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About Coach Cliff Locks

Welcome, I'm Cliff Locks a Life Coach expert, Let's book a strategy session right now, and this is totally free*. During the strategy session I'd like to spend 15 minutes with you. Number one, helping you get clear on your vision of the future. Number two, I'd like to spend some time discussing the challenge that's preventing you from having what you want. Number three, I'd love to give you a plan and path to accomplish your goals. If you like the experience, I'd like to share with you more how we can go deeper and work together more deeply. Lets get started, scheduling our first call by clicking on "Book a Call." You deserve the bigger success that awaits you just ahead. Thank you. Best regards, Coach Cliff Locks *(Important: Missed session will be billed $38.00)


For many years, I have worked with executives and team members with big brand names to make their lives more rewarding, operations more effective and profitable, and their family life satisfying. I've worked with Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Walmart and many more. Ive enjoy the work so much, I've opened my practice to the LiveCoach community. My biggest burning question for you is 'How much more are you capable of? Let's work on what is holding you back. I would enjoy helping you define what makes you happy and areas in your life you'd like to improve. Working together, you'll have an awesome opportunity to move forward to learn and integrate the need skills, knowledge and tools to fulfill your vision of success. Happiness, less stress, and financial freedom is just around the corner. I can help you find your Soul Mate now our coaching session, well work together to... Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of man/women youd like to attract and the kind of relationship youd like to have together Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with men/women and dating, and... Youll leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally find the man/women of your dreams once and for all. Book a session now, so we can get started together!

Licenses & Certifications

Rochester Institute of Technology - Human Psychology, the science of mind and human behavior, with expertise in improving productivity and the quality of home and work life. New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) - Emergency Medical Technician - Counseling and Clinical psychology expert at helping people recognize their strengths and resources to cope with their problems for individuals of all ages and families. Plus additional advanced training in Developmental Psychology that takes place throughout life, with additional advanced training in pediatrics and geriatrics.

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Platinum VIP Virtual Coaching Program designed for your life when you are ready to soar. With exclusive access to me, we cover exactly what you need when you need it. This is for You if: you're looking for customized advice, accountability and unwavering support to significantly grow and work through areas in your life that you are concerned about. This coaching program continues over six months. We talk once a week for 60 minutes by phone or video. I look forward to helping you confidently move forward, with thoughtful goals and a vision of success for yourself! Thank you. Best regards, Cliff Locks P.S.: Feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have.

The Gold Exclusive Virtual Coaching Program - Four Months - Weekly 60 Minute Session Each quarter I take on a single exclusive client to provide comprehensive support. This is for you if: you have a specific areas in your life you'd like to solve, want results and you want to partner with an expert genuinely invested in your success. Thank you. Best regards, Cliff Locks P.S.: Feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have.

VIP Monthly Coaching Package $200 per month A total of two hours of calls per month - booked as either: - two 60-minute bi-weekly calls, or - four 30-minute weekly calls Unlimited messaging The most successful people on the planet understand the huge benefit of investing in themselves. And make no mistake, Coaching is an investment that can be returned many times over. Coaching isn't just for athletes, musicians and corporate executives - it's for anybody sensible enough to realize that we all have our own blind spots and can benefit from an experienced set of impartial eyes. Thank you. Best regards, Cliff Locks P.S.: Feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have.

