainstorming. Butt-kicking (does that count as one word?). The bottom line for my business? The best year ever!“ Angelo Cikes, CikesPhoto.com
― Angelo Cikes
Working with Hunter has helped my business almost overnight.  Her marketing expertise has launched my business in a whole new direction, one that feels not only right, but exhilarating.   I trust Hunter’s suggestions because the results were apparent right away.  Working with an experienced been-there-done-that mentor is what I needed to take my business to the next level.  I look forward to continuing the work we are doing together and watching my business expand. Virtual Assistant and Certified Life Coach, Virtually There 4 You
― Brandi Caskey
Being coached by Hunter has allowed me to open my business & get it running with confidence & success. She is a wonderful & highly skilled coach who is a pleasure to work with. Hunter has helped me identify my limitations with humor & compassion. She also highlights my strengths in a way that motivates me to capitalize on them. She has given me more good ideas & insights than I can count. Not sure which coach to work with? Pick Hunter! Dr. Natalie Feinblatt, Los Angeles, CA
― Dr. Natalie Feinblatt

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