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Coach Break-up's or Getting your ex-back, Everyone needs help, just ask!

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Romella Battle Certified Transformational Dating & Relationship Life Coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner. Finding the right relationship coach for you is extremely important. However, coaching is just a vessel to assist you in reaching your goals. You must be ready to see your life different and visualize the life you want around you, including your mate. No matter where you are right now, as a certified life and transformational relationship coach we will work together to identify and release hindering and negative beliefs and create clear paths for allowing the love and life you desire. But it starts with you! Please contact me for additional appointment dates and hours. Select a specialized coaching package that best represents your needs: * [ THE BREAK-UP ] * [ EMERGENCY PHONE SESSION-Need to talk? Having a panic attack and need answers now? ]

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About Coach Break-up's or Getting your ex-back, Everyone needs help, just ask!

Relationships Made Easy For Everyone! BOOK-A-SESSION TODAY! Romella Battle has dedicated her life and finds pleasure in her gift for coaching others through the process of relationships, whether you are breaking -up, making -up or looking for the love of your life. Her gift has aided relationship seekers in breaking down the unspoken veil of dating and relationship codes of not just getting the love that you deserve but keeping it. Romella has helped her clients realize that they are in control of their own destiny, by creating the relationships that come into their lives and manifesting the outcome they desire; She has spent over 10 years assisting wonderful men and women of all ages, who desire to meet someone, find happiness and an everlasting connection.


Coaching is right for you! IF.......... *You have hit an emotion block in your relationship *You are willing to put the work in, toward changing your own energy, *You are putting out more energy than you are getting back. *You are able to not focus on what is; and let go of what you believe you don't have. *Your relationship has become more important than yourself. *You are focusing on more negative than positives aspects of your mate. *You are not communicating like before and everything is different. *You are feeling devalued and unloved in your relationship. *You are ready to connect with someone special through unconditional love. *You are able to focus more on yourself, your happiness and how you feel;

Licenses & Certifications

*Recognized Your Tango Dating and Relationship Coach; *Degree: Master of Science (M.S.C.J.) *Accredited Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (A.A.C.C) *Certified Life Coach & Transformational Relationship Coach; *Law of Attraction Practitioner;

Coaching Rates

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

1 Hour Coaching Session I've been there, so I truly understand how abandoned you feel; how devastating the future now seems, and how hard it is to get through each day, to eat or sleep. You have to stop allowing your thoughts to be your own worst enemy and use them productively. Stop trolling the internet for answers, and stop driving your friends and family crazy talking about your breakup. Whatever is going on with you, I will listen closely and together we'll figure out EXACTLY what is best for you! Our Focus: ~ TO FORGIVE OR GET OUT. (YOU NEVER GET NAGGING RIGHTS.) ~TO STOP ARGUING AND FIGHT FAIR. ~KEEP YOUR EXPECTATIONS REALISTIC AND EXPRESS THEM PROPERLY.. ~STAY EMPOWERED AND CALM YOUR INSECURITIES.. ~LEARN HOW AND WHEN TO EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS. ENFORCE HEALTHY BOUNDARIES.. ~REPAIR YOUR RELATIONSHIP AND MAKE AMENDS. Let's start talking! I am here and I will give you the strength you need, I even offer on-call support, to help you cope, heal, and move forward as the best version of yourself — with or without your ex.

Sign up for my Emergency Session. I may be available right now, even at night and on weekends. If not now, it will be within 24 hours. EMERGENCY PHONE OR SKYPE SESSION UP TO 90 MINUTES. ASAP WITHIN 24 HOURS. USUALLY AVAILABLE WITHIN 6 HOURS OR IMMEDIATELY, INCLUDING NIGHTS & WEEKENDS.

Client Reviews for Break-up's or Getting your ex-back, Everyone needs help, just ask!

