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Chantel is a thoughtful therapist who helped me and my girlfriend navigate our way out of what was looking like the end of our relationship. We were extremely close to being done after having seen another therapist for over a year with little success and Chantel not only brought us back from the brink but set us up in a much healthier place than we would have ever gotten to on our own. She’s sensible and understanding with both of us whether we see her together or individually (she has a special knack for knowing when an individual session would be a good idea). Now that our relationship is in a MUCH better place, I see her regularly on my own just to make sure things stay that way, and she’s been just as supportive and effective. I would definitely recommend Chantel to anyone who’s looking for someone who can actually *help*. All thanks to Chantel, I will be proposing to my girlfriend soon on our 3rd year anniversary. Thank you so much.
― Mark A.
Our experience with Chantel has been wonderful. She is very accommodating and scheduling with her is easy and flexible. My husband and I came to her to help transition into family planning as well as help us improve communication. While I have been in therapy before, my husband has not and was a little hesitant. After our first session he was hooked. She listens with understanding, but ensures to offer different perspectives and strategies. She asks questions that bring to the surface things that can be addressed that we would not have considered on our own. Sometimes our session include exercises, while sometimes we talk through certain parts of our life. Not only has our relationship improved, my husband and I are communicating better and more effectively. We plan to continue to see Chantel regularly and highly recommend to others looking for a couples therapist.
― Amber S.
I went to Chantel as I was planning to divorce my husband. I had issues which I felt could never be resolved. Chantel was an excellent ear, made the time for us when we requested. Gave us a view of our relationship which we could never see. The exercises given were beautiful, easy, and fun to add to our marriage. Today my husband and I are in love all over again and we could never imagine being away from each other. She is a great listener, very patient, and makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Chantel for every personal or family issue.
― Penelope A.
Chantel made herself available to see me and my husband at quite late notice which was great to know that someone was able to see us as soon as we needed to talk. I was not sure what to expect from the session but it certainly made a huge difference. Chantel got to the root of many of the issues we were facing quickly simply by asking questions in the discovery session. In the following sessions, she offered advise to us that has proved to be really useful. What struck me about Chantel was that she really listened to what she was being told and she did not take sides. It was one of the best steps we have ever taken. All thanks to Chantel who we will definitely see again.
― Teresita K.
After months of recurring and growing challenges in our relationship, my wife and I decided to seek professional support to work through some of the common bumps in the road that come with any growing relationship (passing in the family, relocation decisions, in-laws, communication breakdowns). We consider ourselves incredibly blessed to have come across Chantel. Words cannot fully express our gratitude towards Chantel and her genuine care for our well-being, her sincere interest in listening to our problems, and her thoughtful and balanced suggestions to help us navigate some of the more challenging times in our lives. Each session felt as though we picked up where we left off, not skipping a beat, even if the time span from the previous appointment was months – a testament to Chantel’s professionalism and ability to keep track of the important details from previous meetings. Also very important to us was Chantel’s ability to add levity to situations and to provide an alternative perspective to consider. She has an innate sense to insert at the appropriate time and provide the right amount of guidance and tools to deal with situations that might arise in the future. These tools have helped my wife and I deal much more effectively with the inevitable bumps that we have encountered since beginning of our sessions with Chantel. Thanks, Chantel, you have had such an important impact on our lives!
― Tim J.
I reached out to Chantel during a challenging period in my second year of marriage. Codependency and control issues were surfacing nonstop. Interestingly, these were familiar issues that mirrored the example my parents had set in my childhood. With every verbal fight or miscommunication, I wanted to run away, because I felt that this must not be the right relationship or partner for me. Today, I see that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship or a perfect partner. It is two imperfect people doing the best they can do to heal past traumas and love each other the way we would want to be loved. Chantel played a key role in this awareness and helped save my marriage. Chantel’s style is so warm and welcoming; her support is accessible no matter what your schedule allows. If you are even slightly considering contacting her, do it (the 15-minute discovery session is free)!
