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Narcissism, emotional abuse, control abuse, divorce, break ups, recovery, narcissism recovery, emotional abuse recovery, relationships, emotional abuse relief programs, wellness, stress relief, weight-loss, executive, small business, stress management, emotional intelligence/ communication and working with super busy people.

About Coach Yvette The Coach

Supporting you through the gap and on to your desired resutls


8 years in general practice life coaching experience. Specialized in coaching the female gender. Specialized in emotionally abusive relationships - narcissism and histrionic traits Specialized in Divorce Specialized in Wellness, Stress and Anxiety Relief, Weight Loss

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Master Life Coach - Human services masters degree in counseling and life coaching Certified Divorce Coach Certified Health Coach

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Half hour phone call where you describe to me how you are feeling, what you are thinking about, what you would like to do if by chance you already know (not knowing may be part of the clarity you are seeking), and when you would like to begin.

8 Step - 2 month online comprehensive wellness program with weekly online group coaching for anyone in or recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship including narcissism and histrionic traits.

The Pinnacle Practice is a daily spiritual practice with specific steps to commit to for one entire year to re-create oneself and experience transformation.

Client Reviews for Yvette The Coach

I really needed some help with understanding why I was always feeling so bad around my partner. Wow! Yvette The Coach really opened my eyes by educating me, providing hands on practice at communicating with my partner. We are doing so much better now. I think it is because I am better now at saying what I mean and asking for what I want! Anyway, we keep getting better thanks to Yvette The Coach. Sirella H.
― Sirella H.
Yvette The Coach help me transform my life, my thoughts, and land a new job via her Pinnacle Practice. She helped create a daily affirmation, yoga and stretching practice, which helped me get my thoughts more positive and helped me be more concise and assertive in job interviews. She helped me with my financial goals by giving me competencies in the financial markets, which helped me be more confident that it was ok for me to put some money away even if was just a little bit. That little bit turned in to $1000 in just a year! Cara L.
― Cara L.
"A wonderful thank you again to Yvette The Coach, my lovely, amazingly skilled coach for her profound wisdom. Yvette has been a tremendous coach. Full of support., kindness, skill, encouragement and wisdom. I am so happy to have met her! I lost 40 lbs and people at my office are seeing a new me! I got promoted! I had so many aches and pains, never slept good and just kind of felt foggy all the time. Yvette and her program has given me hope again and I will never let old habits sabatage my good sleep, and feeling good! I am so clear headed! It feels amazing! We’re setting small obtainable goals for myself and her planning is working, I am reaching each goal one at a time! Thank you again Yvette for all of your support and skill.
― Loretta S.
“Thank you so much Yvette The Coach for getting me over this plateau that I could not seem to get through for so, so many years! I weighed 121 before my first child. That was a very nice weight. I look down at the scale now and see 119 lbs and I just can't believe it. 19 lbs gone forever! I haven't seen that since I was a kid. And I'm maintaining so easily with the new habits you've taught! I'm just exstatic! My dancing is so much lighter and my fabulous dance clothes fit again. I am dancing the night away once again in my life! Oh and also... my business is exploding. It's just such a great feeling to feel this good so effortlessly each day. Anyone who is super busy and on the go like me...Yvette The Coach is the coach for you!"
― Mary K.
“It has been a challenge, but Yvette The Coach -- my super skilled -- certified life and health coach, has been wonderfully supportive, informative, helpful, and amazing -- she has the structure and the action steps, and the skill to keep me executing my plan. She inspires the motivation to incorporate healthier habits and financial wellness and...she's a wealth of information! I forgot to mention, at my yearly check-up, my blood sugar was 76--NOT a fasting sugar, and my BP was better than normal. My doctor has taken me off my meds completely. I also took myself off of the meds I was taking for reflux, as my symptoms have gone away--after over 10 years. I've watched over 90 lbs disappear because of the habits Yvette The Coach has helped me to discover. It feels amazing to be back down to a doable weight and I am not stopping. My new lifestyle is forever. Oh I did I mention I am not using a cane to walk around anymore? Yvette’s coaching is perfect for my busy, always different, on-the-go schedule. It’s a LIFE CHANGER— oh and Yvette will keep you remembering your WHY!”
― Helen H.
"Being a Pilot has its challenges for keeping a healthy schedule, finding quality food at decent times, and maintaining regular physical activty. I was in a rut with trying to put this together in a way that I could sustain. I am feeling great! Broke through the rut and sustaining easily. Just following your lead."
― Mark G.
"Yvette is one of the most positive and engaging people that I have had the pleasure of getting to know. She always has a way of helping put things into the best perspective to keep you moving forward towards your goals. Her coaching allowed me to focus on what my priorities are and to let go of the things that prevent me from focusing on those goals. Yvette is a creative and high energy person who I am confident to recommend to anyone who needs coaching." Cara L.
― Cara L.
"I can't thank Yvette The coach enough for getting past my narc and all the craziness of that emotionally abusive relationship I was in. I was so skeptical about joining a program that promised it would help me deal with stressed out situatin I found myself in. Nothing and no one was able to convince me to deal with the situation. I saw something posted online somewhere about how warm and sincere Yvette The Coach is and how amazing her life changing narc program is. I had to jump off the ledge, spend the money on me for once and try it. And wow, it was an eye opener like nothing I have ever seen before. I got ME back again. and i will never let another narc in my life ever again. Thank you coach from the bottom of my heart. Avocado joy! (remember our joke)." -- Amy V.
― Amy V.
"I kept getting sucked back in to a narcissistic relationship until I found Yvette The Coach and her narc program. It was a little pricey for me but I will never regret it EVER! I just didn't understand the narc thing. I thought I could never get free of it. Now I so get it! And the support keeps me aware. Many thanks to Yvette The Coach and her program. Her approach is like nothing I've ever had before. She gets it! Totally! Thanks to her I am passed the struggle and free forever." Kate W.
― Kate W.
"Yvette The Coach is my coach and I want to tell the world how fantastic she is. She is very patient with me. I am so excited to have finished my first week. it's about confidence and better sleep and better interaction with people. I am so blessed to have met my coach." Dennis N.
― Dennis N.
"Yvette The Coach is the type of person that you come across and know, this is a genuine human being full of integrity and a strong desire to help others. As I have had the privilege to get to know Yvette, it's become clear to me... She offers a unique skill set. She truly supports and helps people during one of the most difficult times of their lives. She is always focusing on the positive - very much an optimist! I am blessed to have Yvette in my life and I look forward to a continued business relationship as well as a budding friendship for many years to come!" Maria J.
― Maria J.

Case Studies for Yvette The Coach

I supported a top executive mother of 3 who was in complete overwhelm and did not know where to begin to dissolve her marriage and keep her family out of the court system by providing her my step by step system, the necessary resources, and referrals to the experts she needed to utilize mediation instead of divorce, saving her money, time, and preserving her children's wellbeing.
I helped a busy business owner lose 100 lbs by changing her food quantities, portion size, and the times of day she was eating and creating more movement her day like walking and taking the stairs, and incorporating meditation and a consistent sleep schedule.

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