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About Coach Paula Maril

Having lived in many countries allows me to understand how different cultures and upbringings need different routes. My family is European, I was born in South America and went to a Scottish school. I believe in a holistic approach and I am sure you will too. What does holistic mean? It is not a fad or hype. It is a way to look at how all areas of your life interact, are connected and make up YOU. Is how you handle stress in your job the cause for your lack of energy? Or may lack of sleep be the culprit for your cravings? What about your relationships (or lack there of)? As we work together, the puzzle of the all parts of your life and how they affect your health, happiness and goals as a whole will surface. And you will have the power to change whatever you want. When we work together, you will learn to have a level of self-awareness that empowers. You will learn to make the best decisions becoming an expert in yourself. So, as life happens and situations change, you can adjust and continue being successful. We will set YOUR own goals and motivate you to achieve them sooner than you think. Working together you will find the road to success.


I am fully bilingual (Spanish - English)

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Life Coach Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Natural Holistic Remedies Certification

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

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Client Reviews for Paula Maril

Years ago I was satisfied enough with my everyday life, successful relationships and when facing a mirror I received in return the image of a good looking woman . But one day I realized that those feelings became to fade. Something was going wrong and I couldn’t know why. Angry thoughts were growing as I discovered I was not satisfied with my usual routines anymore, internal discomforts appeared frequently and even the shape of my body had changed. For the worse. One day, confused with what I had to change to recover my personal good feelings again, I met Paula. She was extremely patient listening and prudently began to ask me details of every aspect of my life, from the past and today, and trying to help me to establish my goals, step by step. Paula designed for me a program that included gradual changes in my daily behaviour, a more healthy way of eating (respecting most of my preferences) and a constant follow up while I was recovering every day a piece of my lost self confidence. It was not a “copy/paste” coaching program, because Paula’s follow up included my comments about very personal reactions to her coaching, modifying something if necessary and sharing my happiness of feeling closer and closer to my goals. I am sure now that I will complete them very soon.
― B.A.B
I am not a young person anymore, I must say, as I retired from a very busy and successful working life. Nevertheless, I liked to think I was in a quite good physical and mental condition, specially compared with some friends of mine, all about my age. But I was not satisfied in the comfort of that comparison and not resigned with certain subtle feelings about myself that became stronger every day. So I shared those thoughts with Paula and she designed for me a truly personal and holistic program, after a deep knowledge of my daily behaviours, including regular activities I have nowadays, what I usually eat, how and when, but also taking into consideration my preferences, what I like to do and eat, what I reject and why. This “tailored made” program matches with my profound belief that there is not a recipe for everyone to improve or change habits, behaviours or solve personal discomfort of any kind. We are not all the same. And that is the reason I follow Paula´s coaching with less effort and saw very quick results. Those results are materialised every day (lost weight, regained energy and mental clarity, incorporated healthy changes) and I am encouraged to follow her coaching, as now I know there is no age or personal situation that prevent us to be more satisfied with ourselves.
― R.H - Retired
I started working with Paula when I was organising my wedding. I was stressed, needed to lose weight and was lacking energy. Of course I was on a deadline but any plan had to fit my complicated schedules, the fact that I am out of the house most of the day with my patients and have a family to take care of. We had an initial consultation (not a quick chat but a conversation where she asked about my goals, my likes, feelings, hopes…everything and more) and from then on we spoke once a week. She even sent me almost daily messages, reminders and milestones to look forward to. She shared recipes, modifications and exercises. Paula made it happen! Not only did I lose the weight for the wedding, I was full of energy, enjoyed the event and honeymoon. And most of all she gave me the tools to continue with this lifestyle even now, two years after the starting day. I still have coaching sessions with her every couple of months and I can say without any doubt that working with her was a life changing experience. I would recommend her coaching to everyone who wants to achieve any goal: weight, stress, healthy lifestyle or life coaching.
― Maria E. (M.D.)

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