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I work with clients to achieve their personal and professional dreams. My past work have included working with clients on their academic and career goals (including starting new businesses), improving their relationships whether at work or at home, working on their health and fitness and many others. I help my clients to look within themselves to find love, acceptance, and courage to pursue their chosen paths. I am also interested in incorporating mindfulness (including meditation) and compassion as part of personal development.

About Coach Liz Ong

I graduated from college with a Philosophy major and Literature minor, I have worked in non-profit and a couple of start-up and high growth tech companies doing sales, marketing and project management. In 2015, I started my journey in life/executive coaching and also meditation, undergoing training as a coach and going for my first intensive meditation retreat (Vipassana). I strongly believe in developing a regular practice of meditation and living a mindful and compassionate life, as I've seen the direct positive impact it has had on myself and others. I would consider myself an eternal seeker of wisdom and devotee to the path less traveled, and have lived and traveled to places as diverse as Mexico, India, South Africa, Israel, Iran, and Russia.


- Mindfulness and Meditation - Self-love and Acceptance - Wisdom - Compassion - Start-ups and Entrepreneurship - Sales and Marketing

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Liz Ong

Q. What was going on in your life before working with me? A. Although I attend networking events on an occasional basis, I was usually too reserved to go up to people to talk – hence I usually relied on being introduced to others or talking only to people that I was familiar with. Q. What brought you to book a coaching session(s)? A. I wanted to make some changes in the way that I handled social situations so I would be better equipped in future. Also, I was hoping to gain some tips on how to improve my networking skills so that I could become better at it. Q. How was your experience during the coachingsession(s)? A. It was great! Liz is really friendly and easy to talk to, and she was able to pick up on certain points that I hadn’t noticed before to help me find ways to improve. Her listening skills and attentiveness during the sessions were also very encouraging as I was able to open up and speak candidly about what was happening and what methods I was using to deal with them. Beyond what I had signed up to do, Liz was also really helpful in speaking with me about other areas in my life that I could work on – offering encouragement and identifying methods to help resolve those issues. Q. What benefits did you gain from the coaching session(s)? A. I’ve become more confident during networking sessions to approach people I’m unfamiliar with, and also learned how to talk in a group of people. On top of that, I’ve also been working on other issues I’ve been facing at work and collaborating with my colleagues to find resolutions together. Q. Would you recommend the coaching session(s)to others? A. Yes! If you feel that you’re willing to put in the work, and also have the resolve to achieve something at the end of it.
― Sze Yen
This journey of self improvement has been an extremely fruitful one for me. I am very fortunate to have you as my coach. Your attentive listening has allowed me to share my issues freely and comfortably. Coupled with your effective questions, I am able to delve deeper into gaining awareness of my situation and come up with paths forward to improve them. Compared to 5 weeks ago, I am now able to express myself much more freely, connect with people more strongly and gain a stronger awareness of people around me. There were many more take aways! And it was really fun! I am both amazed and satisfied with my progress. I will continually practice and retain the good things I have learnt. Thank you once again for your excellent coaching. It was a great pleasure working with you.
― Alvin A.
Liz is a lady of courage, energy and empathy. I am deeply grateful and happy to have known her first as a friend and also as my coach for a stretch project of mine to level up my professional project and develop deeper consciousness. Having her as a companion, a cheerleader, a listener and someone whom I am also accountable to has allowed me to work more effectively and grow at a breath-taking pace. *breathes* It’s a tiny understatement to say that I have overdelivered on almost all aspects of my work and to also #livebeautifully. Thank you Liz, and let's all enjoy the journey and keep blossoming!
― Tomithy T.
Liz coached me over a period of a month on a challenging project. She helped me define the outcomes and the steps I needed to take each week to achieve my goals. She encouraged me to consider the obstacles I could encounter, and how I would deal with them. It worked so well and I did encounter setbacks, but I was prepared. In the end I achieved more than I planned and my confidence and resilience increased. Liz was understanding and very supportive but also challenging in a gentle way when I needed it. Without her coaching skills and dedication I would not have been so successful. Those few weeks of coaching continues to have a positive influence on me today.
― Aideen O’Byrne
Liz was the first person in a long while who I felt I could connect with without worrying about being judged. I felt comfortable being open, failing and succeeding all at the same time, so it helped me come to terms with a lot of my issues. The biggest points were where she helped me conclude that I was still living by others' expectations, a massive blindspot I failed to see, and she skilfully guided me through the process. She was firm when needed and was a great coach in terms of not being intrusive but helping me come to terms with the project. I recommend her as a life coach and hope that she can benefit more people with her great approach to coaching.
― Ethan S.

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