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-Identity -Life Purpose -Boundary Development -Emotional Management -Thought Management -Relationship Health -Stress Management -Spiritual Growth -Career Coaching/Interview Preparation -Resume Writing As we discover and believe the truth about who we are, and the design and purpose of our lives, our experience becomes the life we desire!

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About Coach Michelle MacGregor

I am a Life and Career Coach serving individuals, couples, and organizations with 25 years of experience helping others make decisions about their lives and reach their goals: emotional, relational, professional, spiritual. My work with clients comes from a belief that as we discover and believe the truth about who we are, and the design and purpose for our lives, our experience becomes the life we desire, both personally and professionally. Whether your need is in an area of your personal life, the context of a relationship, or challenges in your work, working toward being your best self is always going to help get you where you want to be! Everyone is unique and has something to offer. My joy comes from helping others discover what that is according to their own specific design and determine a clearer sense of purpose; sometimes for the first time, sometimes to go in a new direction. You can build a life that is lived by design, on purpose, intentional. It is built by those individual moments we create that reflect who we are. We can learn to live from that place and be our real selves everywhere, with every one, every time. The result is confidence, contentment, freedom, and fulfillment in every area of your life and work. Where you are now is not where you want to be. I can help you get there! I love working with my clients and look forward to coming alongside you to help you accomplish your goals, personal or professional, or both! You'll get the coaching and support you need to achieve your goals and get where you want to be this year. We'll take time to examine what your needs are right now and the goals you'd like to accomplish. If you're not sure where to start or how to create the steps to get there, I can help with that. If you are, terrific! You can begin making changes right away and see the results you're looking for so your life and work look like youve always wanted them to. If you're ready, I'm ready. You want to feel great about working with your coach and having a good connection and rapport is important. Let's talk about how we can work together best. I can help you get there. It IS possible!


What I teach in my coaching: Learn to think correctly: When you think correctly, your feelings are correct and your actions and life results look like you want them to. Everything comes down to they way you think and getting control of that changes your life significantly. Know your unique design: When you know your unique design, you know yourself well which impacts EVERY area of your life. Discover your unique purpose: When you know your unique purpose, you can use your talents, strengths, and interests to make a difference in the right context for you! Know how to protect who you are: When you know how to protect who you are, you maintain great boundaries and improve your relationships with others. Examine your life to maintain your standard: When you regularly examine your life, you evaluate how youre doing according to the standard by which you want to live to make any corrections you need. Habit Development: When you develop good habits, you develop a lifestyle that works best for you and achieve your desired goals. Time Management: When you manage your time, you get control over your life to accomplish more, experience more freedom, lower stress, and achieve success. Belief Management: When you manage your beliefs, you have control over your thoughts and feelings to create the results you want for yourself. Stress Management: When you manage your stress, you break the hold stress has on your life so you can be happier, healthier, and more productive in both your life and your work. Integrated Living: When your life is integrated, you live from the inside out! You live from your true identity in every scenario, in every relationship, no matter the circumstances you face. Living according to your own unique design helps you influence your part of the world with the highest level of impact! There are 8 areas of your life that reflect who you are: physical, emotional, professional, social, spiritual, financial, recreational, intellectual. As we learn to live each moment according to the standard we develop for ourselves, all 8 areas begin to look exactly as they should and our life experience takes the shape of what its meant to! As we discover and believe the truth about who we are, and the design and purpose for our lives, our experience becomes the life we desire. The natural outcome is consistent: Confidence, Contentment, Freedom, Fulfillment Who doesnt want that? I know I do! Do you? If youre ready to learn how to live a purposeful, productive, powerful lifeyou can! You can learn how to manage your Stuff, your Self, and your Stress for personal wholeness and professional success. Are you ready?

Licenses & Certifications

MA in Pastoral Counseling Life Coach training: ICCA BS in Speech/Language Pathology and Audiology

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

4 hour-long sessions each month unlimited email access each month unlimited text messages each month

Completed Resume One cover letter Consultation calls during project through completion