About a month ago my girlfriend broke up with me and I was devastated. I couldn’t understand the reason why. I went on youtube doing research and still was puzzled. I then googled Relationship Experts and I was skeptical at first. I saw the price and said to myself it was a scheme. Boy was I wrong. To be honest I thought this was going to be a waste of time but it wasn’t. She helped me so much. I thought I was never going to get another chance at rekindling my love. Romella gave me a dose of tough love. Her guidance was on the money. I followed the advice she gave me and now me and my girlfriend are back better than ever. I found the emotional connection. I spent over 200 dollars , but saving my relationship was worth every penny. Every now and then I still update Romella on my progress and still look over the footnotes she gave me.Romella is God sent and a life saver.. Thanks coach for making me a better man.
― Ryan. G
Romella is one of my absolute favorite people in my life. I have honestly spent a large chunk of my life keeping things to myself and didn't ever have the comfort of sharing deep thoughts, feelings and such with anyone else. From the beginning she told me what it was. She opens my eyes and mind to things that I have never even thought twice again. Romella makes things make sense of me when I feel like I have lost my rationality. It has come to a point where I can actually trust someone else with the way that I am feeling. I am so used to being guarded and not trusting anyone but myself. She makes this SO easy. One of my favorite things about her is her ability to help me see things from the opposite perspective, which I never realized could make me feel so much better. Romella is the sweetest, reliable and most genuine person that I have been blessed to open up to. She always checks up on me throughout the week to make sure I am on the right page. Sending me positive insight, words. It all helps. I am thankful to have run into this site because talking about my feelings face to face has not been easy for me. Thank you Romella for everything you have done for me.
― Vanessa. N
It has been a really good experience so far. I feel like it's a start to making progress in my self-improvement. A lot of really good advice and thoughts to help my own mind feel at ease. I had a lot of questions and the answers really helped me see a different perspective.
― Greg
I think the sessions I had with Romella were helpful. She gave me advice and ideas that benefited me in the end and she was someone that was willing to listen. Definitely recommend if one ever feels stuck and in need of someone to talk to.
― Brianna
Romella is amazing! From the moment we connected I felt comfortable and at ease discussing my situation with her. I know I have made a friend for life! I am in a much better place than I was 6 months ago and I am so grateful for all of Romella's support, guidance and perseverance with me! Eternally thankful and grateful for Romella.
― Damon. S
Romella has worked with me in the trenches of hurt, crushed and feeling worthless to helping me understand myself and my situation with my ex and past using my current stutation to move forward. She listens and helps you attach yourself to your true feelings.
― Michelle. L.
Really helping me out of my breakup. I immediately sought out help because I knew I couldnt do it alone. Romella has been changing my views and helping me identify my issues that I had in the relationship to allow me to move on. Really thankful for the service
― Tanya,
Romella made sure I didnt fall apart, she was available when I needed her which is priceless during a breakup. Thanks Coach xoxo
― Kelly
Romella clearly possesses both experience,and the gift of insight.
― claire
Go see Coach Romella before you decide to end your relationship. We had gone to couples counseling but that never worked. All we did was rehash old issues. I started doing coaching with Romella. She helped me separate the emotional, and fiancial issues we were facing while deciding what to do, stay together or divorce. She helped me to create a highly detailed 3-month plan that protected my wife and I while we took steps to give it a last try. We just celebrated our 23rd anniversary and I have no doubt that if I had not worked with Romella I would be divorced now. She helped me to help my wife and I to save our marriage.
― Timothy W.
I’ve been seeing this guy for a few months now. At first, everything was amazing. We hit it off right away and during the first few weeks, he seemed super into me. but then he started to shift and lately has been acting really shady- he cancels on me last minute, he’s been acting distant, and I’m just getting weird vibes. I have to say that if it was not for coach I would be drowning. Coach and I put together some goals which we did weekly and surprisingly him and I are back on track. This has really given me a fresh start and helped me focus on whats important. Thanks again coach.
― Jacara. M
After a week of sensing that he was pulling away I decided to take a step back and give him some space. At first I though he had lost interest and was giving excuses about how he was overworked. I can’t help him, because usually when he’s going through a tough period he’s not keen on sharing that with anyone and distances himself off. I just completed 8 sessions with Romella and all I can say is that the perception of the man I thought he was was so far off from the truth that it hurts that I was wrong. Coach helped me to see that I was putting more emphasis on him and bringing out insecurites which were making us both miserable. Thanks coach for saving what I though was gone. Love you. I will keep you updated.