― Chasity D.
Chantel really helped me figure out whether or not I wanted to stay in my relationship. I sought therapy at a time when I was feeling really conflicted. My girlfriend was pressuring me to get married and I wasn't sure she was the one. I also was not sure if I wanted to let her go either. Chantel helped me understand my girlfriend's perspective better and helped me understand more about my own fears and hesitation. She also pushed me to have conversations with my girlfriend that I never would have initiated and they all turned out to be really good! What a genius! Chantel also gave me suggestions for how to bring things up and how to say them in a way that would not hurt my girlfriend or start a fight. As a male, I don't tend to talk about my relationship with friends like my girlfriend does. So, it was nice to have someone to talk to, get a different perspective, and advice.
― Evan R.
My boyfriend and I just had a free 15-minute discovery session with Chantel and I am pleasantly surprised at how much value we got out of it! I have had other therapists in the past and honestly, I felt like it was a waste of money a lot of the time. So, I was skeptical about going into therapy again but my boyfriend and I really need to work on our communication and honestly, what we were doing on our own was not working. I really appreciate that Chantel offers this free discovery session. Working with a good therapist is not cheap, and you want to know that you are going to get something out of it before jumping in. However, Chantel’s rates are very affordable! After having our consultation, I felt really good about working with her. She gave my boyfriend and I tips on what we could do to improve things between us, she was very easy to talk to, and both me and my boyfriend feel like we will learn a lot from our sessions with her. We are really excited to move forward with couples therapy which is the complete opposite of how I felt before this. So, if you are at all unsure or hesitant like I was, just book a free discovery session and see for yourself if it feels right after that, and I am confident that it will!
― Vicky J.
Chantel is so genuine, caring, and passionate about what she does. I love that she offers a free discovery call for new clients, especially those who are careful with money like me :) Most importantly, I am glad I gave Coach Chantel a chance because she went above and beyond providing tips and techniques for my dating situation. If you are frustrated wasting your time on disappointing dates that are not a match for you, Chantel can change that in a jiffy! She is an AMAZING listener! I have never felt so understood like that before. After the discovery session, I immediately booked Chantel for a 60-minute phone call, which I completely recommend doing because you will learn so many new things that will benefit you in the long run. One of the many things that stood out to me the most during my session with Chantel is how much I have settled with men. The coaching sessions gave me clarity and made me self-aware. I am now clear about who I am, what values are most important to me, and what kind of relationship I want. Once I knew who my ideal partner was, I was able to build a strategy to connect with the one I have been looking for. That was only one tip and it changed my entire perspective! There is much more great information she gave me, but I will let you experience that first-hand. This entire experience has been mind-blowing in the best way possible. I just booked Chantel for the Monthly Transformation Plan because now that I understand what I need to look for in my future spouse, I need to work on myself. I look forward to identifying and showcasing my best traits, communicating my values, and increasing the attractor factors that will make me irresistible to my ideal partner. Ladies and gentlemen, do not pass up this opportunity to change your life for the better. Message Chantel to schedule a discovery call, it’s free and you will not regret it. I promise.
― Eva M.
Chantel has been very supportive in helping me determine where I want to be in my career. She helped me develop a plan to reach all of my goals. I was working at a job where I felt unhappy because I knew I could be doing more. However, that is not the case anymore. I purchased the Monthly Transformation Plan and the Monthly Unlimited Messaging and I do not regret it. The Monthly Transformation Plan was indeed very transformational and the Monthly Unlimited Messaging was extremely helpful. When Chantel and I were not talking on the phone, I would send her messages and she would reply promptly. On her profile, it says that you can expect a reply within 24 hours and that is absolutely true. In fact, she replied way quicker that, even on weekends! All in all, I am now working my dream job and I am no longer unhappy. In fact, this is the happiest I have ever felt! Thank you so much, Chantel! You are truly a blessing.
