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About Coach Evan Dean

Just went through a break-up with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Dating or Relationship situation not where you want it to be? Can't seem to find that motivation to accomplish your goals and stay on track, whether it be career-wise, relationship-wise, or lifestyle/diet/health-wise? You've found the Right Guy - I am VERY CONFIDENT that I can help you succeed in ANY goal you have pertaining to YOUR SPECIFIC case ;) I have seen it all and done it all in my 30+ years wandering this land! It's quite simple : 1) I ask you to describe your specific situation 2) You tell me what your SPECIFIC GOAL is with your situation 3) We create an Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step action plan to help navigate you to succeed in achieving your desired outcome(s) I have had the honor and privilege to see countless men and women succeed in their quest for finding and sustaining happiness with beautiful, intelligent, amazing partners after overcoming their particular specific roadblocks - whether they be mental or simply a result of lacking experience in specific situations. My ultimate specialty lies in getting you from Point A (your current situation that you will describe to me) to Point B (the result you want from your current situation). I look forward to helping you find your path to happiness!


Having first-hand experience in thousands of male-female dynamic situations and sharing those experiences and lessons with countless men and women and watching them succeed in creating and maintaining a life full of happiness with their romantic partners is my true passion. Whether your ultimate goal is to better your relationships, find and sustain the motivation and drive to succeed in your life, or simply to have a platform on which to share your thoughts and desires without being judged, I am confident that I can help guide you to acquire that same fulfilling experience in your own personal life by setting and managing your goals and expectations every step along your journey there!

Coaching Rates

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

- 1 phone session (30 min) - Unlimited messaging *weekly subscription - cancel anytime *phone sessions expire 365 days after purchase

Unlimited monthly messaging with daily replies to questions and feedback provided *Monthly subscription - cancel anytime

-Unlimited messaging for 1 year *Annual subscription - cancel anytime

- Unlimited messaging for one year - Two phone sessions (30 min) each month for one year *Annual subscription - cancel anytime

A phone session (1 hour) with myself, you, and your romantic partner (on a private conference line) to address your relationship dynamic/situation. Highly suggested for couples who are on the same page and want to make it work together! Inquire for special multi-session discount!!!

- 12 phone sessions (30 min) *Annual subscription *Sessions expire 365 days from purchase date

- 12 phone sessions (60 min) *Annual subscription *Sessions expire 365 days from purchase date

We can discuss creating your own personal customized plan. Feel free to message me to customize a plan specifically catered to your individual needs!

Client Reviews for Evan Dean

Nothing but positive stuff and praise here! A relationship expert if there ever was one. It wasn't what I wanted to hear, but it was the truth. It's getting easier each day to move on from my breakup, and having Evan guiding me to my ultimate goal is the best thing I've got going for me. Thank you Evan, I appreciate everything you've done and continue to do.
― Mark L.
Evan is the best. He is externally experienced in this field. He is always right to the point. He will guide you to the correct direction. He is very good at what he is doing.
― Yanbing Z.
I was so close to doing something I would have regretted in my relationship but decided to hire a coach at the last minute. I am so thankful and lucky that I listened to my gut because now I am happy and all my issues were squared away thanks to Evan's suggestions. I am so impulsive and sometimes act in the heat of the moment when I get emotional but regret it later. He taught me how to settle down and ask myself what my true goal was in each situation I was having problems with. Very grateful and will work with Evan again. Highly suggest to anyone on the fence about hiring a coach or not. Best investment in myself ever!
― Jamie W.
Very patient and very quick in response. I just want to be away from all this for now. But otherwise I will continue
― Yoko M.
Evan was quick and efficient in providing me clarity and created a game plan for me to follow step-by-step to achieve my goal. He was there every step along the way if I needed anything explained or if I had questions about something that came up in the process. Highly recommend him as a coach and will return to him if any future issues should arise in my life!
― Holly T.
Very helpful i had a great phone call with him about my goals
― Adam P.
He was nice to talk with but sometimes I felt like he got annoyed with me and other times he just didnt respond. So, I gave up.
― Misti J.
The thing that stood out about Evan from all of my other coaches and counselors (and I've worked with numerous ones over the years) was how quickly he was able to pinpoint the root of my issues and cut straight to the heart of the matter and address exactly what needed to be handled! My relationship issues have been preventing me from fully being in a healthy and happy partnership with men for what seems like eternity. Coach Evan brought things to my attention that I had never even been aware of and helped me reframe situations that I thought were beyond repair. I thank him greatly for his help and hope that he helps many others as greatly as he has turned my life around!
― Lindsey P.
I highly recommend Evan. He has great insight and has helped my situation immensely!
― Shannon R.
I have been working with Evan for just a month and have seen tremendous results in all areas of life. Would highly recommend and I will certainly work with him again
― Chris H.
I feel like I found Evan by pure fate! It's as if everything in my life had aligned and been positioned in a way where it all led me to find this man (at the exact time when I needed it the most), who was able to see through me and my walls, identify my strengths and weaknesses, accurately assess the issues in my relationship that I had overlooked, and provide strategies to lead me in the right direction. I felt very well understood during all of our sessions, and never once did I feel judged for sharing some very private, dark details from my past and present. I felt safe working with Evan and was able to let my guard down and let all of his wisdom in with open arms, and like he said from the beginning, it really did sink in over time and transformed my perspective on relationships, ultimately resulting in my happiness with the right man! Thank you so much Evan!!
― Alessandra M.
in just a few days working with Evan I saw great results.
― Chris H.
Working with Evan has been like a breath of fresh air! He is a straight shooter and really knows his stuff. Not only do I feel fully understood during our phone conversations, but he has given me the tools to finally recognize my own patterns and mistakes that I was making in the moment. Evan helped me get over my last relationship and changed my mindset allowing me to finally connect with someone new in an amazing way. For the first time ever, I feel freed from the unconscious cycle of miscommunication and unrealistic expectations I’d helped create in my previous relationships. Thank you!!
― Amanda B.
I have to say that Evan is the best. He really helped me with my social anxiety on approaching women and finding the dream girl that I eventually married. I thank him every day for helping me grow in my relationship and gain the confidence I needed to grow as an individual. This was a long haul over the course of 6 months but totally worth every dollar. I owe him everything and I hope that he helps many more people in a similar situation.
― Daniel M.

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