― Alana
Started seeing this man a few months ago, and it has been a rollercoaster! He’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met before, and I’m crazy about him – even if he has been sending mixed signals, blowing hot and cold, and is not the best at communicating. When I first contacted coach I explained what was going on and she immediately got to work. I realized that the reason it was so hot / cold was because he liked me but felt alot of pressure from me for commitment. I did meet my the love of my life and we are moving so fast now that it scares me how perfect it is. Thanks Coach. You will absolutely get a invite to the wedding : )
― Arlene
Great session! Thanks coach. Can't wait for next week.
― Alexis
ok i was txting and calling a lot–said he needed space–feeling smothered– and i backed off– still contacted him and tried to talk– a few months he says he needs “space” said its no longer fun and mutually rewarding…said how can i fix this.. he said stop calling/txting for a start. 3 months later, he reached out to my sister and told her that he values the woman I am now and can't stop thinking of me. All I can say is, Romella does not just empower you to be a better person but she gives you the real deal about men also. She is like kryptonite for men and she gives her clients all of what she knows.
― Abby
The other day, i told him (in person) that I had begun to have feeling for him. He’s graduating college this year so this is the answer I expected but he said he wasn’t looking for anything, that if he was younger it would be different. Of course I understand but I (thought) I clearly said I didn’t want to continue things as I had too much respect for myself to be someone’s sex buddy with no potential for anything more. To which he understood. He walked me out and kissed me good bye and said he’s see me later. (I cried for an hour or so after that as he is the first guy who has ever treated me well. He is the sweetest guy I have met and is just a genuinely great person). Coach thanks for our great session and getting me back on the right track, You always help me understand that I will attract what I put out and I only want to attract the best in my life. Still learning to be strong and confident. Love you xoxo
― Nicole
Me and my bf broke up one and half years ago for no reason. Firstly I told him I want to break up in the middle of a stupid argument and right after I said that when I was trying to say no I don’t want to break up, he said ok let’s break up because lost feelings for me. And he said that let’s wait til the time solves it. Then, in a couple of days I asked him to meet me to talk things and we met like 2 or 3 times but every conversation went wrong because I didn’t know what to ask to make him love me back be in the relationship and live the future we wanted to have together because he promised me lots of sweet things for our future. Now we are finally getting back to the basics and learning and loving each other again. Thanks coach. Could not have done it without you.
― Maria
Romella help me break the guy code. She is the true expert in relationships! Thanks to her, I was able to realize why I was having issues with men all the time. Moreover, she helped me significantly improve by giving specific instructions and examples on how to understand and effectively communicate with men. I was surprised to find out how quickly my relationship improved. Thanks Coach
― Alberta
Romella cares so much. I thought I knew how to write a profile and message women to get responses but I was wasting my time. Romella saw things in me that I did not even see in myself, You can teach men like myself new things. but you don’t know what you don’t know and Romella provided me great insight and encouragement. Within 2 months of coaching with her I met a match online and we have a very strong mental, spiritual and physical connection. I never imagined I would meet someone after 3 years of being single.. Take it from a non-believer the law of attraction works and now a student forever. Thanks again.
― Charles P.
I just wanted to write to say thank you for everything. I’ve met someone lovely! And I do think it’s all down to the work I did with you as I now feel that I deserve a lovely relationship! Thank you for helping me work on my self esteem and for helping me to realize my own self worth. It’s helped me in all areas of my life and I’m so much happier. Thanks coach. Like everyone says, she is the best and so sweet and sincere.
― Robert
I was newly dating someone new when I started my sessions with Romella and was engaged shortly after I completed my sessions with this amazing lady. It could have been a combination of the sessions and all the stars aligning but nonetheless, I am so grateful
― Melanie T.
This review is overdue but Romella is awesome. I highly recommend her if you are considering her for a life/relationship coach. She helped me with identifying what was truly important for me to find my happiness in all aspects of my work, life, and relationships. She does give small homework assignments to get your thoughts flowing and it helped shaped our weekly meetings/discussions. Some of the tools she shared with me I still use and refer back to today.
― Tracy
Thank you so much Romella for being there for me the other night and for allowing be to vent and have my crazy moment! Your words of encouragement gave me renewed focus to face the week head on!
― James