― Annie R.
Chantel, thank you for helping me reach my desired weight. You helped me lose 40+ pounds and I feel amazing! You have a way of motivating me without pushing me too hard to the point that I want to give up. You were able to alter my unhealthy eating habits in a healthy way that I still enjoyed what I was eating! You taught me the importance of moderation instead of “dieting.” And that is what I love about you as a coach! I have lost weight in the past by dieting, but I gained it all back due to eating junk food to reward myself after I lost the weight. However, now, I am actually maintaining the healthy weight I want to be at. And, surprisingly, it is NOT hard at all. Also, I am enjoying my exercise routine due to finding out what I love and sticking to it. And Chantel is always there to guide me. I learned that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle and it is okay to treat yourself in moderation. For example, I have a sweet tooth. So, I save room at the end of the day to have one miniature Snickers candy bar that is only 42 calories. I learned to combine foods I love to eat with healthy options that are also delicious! If you are looking for a health/weight loss coach, Chantel is the one for you! Do not wait any longer, book a call.
― Jenny B.
Chantel, you are an amazing coach! I did not know what I wanted to do in my life, but you helped me find my passion. I felt depressed and I felt like there was no way out. Within a week of praying with you over the phone for employment and healing, I landed my dream job miraculously. I have prayed before, but you showed me the importance of praying and BELIEVING that I have received it. Before you were my coach, I applied for my dream job but I was turned down each time. But, after you were my official coach, the same company that declined my application sent me an email saying that I was hired! Also, God healed my depression. Hallelujah! If you are looking for a career coach and/or Christian/Spiritual coach, look no more. Chantel is the one for you.
― Sophia J.
Thanks so much, Chantel. You have helped me a bunch. I came in thinking of ending my life and feeling alone, and with the help of you and my Heavenly Father, I am looking forward to a brighter future.
― Kayla O.
My sessions with Chantel are an experience that will be carried forever in my heart. I have healed from wounds deep into my soul and have experienced a cleansing from shame that had chained me to believe I was nothing. With Chantel as my coach, I am learning, feeling value, love, and awesomeness that I didn’t know I needed.
― Leah J.
I do not regret this experience at all. I was in tears during our session because I have never felt such genuine care from anyone like that before. Chantel, you are an angel. I would encourage anyone struggling to find hope in the future to come to Coach Chantel and take back control over his or her lives!
― Olivia C.
I am now very hopeful for my future. Chantel has changed my life. I have learned so much about emotions, communication, and how to express myself in healthy ways. I feel very blessed that you are my coach because I don’t think anyone else would have the same impact as you do. I learned that I am human, God loves me, and I don’t have to be perfect. Making mistakes is an opportunity to grow and growth builds character. Chantel, I have never opened up to anyone as much as I have with you. You helped build my confidence and I am now attracting all the right people. People have noticed positive changes in me and everyone wants to be around me now. I now have a joy that no one can take away from me. You have inspired me to let my light shine.
― Ashley G.
Chantel, your sessions are absolutely life-changing. In three weeks, Chantel gave me more than I received in 20 years of therapy. I have the hope I had lost and believe I have learned the skills I need to continue growing.
― Cassie H.
I entered my sessions with Chantel ready to work hard and get as much out of the sessions that I could. I am exceedingly happy with the progress I made in such a short time. I joined LiveCoach feeling hopeless, inadequate, and afraid, but I am now hopeful and confident. I am pleasantly surprised at how effective Chantel’s coaching sessions were able to help me in a matter of weeks.
― Jessica F.
I have never done anything like this before so I was skeptical of receiving coaching sessions, but I can testify that all the care was high quality. Chantel truly cares about my feelings and my situation. This encouraged trust between us, and our sessions positively impacted my mental health. Chantel maximized my success and helped me overcome my emotional trauma. If you are looking for someone who is familiar with depression, family problems, ADHD, and/or childhood trauma, you have found your coach. Thank you, Chantel!
