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Spiritual (Energetic/healing), Health & Wellness, Dating, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Relationship & Life Coaching. Healing from abuse. Addictions. Body image. Vision & Goals. Accountability & Mindset Coach.

About Coach Lisa Araquistain

I started meditating and doing energy work officially in 1995, this shifted everything for me. It was like I was driving an old beat up car going 10 MPH and then upgraded to a Ferrari (not overnight of course) and was able to reach speeds that I only imagined before. That's what it felt like in my body. I felt like I was going to get ill and I was so miserable in my career ( I was working in the corporate world as an engineer ). After completing a clairvoyant/healing one-year certificate program, I went on to take all advanced classes and then became a director of a healing institute. I then branched off and started my own business. I love to share techniques about energy awareness, meditation, self healing and the right mindset. Very empowering! "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." I help people to build their inner wisdom, strength, autonomy, awareness, contentment, wellness and enjoyment of life. I have 20 years experience plus 10 years of formal education at the largest psychic (self healing) institute in the nation: The Berkeley Psychic Institute. I am a healer, spiritual/clairvoyant counselor and meditation & mindset coach. I used to be addicted, abused, powerless, shy, ill, a people pleaser, & a doormat. It has been a life long mission to turn my sensitivity & pain into a positive, into inner power, and I have achieved that. I transformed my life 180 degrees. I'm passionate about showing other people their inner power and how to access it. They say we only use 10% of our brain, I help people access more if it. Being more embodied, more present, creating real inner peace and power. I'm a former engineer, people say it was a big leap going from engineering to the healing arts, but I say, I have been studying *physics* my whole life, not a big leap.


-Performance and expression: athletic, acting, the mental game, mindset coach -Self-leadership: how to be the leader of your own life and take charge of your path. -Relationships, deepening communication between partners, clearing obstacles that affect them, how to stay present while processing pain. -Mental Health and Emotional issues -Recovering from addictions such as drugs, sex, people, food, work, spending... Finding and healing underlying pain for permanent healing. -Recovering from abuse/ trauma (childhood abuse, psychic abuse, mind control, exploitation in general), finding your original essence and learning to thrive. -Creativity & Manifestation -Self Image and Weight loss, Wellness - Accountability Coaching, to keep you on track with your vision, goals & action steps -Chakra and Aura cleansing - it's practical! chords, karma, past life resolving, family issues, birth spiritual agreement, creating freedom, kundalini energy. -Combining spiritual detox with physical detoxing is the most powerful combo to heal permanently and sustainably. -Medical intuition, where spiritual healing can clear the original pattern of illness

Licenses & Certifications

Clairvoyant Training (Counseling & Healing): One Year Certificate. Intensive training that I called deep growth "boot camp". Learned to read other peoples space which means a lot of things: spirit body connection as it relates to present wellness, past lives as they relate to present time, spiritual/psychic abilities, details in the layers of the aura, goals... and much more. Leadership Training: One Year Certificate. Learned to develop the crown chakra, my own spiritual information and to validate other peoples individual spiritual information. How to do a counseling to validate a persons past and past lives and neutrally counsel them without advice or my own issues interwoven. How to notice spirit without letting the body and cultural programming interfere. Teachers Training (Meditation): 2 year certificate program. Learned to teach a group of people spiritual growth, meditation and finding their own answers. Directorial Training (Leadership): 3 Year program. Learned how to direct a healing institute while actually leading the group. One to One Meditation Program: 2 year program. Learned advanced meditation techniques involving clearing chakras, connecting to the past and timelines. Bringing original essence into the present. Owning incarnation.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Lisa Araquistain