I am so glad that we spoke! It was great sharing laughs and figuring out the twists and turns in my life's road. Thank you for pointing out the yield signs and other traffic signals. I will talk to you next week.
― Sheila
I will definitely call you this week (more like Friday). Have to share something with you. Can't's always great talking to you!
― Victoria
I had a great time talking with you and it helped ease my uneasiness.
― Cecilyn
You help me understand why things happen the way they do. Thanks
― P.B., LEWES,
Love her. Love Her. Cant wait to our next session.
― Nicki
So grateful. Thanks
― Karen. N
I did 4 weeks with coach and at the end of my sessions she still reached out to make sure I was ok, and even without being paid. She is definately a real Gem. Thanks Coach for everything.
― Rosalia. G
Just started my sessions and feel great about the path we are on. Have not smiled in a long time. Thanks Coach
― Andrea. D
Guys. be careful she is beautiful inside and out. Luckily she is already taken. Looking for someone just like coach.
― Damian
Right off, she was off and running from our discovery session and was so confident in being able help with me and my wife. I began sessions every week for about 8 weeks and honestly had I not reached out we might be divorced by now. You will not regret it, if you can afford it do it. If not wait until you can. I tried other coaches on here and they try to psycho analyze you to death like you have a problem. She is the best. Thanks coach
― Mike. G
When I first started my sessions I was heartbroken and I really did not think she could help and I am not really for unconventional techniques, sorry Romella. But I can not lie, she has a true gift. and all I can tell you is that I am now engaged to my the man I was crying about 6 months ago. Thanks coach!
― Camille. W
I dont generally write reviews about anything at all. But Romella is really worth every dime. and I wish I could talk to her all day. she is not just a coach but its like talking to a good friend and she always seems to be right about my (POI). She is amazing..
― Trina
Thanks. Coach!
― Debbie
She gets to the point and reinforces what you need to hear in order to learn, as to get the best out of yourself and from a situation. She is a pleasure to speak with. Highly recommended!
― Anonymous
This woman is gifted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
― Margie
Your insight and explanation made so much sense. Call her, you will be glad you received a session with her.
― Leslie
Romella, what can I say! I so appreciate you. Not just for your abilities but for your friendship. I love you like a sister, truly. I call you what once, twice, three times a week, haha!! I so connect with you.
― Anonymous
She can explain things and make them very clear. Can't wait to chat with you again!
― Cliff
I want to tell all of you that Romella is the best on this site. She is my angel, my hope and my light. She looks out for me like no other, she is my friend and my sister, and frankly, I do not know what I would do without her. Our relationship is special, though I have to share on this site, and I am happy to do so for all of the good she does for me and others!!
― Jackie
We talked about pretty much everything in my life: Work, kids, husband, lover (yes lover) don't judge, she doesn't! CALL her!
― Linda. W
Just hearing Romella's voice brings me to tears. She is loving and caring and honest. She always calms me down. I trust her, and know that she will not lead me in a wrong direction. She is straight forward and very compassionate. I love you Romella for being there for me.
― Anonymous
Ty Romella, I was ready to throw in the towel and now I feel positive enough to get through things ! Call her, you wont regret it.
― Ronni
I know it will be a long slow process before we are able to re-establish our relationship but at least the lines of communications are open. Thank you so much.
― Anonymous
Love this woman!! So truthful, you are a gem hard to find!
― Micky
She is a true friend and very caring. I would recommend Romella for anyone who wants real. So many want to hear what they want, but if you want truth, she is the one you need to seek out.
― Joy
Thank you for helping me, this has been hard but you are guiding me through this and helping me survive! It's been almost 1 year coaching with you and I trust you and your guidance.
― Tiffany
I trust you- I really need that open and honest friend and you have always done that! I know you will always tell me what is real, thank you for giving your energy into really helping me! You are the best on this site- thank you for being there for me!
― E.D.
You give me hope. I love talking to you. You ease my depression you have helped me undeerstand how to respond, how to react and why its good to listen even if it hurts. Xoxo You're on top of my list.
― Laura
Romella has helped guide me with my relationship and has helped me overcome some obstacles with patterns of behavior. She also helps me avoid repeating the same mistakes. I really appreciate her so much. She tells me things I don't want to hear sometimes but I really do need to hear it.
― Tash
Your ability to calm me and bring peace to my heart is so much appreciated. You leave a smile on my face! You’ve always been there to guide me through my life’s challenging events.
― Mary Ann
Thank you so much for you ongoing support and guidance regarding J. You shared some tough, yet helpful information with me on our long call tonight.
― Jennifer
I hope that more of us realize that we need someone like you in our lives. Thank you for your time and I hope you will do me the honor of being my go to from now on.
― Elena
