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About Coach Fiona Williams

I am a Transformation Coach and Educator. My vision is for the entire world to experience consistent joy, love and happiness. This vision will require people to develop the mindset, skills and tools to navigate through challenges easily & effortlessly. This involves releasing past emotional attachments, realigning belief, value, behaviour systems and reigniting the spark back within each individual. I believe that anyone can be, do and have anything and I always do everything in my power to help my clients and all those who come into contact with to achieve their desires.

Licenses & Certifications

I gave a diploma in Chartered Accountancy as well as an Accounting and Finance degree and am a Communication Code Consultant (Neuro Linguistic Programming, timeline therapy etc.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

The Fiona Marie Co. 12 week program is uniquely developed specifically to guide you to connect back to yourself and re-mind you of who you are and the power you have within. We select one goal to work towards at a time until completed and then focus on the next. The aim of the Fiona Marie Co. Program is to provide emotional liberation through personal development, time line therapy and strategy transformation. The outcome is to release you from past negative attachment and provide you with the mindset, skills and support to move through your life effortesly, helping you establish solid foundations to thrive from this moment onward in any area of your life you choose..

Client Reviews for Fiona Williams

I can highly recommend Fiona as a coach!! She has the innate ability to get to the core of the matter and find the underlying issues within. She understands how people feel and think and can show you how to understand yourself better and guide you to become the person you want to be in life. I know this is true, as she has helped me so much after only one conversation. I now use the skills she has taught me and constantly am amazed at how quickly I can change my mindset and focus to one of positivity and action. I would highly recommend booking a consult with her, you won't be disappointed.
― Natasha Gray
Everybody needs a Fiona Marie sitting next to them in the workplace, I’ve been privileged to work with her for the last 2 months and I can honestly say this girl knows her shit!!! I haven’t felt this positive in such a busy life for some time. Any situation at anytime Fiona has the most positive self-reflective approach it’s quite mind boggling! Highly highly recommend to get in touch, you will not be disappointed!!
― Glenn Common
From the moment I met Fi it was like she gave me an opening, an opening to a new world that I had never seen before. A world that I had been searching for my whole entire life. She showed me that it was ok to feel, that it was ok to cry, that it was ok to laugh. She showed me emotions that I had buried down beneath me that I was holding down for so long and not allowing myself to bring to the surface. She showed me how to do exactly that, how to bring them up and out and how to let them dance and sing around me - How to be ME and how to love myself. Because of Fi I can now move forward in my life, I have finally started to LIVE without limitations, without self doubt or without second guessing myself. I can now trust people around me and allow love to enter, to trust that I can be loved without judgement and to let myself bloom without hesitation or fear of someone not accepting me. I know now that I can be my true self and always have confidence that everything is ALWAYS ok and that I am always safe, safe with the people around me, safe and accepted to be loved and adored unconditionally and THAT is just the most powerful, most incredible feeling that I have ever experienced. I cannot not explain enough in words as words are an understatement of how Fi has completed changed my life. How every day now I wake up knowing that there is love, happiness and a pure abundance of beauty in this world no matter where I go or who I am with. I now have so much assurance in myself and my world around me that I know I can do anything and everything that I want without fear or doubt. I now look at myself in the mirror and smile because I know now that I matter, that am special and beautiful and that I am LOVED and this is something that I had never experienced before in my whol e life. This women is the most beautiful, powerful and unbelievable human being that I have ever met who has an enormous heart and a radiating soul.. She makes you fill with happiness the moment you see her and when you hear her speak you have an immediate feeling of light and joy - you just can’t not be joyous when around her. I will be forever grateful for her, and if you want to feel happy, and I mean happiness like you have never experienced before, Fiona is THE person, she will change your life..
― Dimity Browning

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