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Coach Devora Gila Berkowitz

Katsrin  ·  Golan Heights  ·  Israel
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Life Coaching, Stress Reduction, Mindfulness, Spiritual Connection, Business Coaching for Coaches, Healers and Service Practitioners

About Coach Devora Gila Berkowitz

Are you a high-achieving professional, entrepreneur or leader who gets stressed and overwhelmed with everything on your plate? I will help you to feel more calm and present, happier and healthier for a more productive and joyful professional and personal life.


When you Improve one area of your life, you see the impact in other areas as well. My clients have experienced the following results in our work together: Work/Life Balance: > find more time for yourself > better life management > better boundaries around time > have more space in your schedule or take time off > balance between family time, work time without sacrificing time for yourself Health: > better self-care > feel healthier > more rest and better sleep > find time to eat healthier > get back into exercise > have more energy/feel energized Emotional/Mental: > reconnect to yourself > be happier > reduce stress and overwhelm > feel more peaceful, relaxed and in the flow > be in alignment, grounded and balanced > physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health > release negative emotions Relationships: > have quality time with family > better communication with life partner > have more fun > stop allowing others to take up your time > improved parenting Work and Business: > keep your goals in your vision and make it happen > more clarity and confidence > better boundaries around work time > relief from perfectionism, overachieving and overdrive > stop procrastination and self-sabotage > feel more confident and professional > put yourself out there and be seen > have fun growing your business

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Coach, Coaches Training Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor Certified Bootcamp Momentum Coach, The Coaches Console, Certified Business Accelerator Coach, The Coaches Console Certified Divine Integration Healer

Coaching Rates

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If you are ready to make lasting changes in your life, then you are in the right place. In our work together, you will reconnect to yourself and your inner voice.. You’ll learn to identify and let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals. I'll show you how to reduce stress and negative emotions that are getting in your way of living your best life.. I will guide you to take step by step action with the accountability that will get you results.

Client Reviews for Devora Gila Berkowitz

I can’t thank you enough for the great session today.  I never realized my vision and purpose until we talked.  I am excited to have a huge vision.  It really helps me get motivated and courageous to go out into the world and spread peace and joy.
― K.D., Coach and Speaker
When I lost my job for the third time in three months, I knew it was time to contact Devora Gila Berkowitz. I was struggling with believing in myself and my capabilities. This self-doubt affected my relationships. I didn’t really know how to speak to people, how to communicate effectively, particularly with my husband. I was caught in negative energy, including a financial struggle, not having gratitude for things, not having a good marriage relationship. As a result of coaching with Devora Gila, I developed more confidence and positive energy.  I’ve stopped putting myself down and can look at the possibilities. I landed a new job and have started to see improvements in my relationship with my husband. I love, love, love the affirmations and the active take-home exercises. I like getting Devora Gila’s ongoing feedback and putting that into practice. I am looking forward to working again together in the future!  
― J.M., Marketing Specialist
Your coaching helped me get clear about how a few simple shifts can make great changes. It allowed me to make time for myself so I can grow my business forward. I just got back from a women's networking conference, made some great contacts, feel excited and motivated to keep going. Thank you for being in my circle!  
― Chana Frazin, doTerra Wellness Advocate
Devora is a nurturing loving soul, and has a gift and passion for connecting with the Divine. One of the most profound moments in our session was when she joined me in connecting with the Divine for clarity. Within seconds the insights unfolded. She was a contributing element in taking my coaching business to the next level of expansion and abundance. You will walk away with tools and knowledge for leading a more Divinely connected, peaceful, richer and blessed life."
― Sharon Svenson, Svenson Hypnosis-Coaching
I’m a mom, and I’m an entrepreneur. Through my work with Devora, I was able to recognize that my “stated” goal (which was not materializing) was not, in fact, my true goal. This was a powerful revelation for me. What I appreciate most about Devora is her gentle reminder to align yourself with your Source. I walked away with much love for myself. Devora’s coaching transcends the typical, bringing sound and chanting and celebration of all that I am into light. And for that, I am eternally grateful.  If you are a mother who puts herself last, do yourself a favor and talk to Devora Gila Berkowitz.
― Carol Willimas, Productivity Coach
I had a breakthrough in my session today with Devora Gila.  I was feeling resentful for giving away my time and energy to prospects who weren't interested in investing in my services. Devora's coaching and healing exercise helped me get clear on this issue and start to release it. I ended the session with the commitment to create better boundaries for myself, attract quality clients, take ownership in my business, and to finally start charging for the valuable initial consultation that I give. Thank you, Devora Gila!
― Anonymous, Healer
Before I began my coaching program with Devora Gila, I was feeling stressed, frustrated, anxious, and very tired. I was very unsure how to get more work/life balance and I was drained at the end of the work day without any energy to take care of myself and family. I could not rely on anyone else to take care of my daughter and felt anxious about leaving her with a babysitter or at daycare. Then after work I didn’t have any patience to take care of her. My husband and I were barely communicating and I was feeling very distant from him. There was a lot of tension, stress, anger and frustration in our relationship. So I contacted Devora Gila for help because I was feeling too burnt out to take care of myself. I knew I would have a total meltdown and crash from exhaustion because of the pressure and stress that had built up. In our sessions I enjoyed making time for myself and giving myself an opportunity to heal, rest and reflect. After working with Devora Gila, I am kinder to myself, and as a result I am kinder to my husband, my daughter and the rest of the people in my life. I am able to recognize when I am overworking and stressing, then take pause and stop in order to try and remedy the situation. Now my daughter goes happily to day care and stays with a babysitter weekly when my husband and I go out to spend time with each other. I feel more relaxed at work and can deal with life in a more balanced way. It's good to be in a relaxed, peaceful, space. I feel that I have more time for myself and more energy.  I am so happy with the results from the coaching that I have signed up for another 6 months!  
― Tovah Davis, Project Manager, Marketing Department