Romella is caring, frankly honest, very funny and uplifting. She breaks down your situation and gives you the best way to navigate. I have been a little bit of a basket case lately and she has been loving and patient. She is the one I know will tell me like it is. She is the "go to person" for anyone who needs help navigating the world of love and relationships. Bless you. Romella. You are a rock star.
― Tina
She feels like a life long friend. I trust her like no other. Luv her.
― Christine
I’ve now spoken with her twice about my relationship.She also gave me insight on how to fix certain aspects of my relationship that just aren't working. I'm very thankful for our conversation, and hopefully will talk again with her soon!
― Anonymous
Romella has been working with me for a long time now. She has guided through a lot of rough patches in my life. If you need guidance, She is the one you need. I love Romella. She has a gift at what she does.
― Christine
It's like talking to your best friend and your mother at the same time.
― Jodi
Gifted, sincere, helpful.
― Anonymous
Thank you for snapping me out of it, Romella! I feel stronger and more empowered.
― S.B.
I would highly suggest you calling Romella. She’s direct, but in such a kind way. Clear and sees what it is you are in need of. Fantastic.
― Mergime
Absolutely phenomenal.
― Anonymous
Romella gets right to the heart of the matter and tells you the truth for better or worse. She is also supportive and helps you solve problems. So wonderful. I needed that reading in such a stressful time. I now have a game plan to get thru it.
― Douglas
Love her! She has helped me through so much. No sugar coating, straight to the point.
― Jay.
I've been talking with Romella for a few years. Not sure what I can say that hasn't been said, so I will just say thank you. Thank you for your insight, guidance, support and honesty. You're an amazing lady.
― Erica. M
Hits my situation on the head every time.
― Jackie T
Everything you says always resonates with me. Thanks Coach!
― Jessica
Romella is A gem. I gained remarkable insight into my life. Many thanks for today!
― Chris.
Thanks Coach, Patience is key. You made me laugh so hard today also, though, and I thank you for that! I kept laughing all day about it! It truly lifted my spirit and this is, indeed, good too! Thanks again!
― Krystal M
― A. P.
― Mindy, Ohio
Thank you. I needed some guidance. Always a pleasure.
― C. W.
Romella you are always there when I need you. No matter my crazy sayings or antics, you never judge. My money is never wasted with you. I never have any doubt in you. Thank you for always setting me at ease. You understand me so well and I can truly be myself with you.You always tell me like it is.Thank you. If you are thinking about doing sessions with Romella, do it! You Will not be disappointed! Totally worth it!
― Cynthia M
Totally brilliant! She was amazing, just knew exactly the underlying layers of the situation! She eased my heart and soothes my soul, and was exactly on point regarding my lover and how we could change things around for the better! She is amazing!!! Love her!!!
― Yvonne
Going through a very rough time, Romella was able to help me work through some things going on in my life. I have been feeling really down but she has been able to ease my pain by helping to see the situation in another way. I know she is really there for me and always comes through for me so I know things will work out.
― Jodi
Straight to the point.
― Suzanne
Very honest and that is what I needed. Thank you.
― Y. S., Powder Springs,
Romella is blessed with exceptional gifts. She understands the situation so quickly and so clearly, I can't say enough about how comforted I feel after speaking with her. It's not like she sugar coats it. It's direct, it's real, and you know she's giving you truth you need to know. Truly a magnificent session!
― Carol
You can never go wrong with Romella. Straightforward, honest and amazingly insightful.
― Tran.
Working with Romella has been a life changing experience. She will offer clarity and insight into multiple situations and areas of life in a non-judgmental fashion, this can range from relationships, career goals, family, etc. I highly recommend working with Romella as she can put you on the fast track to reaching your goals and living a happier life.
― Aaron B.
Romella, has provided clarity for all areas of my life that has ultimately lead to how I view relationships putting me on the fast track to finding a long-term partner. She can help you identify the internal resources we all possess that will lead to self-love, stepping into your life's calling, and finding true fulfillment. I strongly recommend her services to any who is looking for clarity on finding a life-long partner. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make!
Romella truly empowers you. she empowered me to take the step to overcome the blockage so things can move forward and I am so grateful to her for this. She is very fast, addressed all my questions and explained why the person concerned was behaving the way he was behaving. Gratitude and my blessings to you Romella.
― Julia. D.
Romella told me 9 months ago not to get attached to the friend I was interested in. She said he still needed to work on himself and I needed to do the same. If I did, he would be ready for me by the end of the summer. Sure enough he's been consistent towards the end of the summer. Because I waited like she advised, him and I have such a special bond that I've never had with anyone else before. So glad I followed her advice! Thank you!
― Anonymous
Romella, helped me during a very confusing time in my life. She was straight to the point and helped me see how I was stopping myself.