Client Reviews for Cliff Locks

“Some executives have studied motivation, know that helping their customers is key, I go to the office every day eager to meet their career goals and aspirations of looking after my customers. Most of us would benefit from the professional services of a personal coach, who is a successful executive. We would benefit from someone who has a breadth of experience setting your personal chemistry just right for maximum performance and satisfaction. Cliff Locks will study your practice, help you find your motivational engine and help you point your career towards greater effectiveness, income and satisfaction. In most of our businesses, even a few percentage points of improved performance translates into substantial gains in income and success. Cliff helped me achieve substantial performance improvements with commensurate personal and professional success. He can help you get there.”
― Allan M.
“I really benefit from knowing that our convenient weekly phone call is scheduled as a “standing meeting,” and that I’ll come out of the discussion with very concrete goals for the coming week and can use Cliff to keep myself accountable for making real progress each week. You don’t miss a thing when it comes to continuity of direction and goals. You call my bluff, pull no punches, and are very frank and quick.”
― Mark J.
“It has been such a valuable experience for me, both personally and professionally, to experience your unique and effective coaching service. I found your ideas would shift my thinking outside of the box, and help identify creative solutions myself in an empowering way. Being able to turn to you each week has provided me with a perspective that encouraged discipline, self-respect, responsibility and inner strength to know how to handle the inevitable problems that come with owning a small business. You have been like a solution-oriented Board of Directors for me at a fraction of the cost.” “Thank you for your valuable support these past months. I will continue to implement your techniques and ideas long into the future.”
― Helen Y.
“What I liked most about Cliff is his passion for his work and the obvious care he has for his clients. He listens and pays attention to who you are as an individual and caters his coaching to fit your specific needs. His skills in coaching helped keep me on track and focused on my goals. He also helped me face realities that I sometimes wanted to ignore, and I was clearly better off for facing them straight on. His consistent ‘can do’ attitude and encouragement were invaluable to my success. I wholeheartedly recommend Cliff to anyone in transition, considering making a transition or just trying to grow or improve any situation, personally or professionally.”
― Margret A.
“I just had to say a special ‘thank you’ for the coaching over the last few months. The changes I have made as a result of the coaching have brought peace into my daily life and allowed me to creatively express myself again in my work, with my clients and with my staff. “For the first time in five years, I am taking a real one week vacation – no work! With the new sales program in place, the company will be fine financially. With my better managed schedule, work will be busy before and after, but it is manageable and reasonable. With my self-care in place, I am not heading into vacation completely exhausted. Woo Hoo!” “The best part of this entire experience is how I feel about me – I am delighted with living my own dream and energized by how I feel inside of me!”
― Dan G.
“Your coaching has made a massive difference in the way I see my worth to clients. Thanks to our work together, I’ve hit professional and financial goals that once seemed out of reach. Imagine – paying off one’s student loans in two years rather than in the nine left on my payment plan. A real achievement!”
― Robert J.
“Thanks for your ongoing support and assistance. I appreciate your time and interest in my progress and development. The process of growth and change is an interesting one. At times very slow, other times quite dramatic. I am moving forward and continuing to see real growth in both my professional and personal development. I wish you every success.”
― Mary L.
“Cliff is incredibly easy to work with. He approaches each client and their business individually. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with Cliff. He listens and then tailors recommendations for each client. He is knowledgeable and his creative encouragement is a must for new and experienced business owners alike.”
― Susan P.
“Cliff’s coaching resulted in my challenging assumptions I had no idea I had — assumptions about what success was supposed to look like, and what I needed to do to achieve that success. Our coaching sessions resulted in my having a more authentic life, both at work and outside of work. Cliff garnered an accurate understanding of my situation through intense listening and intuition, asked questions where I needed to be challenged, and provided valuable suggestions when I needed practical advice. I would recommend Cliff’s coaching for any lawyer or other professional seeking focus and clarity for their professional life.”
― Edward M.
“Hiring Cliff Locks as my business coach is without a doubt the best decision I have made since starting my company. I have been working with Cliff since 2013 and have come to rely on his weekly advice as an invaluable part of my organization. “Cliff’s approach to coaching is not just about the professional, but takes all of my goals in life into account in helping me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my team. The best testament to his coaching may be that as issues come up that I want input on, his voice is inside my head telling me the questions to ask, how to approach the issue, and asking me what I want from the outcome.” “His coaching style is to constantly ask questions to help me work through the issue – he listens exceptionally well, and encourages me to talk through the challenges we all face but are afraid to discuss in the practice of law. Then he provides his perspective. I would liken his ability to cut through the noise and to hone in on the real issue to a CEO of major Fortune 500 company ability to cull an enormous set of facts into a workable vision. He’s that good. Cliff is professional, thoughtful, experienced, grounded and real.” “I had no real understanding of how coaching worked when I started looking for a coach, but knew I needed someone to help me guide and focus my practice. I would recommend Cliff to any business executive I know who wants to increase their business in a manner that’s consistent with what they want from life — whether you are in your own company, or a small or large firm.”
― Johnathan P.

