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My goal is to help others become the best version of themselves. After years in sales and account management positions, I chose to change career paths where I can make a difference helping others in their business and personal lives. Coaching and inspiring others to live their most authentic and successful lives is my passion. Personal philosophy is to determine a client's needs and provide the best possible solution, be an accountability partner and encourage and empower growth.


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I understand that career changes can be daunting. I would be honored to help you navigate this transition. A little about me: I am a career and life coach who specializes in helping men and women navigate life and career changes. I have 2 successful career changes under my belt and enjoy helping women pursue their next career move with confidence and grace. I have helped over 400 people in their careers. I believe that accountability, honesty and intentional goals are the keys to success in coaching. My proposal covers 3 months of coaching sessions which includes 12 weekly coaching calls that can be used for the following: - Marketing Yourself Effectively -Grow in Your Current Role -Job Search Strategy -Networking -Clarity on Where to Go Next -Interview Prep -Resume Review -Overcoming Obstacles in Career Change -Confidence Building -Setting Goals and Accountability

Client Reviews for Emily Silva Hockstra

Emily was and is instrumental on how I feel about the relationship I have with myself. I didn't realize the skill set and talent I had until Emily uncovered the my true soul's path. She encouraged me and coached me on how to feel more confident in myself and gave me tools on how to make myself known and be seen in this competitive job market. What she and you collaborate together will pay off in dividends of all kinds.
― C. Samet - Atlanta, GA
I recently had the fortunate opportunity to receive career coaching from Emily. It was the best choice I could have made at a pivotal point in my career and life. I spent 17 years working in a specific area of tech, and I was ready for a change but lacked the clarity to move forward. When I first talked to her, I immediately got the sense that she would be a good fit. She had me identify goals and intentions, which challenged me to think about my passions and what drives me. As we continued to work together over the month, she consistently gave me the support and push I needed. She held me accountable for taking action. As a result, I was able to gain that clarity I had been in search of. She pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and take risks that I otherwise wouldn't have had the confidence to do before meeting her. After our month of coaching, I continued to push forward on my own, using the tools Emily taught me. It was then that I decided to move forward with a complete career shift by starting my own business. I signed up for another two months of coaching with Emily, who provided invaluable guidance to ensure this beginning stage would be successful. As with any new transition, I hit hurdles along the way, but Emily’s steadfast coaching helped me manage them and pave a way through, all while helping me maintain the confidence and courage I needed to continue to grow. I cannot recommend Emily enough if you're seeking clarity, desiring a career change, or needing to take action on an area of your life where you feel stuck.
― K. Belverud - San Diego, CA
I had been thinking about a career change from legal practice to education for several years before I found Emily's website. I was immediately drawn to her warm, positive and focused coaching style. She not only coached me with the emotional ups-and-downs and doubts about leaving one industry for a new industry in which I had no experience but is also amazing with the details of an actual job search - creating a killer resume and cover letter, interview preparation and networking. I had always dreaded networking but Emily taught me so much about networking that I no longer fear it and I now like meeting new people. I landed my dream position in six months, which was very short considering how long I had been thinking about this change for so many years. Emily is extremely personable and cares about you as a person which is so important as a client. I would recommend her 100% to anyone that is seeking coaching services (and especially career coaching).
― S. Misra - Chicago, IL

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