― Anonymous
She's straightforward, direct and to the point, yet delivers the information in a professional and warm manner.
― Carey
Romella, just wanted to add, tonight you heard me at my absolute worst, and helped move me back towards what I know in my heart, is better thought process. Forever grateful.
― Loretta
It only takes one call, and you will want to call again since she is fast and real. GREAT!
― Anonymous
Romella is ALWAYS fabulous. She gets things so clearly and without prompting. She just knows how relationships work. If you want to know what's happening, trust Romella to help give you a path to success.
― Toni
LOVE HER!!! She goes right into it, AAAND she saves you on your money. She has been accurate so far and I can depend on her to clear up any little or big thing.
― Karen
Thank you so much Romella for uplifting my spirits!!... I am very grateful.!!
― Tracy
She was very accurate in describing the situation to me from what's going on now. She gave me some advice towards my relationship and is confident that things should turn around. I'm hoping to see everything workout.
― Kiran
I did send her an email. Romella and got an immediate response...will call back in couple of weeks.
― Kimberly
Romella thank you so muchYou are amazing. Many blessing to you. I wish all the help and good you have done for me come back to you 10 times better.
― Yvonne
I normally don't leave reviews but I feel compelled to for Romella because she is so very in tune with people and their thoughts, emotions and motivations. I have had coaching years ago and she is among the best. I would say the top , for understanding what makes people tick, where their heads and why they do what they do.
― Irina
Straightforward but in a kind and compassionate way. Not to mention very accurate. You need to listen carefully to what she says because she will put you on the right path.
― Kevin
Incredible as usual! Thank you!
― Crystal
Very positive and non judgemental.Will come back again. Many thanks. Thank you.
― Megan
Romella hit the nail on the head with everything she told me. She broke my situation down from beginning to end.
― Patrick
Does not waste your time and gets to the heart of the matter.
― Anonymous
Quick, fast and to the point.
― Anonymous
Romella tells it like it T. I. S.!!! Love her!!!
― Andre
Romella is so sincere and genuine with her coaching. You can't go wrong with her guidance.
― Keia
She is supportive and straightforward. I had nobody to validate my feelings and she most certainly went beyond what I even thought. Thank you.
― Jenyce
She truly gets to the bottom of the situation and works through the emotions of the situation very well. Ty.
― K.S.
Romella is an amazing coach. She was able to tell me in detail how I could deal with my ex. She gave me the courage to start my life anew.
― Anonymous
Romella is in a class of her own. I like her straightforward approach and I'm glad I took her advice and reached out. Thank you Romella and speak soon! Hugs.
― Demi
Romella is very straightforward. She will tell it like it is.
― Laura
Romella is just a great person. She is full of information and is kind and caring. I will always go to her for coaching. She truly has a special gift and we are lucky she has been willing to share it with us. Thanks!
― S.L.
Welcome back Romella, I am glad your schedule is open again.
― Gina P.
Romella you totally inspire me every time we speak and it absolutely is a plus that you are so gorgeous. Thank you for being a straightforward coach.
― Tony M.
I finally have an update. Oh my god, I never thought he would ask me to move in together. I am so scared but I am going to be texting Romella everyday. She is like my long distance girlfriend with great advice.
― Constance
Thank you. Thank you.
― Keisha
I thought that I knew it all. But Romella helped me think about it in a different way. I just pray her prices stay the same because she is worth alot more.
― Elana
No longer single. Thanks
― Matt
― Mary
Wow. Romella really cares about what you are going through and does not waste your time or money.
― Amanda P.
Hands down , the best!
― Mike
Not sure if we are making good progress. Since I started talking to Romella I have been able to communicate better with my boyfriend but he is still is unsure about our relationship. I will keep you updated. Crossing fingers!
― Constance
I am so glad I picked her. She is funny, easy to talk with and she really knows her stuff.
― Monica C.
Once again, many thanks for all the help with the situation with husband.We are finally where we need to be.
― Jessica
Although, she did help me get back with my ex. I don't feel like she is always available when I have little problems and need solutions. Sorry Romella- Your still the best!
― Eric
You know men in and out and always right. Funny but true!
― Mike G.
You are definately on the top of my list, when it come to relationship advice. Sorry Mom.
― Cathy A.
All I can say is "thank you".
― Kim
Don't waste your money on anyone else. I have tried psychics, candles magic and everything under the sun. I just needed to know how to get him back and she help me find different solutions that worked with no judgement and no BS.
― Helen
When T. left, I did not know what to do and I never thougt just changing how I approached and saw the relationship would help. but it did. Thanks so... much, I will always keep you on speed dial. : )
― Trisha
Her concepts are easy to understand and apply—there's no psychological lingo. Her examples and explanations make sense. And she provides inspirational energy like no other.
― Liz M.