― Lauren B.
Chantel has changed my life dramatically. I feel stronger and more hopeful about my future. I am grateful for all the help and tools I was taught by Chantel. She always engages with me and does a great job of communicating her genuine care and concern for my growth and healing in a respectful, loving way. I always feel safe during our sessions and I am never forced or guilted into doing something I am not comfortable with. My growth and motivation have skyrocketed. I am very grateful for Coach Chantel.
― Nicole A.
If you are looking for someone who takes initiative in your overall wellbeing, you have found your coach. Chantel reached out to me and she kindly offered me an intro session to see if she was a great fit. I gave it a chance and after the session, she was my official coach. Chantel listens to everything I have to say and she keeps up with me almost daily! She guides me and makes sure I am not being too hard on myself while getting the best results possible. Thank you for being there whenever I need you, Chantel.
― Jane V.
I have always struggled with connecting with men, therefore putting my career first in my life. I wanted a relationship but I was scared of facing rejection. Since I am not the best at approaching men or maintaining a relationship, I reached out to Chantel as my coach. Consequently, my dating life has changed tremendously since I have started working with her. Chantel gave me weekly exercises to increase my confidence and self-esteem that I still use today. Through our discussions and fun role-playing, I finally feel more at peace as Chantel helped me go from feeling lost to starting a new romantic relationship. I will continue working with Chantel for all my relationship needs as my life has completely changed for the better. Thank you, Chantel!
― Aaliyah M.
Schedule an appointment with Chantel before giving up on your relationship or marriage. My husband and I have gone to couples counseling; however, it did not help. But, when I started coaching with Chantel, she helped my husband and I see things from a different perspective, which was very beneficial. She was very kind and patient and met all of my needs throughout our sessions. My husband and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary today and I owe it all to Coach Chantel. Thank you so much for saving my marriage.
― Jeanine A.

Case Studies for

I helped a female overcome depression after dealing with a breakup by incorporating strategies to help her reframe and recover. Along the way, she utilized positive affirmations and learned from the experience. She is now fully recovered from depression, has incredible confidence, and is excited about her future.
I helped an emotionally distant female heal from a previous relationship that traumatized her. After being her dating coach, she decided she was ready to date again. She is now happy and in a long-term relationship.
I provided tips to a newly single female on how to save money and develop financial stability.
I helped a woman heal from her recent break-up by focusing on herself and her goals in order to feel confident, beautiful, and worthy again.
I helped a busy man reduce his stress by making a daily habit of writing a to-do list. He continues to follow my advice and makes it a daily routine to take a 5-10 minute break every hour to avoid stress.
I helped a woman overcome her depression by replacing it with peace. We set goals for daily activity. For example, we increased the amount of time she spent on enjoyable activities, avoided comparing herself to others, and rewarded herself for her efforts. If a task seemed too difficult for her, we broke the task down into even easier steps and started again more slowly.
I helped a woman overcome her social anxiety by practicing effective communication exercises during our sessions. We identified the negative thoughts that underlie her fear of social situations. Then, we analyzed and challenged those thoughts by facing them slowly but surely.
I helped a woman quit her part-time job and clarified which areas of her life are most important to her. After I tapped into her spirituality and helped build her resume, she landed her dream job in a week.
I helped a single mother in her 30s lose 40lbs by changing her eating habits and increasing the number of vegetables and fruits she ate. In addition, I coached her through a fun workout routine that she continues to implement in her life.
I helped a young married couple on the verge of divorce rekindle their love by helping them communicate more effectively. I provided the outside perspective they needed to clearly define their relationship issues. As a result, the married couple learned to compromise and started to work together as a team.
I helped a single mother in her 30s lose 40lbs by changing her eating habits and increasing the number of vegetables and fruits she ate. In addition, I coached her through a fun workout routine that she continues to implement in her life.

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