Case Studies for Cliff Locks

I work with my clients using the finest proven tools, here are a few and how they benefit you directly. 1) The Wheel of Life One of my Life Coach versatile tools is the Wheel of Life. It’s a simple and easy-to-use exercise that can help my clients find out which areas of their lives are most satisfying and where they would like to focus attention on improving their quality of life. There are only two steps to this exercise: A) Review the 8 categories on the wheel and think about what would represent a satisfying life in each area: • Health • Friends & Family • Significant Other • Personal Growth • Fun & Leisure • Home Environment • Career • Money B) You’d draw a line across each segment that best represents the current level of satisfaction, with the center of the wheel equal to 0 and the edge of the wheel equal to 10, the maximum level of satisfaction. The end result looks a bit like a spider web and can give us a good idea of their overall life satisfaction in relation to their desired life satisfaction. 2) The Spheres of Influence One of the many ways that we tend to get off track or bogged down while striving towards our goals relates to our “spheres of influence.” The idea behind the spheres of influence tool is that there are three distinct areas we can work together on and sort the comings and goings of life into: A. Things we can control B. Things we can influence C. Things we can’t influence, either right now or at all times While we may feel like there is nothing under our control at times, there is always at least one thing we have direct control over ourselves. Even when we are under enormous pressure or when we feel trapped, we always have at least some level of control over our attitude and our behavior. The second area is that of factors we can influence. We do not have direct control over these factors, but we can put our effort into pushing them in the right direction. For instance, while we cannot control others’ attitudes or behavior, we can offer them advice, guidance, or provide evidence to help them make good decisions. The final area is things that we have no control or influence over. This is the largest area since the majority of what happens around us is not under our direct control. As a your Life Coach I will help you to recognize and accept that there is much we cannot control, but will also help you to find opportunities to effect change through taking control or influencing that which is within your reach. As your Life Coach I walk you through the spheres, helping you identify what is within your control, what is in your sphere of influence, and what cannot be controlled. 3) Journaling Keeping a journal can be useful for many different reasons, including as a happy life seeking exercise. Daily journaling facilitates reflection and can spark useful brainstorming about how to better strive toward your goals. I can help ensure that your journaling is helpful by providing the below guidance. • J – Judgement-free Encourage your clients to write whatever is in their heart. This journal is personal, private, and a safe space to express their thoughts and feelings. • O – Observation Journaling is an excellent opportunity for clients to step into an observer role. Instruct your clients to write down things that happen to them and spend some time thinking about how they interpret them. • U – Understanding Piggybacking off of observation, what we observe can help us reach understanding about ourselves. How we perceive what happens to us is more important than what actually happens to us and observing how we think can help us understand our own thought patterns, which can lead to effective management of our thoughts and behaviors. • R – Revelation This process can often lead to revelations about our desires, our dreams, our goals, and aspirations. Journaling can help us get in touch with our core selves. • N – Needs Assessment Keeping a daily journal makes it easier to notice problems and potential solutions, as the simple act of writing something down can make it seem simpler and clearer. Keeping everything bottled up can be extremely harmful, and just putting pen to paper can sometimes be all that is needed to release some pressure. • A – Awareness Writing down your experiences helps your client to take a wider perspective on his or her life, as well as reminding them of problem areas and things they have to be grateful for. Raising awareness of these areas is the first step towards making the necessary changes and appreciating what they have. • L – Life Quality Journaling is known to be an effective way to de-stress and decrease anxiety. Just a few minutes a day can have a major impact on health and happiness. I look forward to working with to help you move forward and realize your vision of success and happiness. Best regards, Cliff Locks

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