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About Coach Connie Woythal

I have been involved in psychology in some form or another for over 30 years. First, I received my BS degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Then I earned a Specialist Degree (Master's of Science in Education plus an additional 30 credits) in School Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. I completed my doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology. I am trained as a Laughter Yoga facilitator and most recently I became a Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator. As a psychologist I am very interested in neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and how the brain works. I fell in love with psychology and learning about human nature in high school. Once I got the psychology bug, I never stopped learning. I love learning. I love sharing what I've learned, practiced, and experienced. I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology as well as an adjunct instructor at Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. My teaching interests are Positive Psychology and Health Psychology.


I have presented to community groups and professional meetings on a wide variety of topics including: stress management; enhancing joy, peace, and well-being; the transformational power of forgiveness; finding one's true purpose/meaning in life; living gratitude, sharing kindness; self-acceptance; self-compassion; self-forgiveness. As a Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator, I have taught classes on Dealing Effectively with Change, Creating a New Relationship to Money and Abundance, and Managing Stress and Anxiety. I also personalize programs to meet individual needs. Laughter is good medicine and my facilitator training in Laughter Yoga brings joy and laughter to life.

Licenses & Certifications

BS in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee MSE in School Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology Laughter Yoga facilitatior Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

This package includes one free discovery session which serves to clarify your goals and find out how I can help you reach these goals. It also includes 3 additional sessions that will get you started on training your brain to overcome things that are getting in your way. These sessions will get you out of where you’re stuck and give you some tools to move forward.

This package includes one free discovery session which serves to clarify your goals and find out how I can help you reach these goals. It includes an additional 5 sessions geared to breaking down blocks and obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals. These sessions will focus on entraining your brain through rewriting old ineffective stories and replacing them with strengths-based, goal-directed ones that ultimately lead to the development of new neural pathways for greater well-being.

Take a deeper dive into what’s getting in the way of living the life you desire. It includes one free discovery session which serves to clarify your goals and find out how I can help you reach these goals. An additional 10 deep dive sessions are included in this package. I will help you renegotiate your individual challenges or long-held beliefs. We’ll explore engrained patterns of behavior and thought that get in the way of limitlessness, freedom, and opportunity. Each session can bring you closer to living a more fulfilled life.

Client Reviews for Connie Woythal

“Dr. Connie made positive psychology practical, doable, and applicable to my daily life. The experiential activities we did were fun, but also left me with many ‘aha’ moments. I was able to carry away so much from the classes and use it to enhance my life and that of my family.”
― Elise Cantrell
Connie’s workshops on positive psychology have been as delightful as they are educational. Connie’s teaching style weaves great humor and great wisdom. Each positive psychology topic is introduced with clear insightful description, which in itself evolves these issues from vague desirable attributes to meaningful values, wisdom, and strengths. Using quotes from various authors, scientists and wisdom traditions, and incorporating materials from research professionals, Connie brings the topics alive with personal relevance and social usefulness. The class exercises further promote a personalized, experiential relationship with the material. Excellent handout materials and references enable one to pursue topics deeper on one’s own after class, and really incorporate them into one’s life. Connie’s teachings on kindness were especially inspiring and transformational for me. Kindness evolved from a relatively quiet, nice, but optional gesture, to just the opposite – a powerful, essential statement of connection which brings joy and freedom to the giver and the receiver, and is especially critical in our relationship with ourselves. Aligning ourselves with and practicing kindness allows us to bring into action and create the life we want and the world we want to live in. Since Connie’s class on kindness, I’ve been including this topic in every single one of my own classes. Thank you Connie! I’m honored and grateful for you too.”
― Lorrie Ransome, PhD
“Renewing my mind daily has been a practical daily application for my optimal mental health and techniques I have learned from Neurosculpting assist in my process. I found the “grounding cord analogy” especially therapeutic. I definitely would recommend Neurosculpting for anyone on their path to a positive balanced life.”
― Amy M. Endru DC
In her Positive Psychology workshops, Dr. Woythal shared many, many positive steps and practices, which helped me to set and validate my intentions to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. Going through the exercises of identifying my key strengths and values and targeting my needs and desires were “eye-opening” in better understanding myself. I became more aware of those expectations that undermined my enjoyment and gratitude. Techniques cultivating gratitude and mindfulness and, also, savoring pleasure were explored, and I have been able to integrate many of them into my daily life. These workshops have helped me to increase the joy in my life, plus they were FUN!”
― Audrey Long
“Dr. Connie and her Neurosculpting process is simply fabulous. Every single one of us carries stories, beliefs, and experiences within us that have the power to disrupt our happiness and success. But with leading edge tools like Neurosculpting, and a mindful, caring facilitator like Connie… we can finally remove some of the blocks that hold us back (without years of therapy). I’ve known Dr. Connie for a long time and have witnessed the change that can happen on a deep level with her work. Excellent!”
― Lori Hamann

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