About Coach Derek Lacey

Hi! I am a Life Coach for Insomniacs. I help Insomniacs improve their quality of life and detach from the emotional grip of insomnia, before discovering their unique path to sound sleep. I struggled from insomnia most of my life, then discovered a whole new approach to resolving this issue through my studies as a coach. I use a life coaching/wholistic approach that heals the body (thru food & lifestyle) and mind (through personal growth and deep inner work).


I have extensive sleep knowledge, first hand experience w/ original tools for overcoming the emotional challenges of insomnia, and a unique food strategizing approach to eating for sleep and energy.

Licenses & Certifications

BA Pyschology Certified Health Coach HMBA Certified Transformational Coach

Coaching Rates

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Client Reviews for Derek Lacey

Derek is the guru of you. Because his ingenious approach to health coaching is about tapping one's own intuition, I was finally able to cast aside decades of diets and arcane regimens that only worked in the short term. Now I'm sleeping better, exercising smarter, eating wisely, and it's all with my own north star of inner guidance about what my body needs in order to feel good.
― Karen C.
When Derek and I started working together, I was on a streak of sleepless nights like I had never experienced before, although I'd always been a light sleeper, and pretty much couldn't remember ever really sleeping all the way through a night. But I was so exhausted from my sleeplessness, I was desperate for help, and as luck would have it (or the universe would have it), I was introduced to my sleep coach. What's funny is most of the work we did, had really nothing to do with sleep, which might seem strange to read, but will make sense once you begin the work. Derek really just helped me dive inward, to understand the root causes of my issues with sleep, and as we dig, we inevitably find more than we could have imagined. His techniques and strategies are well thought out, and work fantastically. Working with him not only has me sleeping well, but my perspective on many important aspects of my life have changed for the better. His title is unique in itself, a "sleep coach", and the results just as uniquely special. I recommend you invest in yourself and let this man guide you to true restfulness.
― Eli N.
"Derek and I started working together because I arrived at a point professionally where I needed a refresh. I was fed up, yet still desired to grow, and was in search of a greater perspective to better deal with the stresses and anxieties of being an entrepreneur. Turns out that the work that I am doing with him has gone much deeper than professionally. Addressing areas of my life that are screaming for change and our work has allowed me to overcome obstacles I have been unable to in the past. Derek provides me with a unique perspective and curriculum that is helping me truly transform into a better version of me.
― Aric H.
"I attest to Derek's positive impact on me in our 90 days of working together. From our first consultation, Derek mandated that I was responsible for and in control of the self-inflicted errors that I yearned for someone to help me correct. The mantra, "Life is happening for me, not to me", was key to my success in that we established immediately that I am not a victim, but a student, to my shortcomings. Derek guided me toward figuring out what I really wanted and why I really wanted it. He did so in a way that I believe helped me move forward without taking any steps backward. If you are someone who is self-motivated to bettering yourself and are seeking someone to assist you in extracting your gold from deep within, then I recommend that you heed every word from Derek, for it is all wisdom."
― Nick T.
My heart is filled with gratitude now that I can sleep soundly every night! Coaching with Derek has taken me on a journey I never expected to experience. Derek is so easy to talk to and I was able to open up to him and talk about things I wanted to change in my life. He helped me see sleep as my friend, and not the enemy. I specifically remember one night where I was getting into bed and I thought, ahhh this feels so good. I can't wait to sleep, and from that point on, I saw it like that, sleep is not the enemy but something I love and am good at. Thank you, Derek, for doing what you do to help people get the sleep they need and deserve! I still can't believe it. I am forever changed!"
― Kristen K.
Finding Derek the sleep coach was probably one of the smartest things I've ever done. Or maybe I didn't just "find him", more like I was divinely guided. He truly is a miracle worker, it seems so unreal to me, but Derek has transformed my life. I'm now a sleeper! I never thought I would say those words. In less than 6 weeks, he was able to take me from a chronic insomniac to someone who regularly sleeps through an ENTIRE night! I haven't done that since I was a child. His gentle style made it safe to express myself while he guided me to restorative sleep. I feel amazing, I can't believe how much stuff I get done in the day! This is the way the rest of you sleepers feel everyday? Now that I can count on sleeping every night, all I can say is "watch our world!" I am truly grateful to Derek. He is the real deal, hire him already! And get some rest.
― Marci F.

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