Case Studies for Break-up's or Getting your ex-back, Everyone needs help, just ask!

[Relationship Case Study] About the Client: Rayan is a 29 years old guy working with a IT firm and is well established. Rayan’s parents had been pressurizing him to get married. About his Situation: In desperation to be in a relationship Rayan started looking to fall in love with a girl, who according to him could be his prospective wife. Through a mutual friend Rayan came across Pia whom he found to be independent and fun loving. Gradually Rayan began to feel different. Soon Rayan started to become irritable which had never happened in the past. After 6 months into their relationship, Rayan decided to seek help and connect with Romella. Romella Coaching Approach: Romella assisted Rayan to find out the exact issues which were bothering him. Here’s a example of what came out during the sessions: Rayan mentioned of not being able to spend quality time with his male friends which made him sad. ~He also articulated that he felt being emotionally blackmailed by his girlfriend Pia. ~After a few sessions Rayan informed Romella of what he realized was happening to him. After probing further, he disclosed his fear of what his family thought and pressure to please his girlfriend. ~Ryan found out that it was him who was doing everything to keep the relationship intact. In order to do so, Rayan was putting his desires and priorities on a back seat and operating by what was important to Pia. The Outcome: Romella discussed various options to make this relationship work while stil having free time to himself. Though it took Rayan about 3 months to overcome his relationship hurdles, with continued coaching sessions Rayan and Pia are now engaged and he now appreciates all the qualities that Pia brings to his life without any pressure.
Coaching is not regulated, and many 'Coaches' have no idea what coaching really is because they haven’t been trained or haven’t been coached by a professionally trained and credentialed coach. There are schools that will offer a credential after only three hours of training! Some people read a book or watch a TV program and decide “I’m a coach!” as a result, the quality of coaches vary dramatically. The reality is; MOST coaches are worse off and less capable than the people who are hiring them! This is why a relationship coach expertise should not be in telling you useless advice and spouting out immediate temporary solutions. But instead, they should be here to help you, do the work all by yourself! Which creates long lasting results.... By learning relationship and dating techniques, helping implement action plans and putting together timeframes for getting what you want.

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