Lisa really understands pain and trauma, without letting it dominate. She helps me face the most painful challenges with courage, strength, and humor. That’s all we can do sometimes. Also, Lisa has her feet on the ground, very pragmatic. Lisa validates my life story. She can find my gain in any negative story I tell her. She helps me see worthwhile, pragmatic meaning in what I thought was a total loss. Her readings are spot on, at a deep level. And I always leave with a better sense on how to handle that particular pain, fear or any emotion. I used to dread certain social events, always picturing what could go wrong. Now, I feel such inner peace and confidence. I can’t tell you what a change it is to look forward to meeting new people, and expecting fun rather than disappointment. I have found such unexpected freedom in other areas of my life (work, hobbies). I found that I really could afford to buy a home in a nice neighborhood (SF Bay area), even though our family income dropped 18% during 2008/2009 economic downturn. Plus, there were more initial + monthly expenses than expected. But, it all still worked out. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who really wants to transform their life into something better. Most spiritual counselors don’t deliver.
― Elizabeth Ray
Lisa Araquistain is one of the most gifted readers I have ever dealt with. Her ability to read various business situations, her support and guidance have been an amazing asset to both myself personally and my business. The clarity from which she approaches each situation allowed me to not only see things more clearly but also allowed me to be more realistic and to take practical steps to deal with challenges at hand.She really approached matters from clarity never FEAR. Her energy clearings really work and the ability to create energy shifts that you can actually experience and that last are genuinely amazing. Her integrity in the work and gentle yet firm approach makes her a great partner to work with. I recommend her highly.
― Penny Horowitz
Lisa has been an awesome benefit to me as I work on my screenwriting and filmmaking goals. She really helped me stay grounded and focused while I made my short film, and reminded me to laugh at myself when I could not! She is not only amazingly intuitive, she’s practical, reliable and level headed. She has all the benefits of a goals counselor but has the added advantage of being psychic, going beyond the scope of your goal and into the big picture, so I get to a place of remembering I’m more than just my projects–I am the queen of my Universe!
― Nina Lescher
Lisa is a very gifted person. She is very good at what she does and is excellent at giving accurate readings. I met Lisa in 2006 during a very troubling and difficult time. She was so accurate at reading the truth of the situation, giving me advise and helping me heal from it. She helped me through many tough times in my life. I always feel better after I get off the phone with her after a session becuase she helps me work through it and heal past the situation. I would highly reccomend and have reccomended her to many friends and family. She is the Best!!
― Tiffany Carr
Working with Lisa is great. Her clairvoyant insight helps me to see into a situation and to sharpen my own ability to manifest my own highest good. She helps me to see the spiritual significance of whatever may be going on in my life.. and makes it feel like an adventure! Working with her is very fun and very helpful.
― Seth Noorzad
I really enjoy and appreciate working with Lisa. She’s helped me so much to create my path via meditation, energy healing and visualization. She creates a very safe and trusting environment for your growth. Thank you Lisa!
― Craig Dunham
I seek out sessions with Lisa when things aren’t moving along as I had planned and hoped for and when I need to find my own certainty and truth again, amongst all the confusion and clutter! It always amazes me how the healing work with Lisa allows for positive change, from a renewed sense of spiritual understanding to a sense of self confidence to practical daily steps, to create my idea of how I want my life to be. Lisa’s counseling and energy work is fascinating and it’d be great and definitely worthwhile for anyone to check it out.
― Gretchen Cook
I thoroughly enjoy working with Lisa because the session is more of a spiritual counseling. She allows you time to talk about what it is that is going on in your physical life and then provides spiritual communication in regards to what you are physically experiencing. The healing work is like the final touch and helps you heal yourself as you release the unwanted energy. I think Lisa’s ability to create a safe environment for communication is what sets her apart. She does not judge you or your experiences. I was able to gain more faith in myself; which helped me gain a deep knowing that I am exactly where I am suppose to be. Lisa’s communication continually helps me to bridge the gap between my dreams and my reality… Her communication helps me make leaps of faith along my personal journey. Lisa is always working with you to help you see your own goals. She is able to do this by talking to you about your passion and what it is that you are thinking about doing. She continues to talk to you while you are sorting out your dreams, hopes and aspirations. Then she helps you see what is blocking you from taking your next step and what you can do now to define your goals. I would recommend Lisa for her light hearted communication and passion for your self discovery.
― Melissa Leeson
Lisa ROCKS! She has helped me transform my life over the past 9 months that I have been working with her. She has helped me to work through many limitations that were leaving me feeling chained to that existence. Since working with her almost every week, my life looks and feels entirely different, in the best way possible! I have purpose and passion for my life because her tools have helped me to help myself work through obstacles as they arise and that is true freedom to create whatever I want in my life. I recommend her to anyone that mentions feeling stuck. Thank you Lisa! I’m so excited to see what the future holds as we continue to work together:-)
― Sarah Vosen
I have been meeting with Lisa on a regular basis for several months now, and have enjoyed every step of this most helpful healing process. Lisa is very well-educated in her field and it turns out she also has worked as an engineer. Wow! I think her well-rounded background really helps in terms of tackling problems logically and with a keen intuition.I am really grateful for all I’ve learned from her- especially with learning to trust my own intuition and get rid of negative thinking. And I have seen results!
― Natalie Stoddard
Lisa has helped me to become grounded in my body so that my life can unfold fully according to my integrity and values, rather than giving my power away or putting myself aside. This is a pattern that is deeply ingrained in us as women or as men who face great pressure from the societal/collective mind to live according to its values. Lisa has gently helped me to understand and peel away the layers that have prevented me from flourishing while she reminds me that in this present moment I am whole, complete and full of light. This is real healing and I learn more and more to allow it to happen.
― Carol DeAntoni
Lisa is an amazing Woman and Spirit. She is grounded, healing, and present. Her counseling sessions are full of life changing tools. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Her knowledge and wisdom is always an e-mail or phone call away. Thank you Lisa!
― Michelle Baker

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