Case Studies for Devora Gila Berkowitz

I worked with an intuitive entrepreneur who was always worried about what other people thought about her. She was very passionate about her work and good at what she does, but wasn’t confident in telling people about it or selling her services. Through our work together, she learned how to honor her intuitive nature and started to take ownership of her business. She called it “sitting in the driver’s seat”. As a result of owning her gifts and talents and connecting to why she wanted to have her business, she began to use her time wisely and take more action. This filled her with so much energy that she couldn’t sleep. Then she learned how to put boundaries around her business activities in order to balance her energy. Now she enjoys putting herself out there and attracts the quality clients she loves to work with.
One of my clients was driven to work hard and found it hard to relax. As a result, she didn’t make time for herself. Between an hour-long commute to a full-time job and her side business, she didn’t sleep much. In our work together she had a breakthrough: She realized that it's OK to take time for herself.. I showed her how to relax and feel more calm. I helped her find a quiet place within herself that she can always return to. Now she schedules time for herself in her calendar and feels more balance in her life.
One of my clients was feeling drained and depleted at work. She having trouble expressing her needs at work. She was in an office room that was more like a passageway with several entrances. The room was designed for an open, relaxed work environment. My client, on the other hand, needed to be focused and was very sensitive to noise and other people’s conversations. Every interruption pulled her away from her work and by the end of the day she was exhausted. She voiced her concern but her boss insisted she stay in that office space. The impact this was having on her was that at 3 am in the middle of the night, her best ideas for work would come to her and she would have to wake up and write them down. One day she actually created a Powerpoint presentation in the middle of the night because she finally had some quiet. She realized she could not continue like this. I helped her prepare a way to communicate with her boss with a special formula that would have the greatest impact: When she applied this technique, her boss was able to really hear her and was happy to allow her to switch offices. Now her energy is freed up to be more productive!
One of my clients was sucked into the work environment at a university where the culture was to help and give. She had a natural tendency to be extremely giving and helpful as well, so she easily found herself drained and overwhelmed with things to do, and not enough time, especially for herself. I worked with her on putting her needs first and now she is able to ignore the habit of extending herself. Now, before she jumps into a new project or extend a hand, she assesses her current work load and considers whether or not she will accept the request for help. “It’s freed up my time,” she says. “Now, I’ve had a chance to have quiet and focus on my project and the things I want to be doing. It’s a nice feeling.”

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