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Certified Peacefulness Fulfilment - Biodecoding

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About Coach Vivi Di Leo

Originally from Uruguay and now living in the beautiful Lake Come, Italy. I have worked for more than 13 years in sales and marketing in the Corporate world and in family business. Have been able to create a balanced and incredible life. Changing and evolving is part of every human being and sometimes we need some help to be able to get through a specific situation. I understand the feeling and I know that if you are here, you might have fought some fears like I did. When we work together you will: * Set and achieve personal life goals * Feel fulfilled and confident * Grow your self-esteem and self-worth * Have accountability on your actions * Feel re-energized and empowered * Be supported and motivated * Go from overwhelm to action Investing on yourself will definitely make a change in your life, making yourself a priority and learning how to live the life you dream or desire.


Transformational sessions Great awareness and capacity to sense people emotions. Ability to help you connect with your inner feelings and restore self confidence. Working together you will see opportunities instead of problems and we will find amazing solutions English and Spanish speaking.

Licenses & Certifications

Marketing Degree MBA in Business from University of Pisa Italy Certified Peacefulness Fulfilment Coach - Symbiosis Coaching (Affiliated to Certified Coaching Alliance - ICF Accredited Training hours) -OMITTED- Biodecoding

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

One call can shift your mindset!! Are you feeling frustratingly slow? Procrastinating on everything you need to do today? Do you keep putting off everything you need to do? Is your mind ever going to stop?? Let me help you feel more productive, clear and confident by jumping on a 45 minutes.

This is what we will be doing in 90 days to a more peaceful you! We will work on your self talk, where you are right now in your relationship with yourself and we will create a ritual that works for you and that brings you peace with yourself. We will work on 3 long term goals and 3 short term goals, creating the wishing tree and strategy for them to be achieved. Moving forward we will create an ideal plan with action steps to move you forward into your business and life with peace. Analyzing the things that drain your energy and eliminate them and work on your energy boosters. I will keep you focus, motivated and accountable for your ideal plan. We will work on your mindset: Limiting Beliefs and fears will arise, through our work we will overcome and understand any of this challenges arising. I will help you identify your Values and Pillars which will be your guiding compass through out your life and business journey, will keep you focus, to create and attract the life and business that you want. We will use visualization and meditations together with specific exercises to connect with how you picture your life & business to be, helping you reduce your anxiety and bringing more peace into your life. This package includes: Bringing peace box including personalized quotes, affirmations, values and ritual. Trello board with your journey where we will have our sessions follow up and what to work on.

Client Reviews for Vivi Di Leo

Viviana is Calm and Collective and very insightful
― Jasmin
I feel great ???? definitely more positive than earlier today Feel more energized and motivated now Thank you so much Viviana
― Emma Oleary
I met Vivi over a year ago and working with her has helped in so many ways. She is always there for me. She helps keep me on track. She opens my eyes to new ideas and ways of doing things. I can honestly say my business would not be where it is today with out her.
― Stephanie L
I feel heard, understood, like my goals are important and I can achieve them without putting myself under too much stress. I learn a new way of evaluating goals and making decisions on what is most important. I found Viviana very approachable.
― Zara A.
With Vivi I learnt to be myself. Every time I speak with her I feel more peaceful and have learnt something new.
― Maddy Gray

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