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About Coach Tami Chapek

Tami Chapek is dedicated to building strong leaders and enhancing performance for teams. Tami has double-digit years of experience in coaching in corporate America and nearly 18 years of experience marketing and advertising. With a strength in building strong brands and corporate teams, Tami harnesses her unique gifts and focuses on empowering individuals and teams to: Define career paths and support advancement of careers Identify and/or reach specific professional goals Find and/or refine personal leadership styles Through a unique combination integrating branding strategy fundamentals and performance optimization, Tami supports her clients by working to identify unique attributes and emphasizing skills, characteristics and values to advance their specific goals. Tami works with her clients to reframe and expand their future potential. Tami also brings real world leadership and career concepts to life with her clients to provide a source of inspiration and vision. Tami is enthusiastic about guiding and cheering on her clients as they reach new heights and catalyze change in their lives. Tami is a Certified Professional Coach and a Master Practitioner for the Energy Leadership Index an attitudinal assessment for leaders. Shas received her professional coach training at the Institute for Professional Excellence (iPEC) with a focus on corporate coaching. She grew up in Central Ohio, but has lived in NYC, Southern California and after 5 years now calls herself a Chicagoan.


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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By dedicating 6 weeks of sessions (50 minutes each), we can really dig into what your goal is, what is holding you back, and set achievable, sustainable action plans to get you moving forward. Through a series of empowering questions, exercises and goal setting activities, we'll spend 6 weeks together setting you up for success in whatever your mission is.

Client Reviews for Tami Chapek

"Working with Tami helped me build my confidence and to focus on what I really wanted for my future career goals. I would recommend working with Tami because she helps you uncover what you really want out of a career with positive self discovery. If you are looking for a career coach Tami is the best. She was flexible with our scheduling of coaching times and always provided positive support."
― Amity O.
"As a woman in a male-dominated industry, it's hard to find advisors to navigate my career path in a way that feels smart, but also true to me. With her strong corporate background, Tami has consistently been an insightful partner for me. She has been a smart sounding board for learning how to prioritize myself and not just project success with an eye on navigating steps towards doing the work I want to do in the future. In the time that we've worked together, she’s helped me negotiate a raise, tame difficult projects, rethink my values, skills and offerings, and prioritize making time for myself, no matter how busy work seems. Thanks to these steps, I am finding more satisfaction in the work I do and also feel less beholden to the work I didn't need to do, but wasn't sure how to manage previously."
― Lara L.
"Starting from my first session with Tami, I knew I would be discovering some great insights about my own goals and ambitions. As it turns out, Tami is a natural at pushing you to new places and understanding how you're blocking your own success and following up with a plan of action that is doable and inspirational. She not only embodies the tough-love passion of a strong coach but empathizes with you like an authentic friend pushing you towards success. Tami is more than a coach, she's the muse for your ambitions."
― Zach A.
"Tami from WeInspireWe is absolutely fantastic! From the very beginning she has been warm and nonjudgmental while still maintaining a professional personality. She knows when and how to ask the right question, give advice, and even help push me past my comfort zone to create that ever illusive 'ah ha' moment. She knows when to laugh with me, when to give me a moment because I'm crying, and when to celebrate with me. The highlight of my week is usually working with her because she has this uncanny ability to ask just the right question at the right time. With Tami's help I have had many ah ha moments and feel like I have stepped into who I really am. She has helped me move past my fear and reach for the sky. I am extremely grateful of our time working together and would recommend her to anyone who really wants to get things done."
― Jourdan S

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