Client Reviews for Michelle MacGregor

Michelle is excellent. From the very beginning she was very prompt at answering my initial questions about her services and how she works. She told me how she planned to go about helping me achieve my ultimate goal. She is not judgemental in any way, and can relate to everything you explain to her. If your ready to make better, more positive changes in your life, Michelle is there to help you figure out your feelings and make seemingly hard decisions easier. Since I had sessions with Michelle I now feel less stress and anxiety with the issues I thought I had, especially in my relationships with the people I love, and with myself. I have more sense of calm, and much more happiness in my day to day life. I definitely would recommend to speak with Michelle if you want to achieve the same.
― Nathalie C.
It took quite a while to finally get the courage to talk with someone that I could trust and be open with. Michelle exhibited the knowledge and experience giving me the confidence needed to discuss my situation and being able to move forward. Michelle is more than just a counselor, she is a life long coach that I can and will call again for help and advise.
― Gary S.
"I started working with Michelle about 4 years ago. I had lots of unresolved issues that I did not realize I had because they manifested themselves in ways I was not always able to identify. Through Michelle's coaching & leading, I was able to get to the root of those issues and work on resolution. I am happier, am able to handle life situations in a much healthier way and my family has noticed the difference as well. I recommend Michelle to everyone.
― Merrilee P.
"I have worked with Michelle MacGregor for the past year. I came to her sad and broken, and I can say without reservation that she was able to guide me to become a whole and functioning adult. She is a professional who is kind, compassionate, but most of all completely capable of counseling any individual to a more fulfilling life. I esteem her in the highest degree. She is can help you to find a greater purpose."
― Diana C.
"Very pleased with Michelle's approach and professionalism. She appears to tailor her sessions to each individual's needs. I will definitely use her again."
― Tom C.
"Excellent experience with an incredibly smart and articulate professional. You have to have a highly experienced professional help you position yourself properly for the right opportunity. Investing in my family's future by hiring Michelle was a smart decision."
― Jay G.
Michelle was awesome. She helped me to identify my strengths which gave me the skills to better promote myself for the interview process.
― Amani M.
"Michelle spent an extraordinary amount of time getting to know me and my work history before putting together a polished, professional resume on my behalf. She made sure to highlight things I didn't even see on my own that contributed to my skillset. She made revisions and adjustments immediately and was incredibly attentive to any tweaks that were needed prior to interviews. I hired her additionally to craft custom cover letters because of the quality of her work. Not only do I have my most impressive resume to date, but I also have gotten double the responses to my job applications, multiple interviews and now a handful of offers to choose from thanks to her help. I highly recommend Michelle for her detailed work and her kind, helpful manner in which she handles her clients. Thank you!"
― Sarah L.
The thought of updating my resume seemed like a very daunting task. Michelle turned that daunting task into a collaborative, easy, fun process. It was a treat to work with Michelle. She is a great listener, upbeat, knowledgeable, and professional. I learned a lot along the way, she gave me different perspectives that have been very valuable to my personal growth and confidence in moving towards my next adventure. She has a great style which in the end creates a well thought out, professional product. I highly recommend Michelle and would definitely work with her again. Thank you so much Michelle!
― Heidi H.
"Michelle is excellent and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a resume writer. Not once did I doubt my resume would be anything but great and I was correct. During our introductory call, Michelle explained her method of crafting and customizing resumes to fit each client. Plus, her response time to my questions or suggestion was extremely quick. Michelle's passion and knowledge on what it takes to enhance and highlight certain skills to garner the best resume results are A-1. She's detailed, thorough, creative, knowledgeable, receptive to input (and encourages it), accessible, passionate, and professional. I am beyond happy with the outcome of my resume and cover letter, and I know that great things are in store for me. Thank you, Michelle, for all of your hard work and for the added boost of confidence in my new job search!"
― Dionna H.
"I enjoyed working with Michelle! She is very personable and goes the extra mile to deliver a great product. The position I was applying for was posted almost a week earlier than expected, and Michelle was able to complete my resume and cover letter days earlier than agreed upon. The cover letter and resume she created were both amazing!! I would definitely use her again in the future and highly recommend her service!!"
― Rionda R.
"My wife and I came to Michelle seeking help with our marriage. I was skeptical of the idea but was pleased with how helpful the process truly was. My wife and I learned a lot about each other during the process and we are currently in the best season of our marriage. Michelle does a great job of listening to both people's perceptions and translates that in a helpful and meaningful way."
― Vincent B.
"Michelle was exactly who I needed at the exact moment I needed her. She is caring, patient, intelligent and she brings all of that with her at every session. She has shown me a different way of living and a different way of loving my family and myself. She has also taught me it's ok to say NO! I never knew how important boundaries are because I didn't grow up with them. Michelle is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear but gentle enough that you get it!! I always leave a conversation with her feeling more excited about my future! So blessed to have her in my life."
― Amy B.
"Michelle provided us with the skills and guidance necessary to go from survival in our marriage to thriving. I also had childhood difficulties that I never sought healing for until I became an adult. After working with Michelle for a year I have seen a tremendous change in my emotional well being independently and in my relationship."
― Natasha P.
"Michelle is probably the best coach I have ever worked with. She is so passionate about people and helping them to be the very best they can be, in every way - she is incredibly knowledgeable and has a variety of tools at her disposal. That old saying "She was born to do this" definitely applies to her."
― Samantha M.
"If you are looking for a professional and knowledgeable relationship coach, you don't need to look any further. Michelle is the one! She is compassionate and will listen to your needs and challenges. She will stay neutral through the process and will help you come to a point of clarity on your own. She is courteous, non-judgmental and a pleasure to work with! Whether you need individual support or couples coaching, she will be sure to make both partners feel comfortable. I highly recommend Michelle!"
― Heidi S.

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