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I have a compelling mission, my soul's desire is to teach others to truly reconnect and love, to dive deeply into themselves to find the divine and live a life full of vigor, passion, and joy. I work with unhappy, drained, or overweight people that feel sort of lost, feel more connected, mind, body, and spirit by teaching them how to create the reality they desire. I connect with your most intimate desires to get you to make radical changes to get you healthy, happy and a meaningful purpose while becoming unstoppable. When you align your spiritual purpose with creative power, an abundance of creativity and overflow will manifest in health, wealth, love, and happiness in all aspects of your existence including money, relationships, orgasms, real love, passion, drive, health, fitness and motivation in waves of abundance! Did you hear WAVES of abundance through waves of pleasure!

Response Rate: Within 4 Hours

About Coach Adjanys Marrero

I help you Clear, Heal and Resolve what is keeping feeling invisible. I am unapologetic about how awesome it is to be myself. My style is fun, easy and deep mindset work that gets results fast! I love my family, cooking, and tattoos. IG: Adjanys_ I can help you become magnetic to your desires and develop the mindset of champions! Limited spots, all coaching package max out at 8 clients.


What Im offering you is a chance to finally go further, faster. Get some real results from a someone whos been there! I have been in the transformation industry for over +15 years, I have helped women transform at many levels, from physical transformation through health & fitness, self-image transformation using makeover & photography, business start-up and marketing transformations resulting in more business and more profit. I pass along what learn and master, the tools that make me a better mom, intuned with a higher purpose, a loving partner and create my stay-at-home dream business. I continue to raise my vibration daily to attract the wonderful experiences and I teach other the same. I have work with clients in the following areas: Double your income Mindset Confidence & Self Esteem Law of Attraction Spirituality Wealth Mindset Motherhood Mastery Removing Limitations & Limiting Beliefs Developing Emotional & Psychological Strength Health & Fitness / Weight Loss Business Startup & Marketing Soul Clarity to Discover Purpose & Passion Balance & Stress Management Self-care & Deepening connection with Source (Spirituality) Photography and Branding Work-from-home Network Marketing Success I best service women who are: -Desiring to become badasses, or in control of their life! -womenpreneurs, home-based business, startups, or desiring to work from home -Committed to self-development and creating an awesome life -Are ready to call in more clients and more money -Spiritual /Woo Woo

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Law of Attraction Master Practitioner Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner Certified Life Coach EFT / TFT Master Practitioner Reiki Master Professional Photographer Professional Fashion & Graphic Designer Certified Personal & Cardiovascular Trainer Certified Pilates Instructor Certified Medical Exer-Therapist IMPORTANT NOTE ** If at any point you feel you need more support like counseling or therapy it's your responsibility to seek the services, as a coach my job is to support you on your goals not treat illness or disorders. EXPECTATIONS I am extremely attentive to my clients and passionate to support them. I will always respond, in the case I dont right away, rest sure that I will reach out to you within 24-48 hours. But please do continue to message me as much as you need. If you decide youd like to work with me after our initial contact please select the subscription youd like and let me know, I have lots of messages daily so payment is the clearest way to let me know we can begin the work. During your free trial, I will support you as much as possible but this doesnt mean my work is free. CANCELLATION Our work together means mutual respect, I will show up for you and be 100% committed from the start, and the expectation is the same from you. Please do your best to cancel appointments with 24-hour notice, in case of an urgent emergency, please reach to me as soon as possible and we can reschedule or you will be charged for the missed call. If you change your mind after signing up and paid for a monthly subscription you can simply cancel your membership at no additional charge, no refunds are available if coaching has already begun. Missed appointment/call without 24 hours notice cannot be rescheduled Missed appointment fee is the cost of the call Pay-by-the-month or month-to-month programs need 14-day cancelation Pay-by-the-month or month-to-month programs are not the same as a payment plan. Payment to Adjanys Marrero signifies agreeing to these terms. If you have any questions, you can contact me, thanks!

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

You will experience the most growth and transformation with 3 month Intensive 1-on-1 coaching. This package Includes (12) sessions, unlimited messaging and accountability, homework, access to all trainings, workshops and group coaching session for 90 days. This is the best program. Includes trainings and course work in: -Mindset; where you are, what you want to change, uncover whats holding you back, develop emotional strength, self esteem and self expression, develop unshakeable confidence, clean-up your internal dialogs, protect your new mindset so you don’t slip back into old patterns, learn to say no, follow your intuition -Soul Clarity & Alignment; discover your purpose in life, learn how to make money from a fun hobby, clarify whats important to you, your value to the world, feel more connected and supported in life, asking for help, trust yourself, learn to attract your desires, stay on-track, take action, shift your perspective, improve the positive thought processes leading to success -Self Love & Balance: Develop healthy habits and routines, make fitness fun and a non-negotiable, become a more giving person, master appreciation, learn to have self care times and rituals, learn body language that develops confidence, learn to use the habits of highly successful people, prioritize family, work, alone time and fun, have people respect you and honor you, communicate with ease, find balance in life, experience unconditional love, appreciate your successes and use them as a springboard for MORE. Tools, Resources, Strategies & Unbeatable Support 
Your Orientation Call and Welcome Packet 
 (12) 60-Minute Live One-on-one Calls get the most out of our time together Downloadable Recordings of All Calls so you can listen and re-listen anytime you want 24/7 Unlimited Messenger Support Between Sessions Monthly Training to Ingrain New Strategies Individual strategic plan to get on on track (this is no cookie cutter programs) Cost one-time fee

... this one-time fee is all you pay for 3 months of coaching

Get 2 (60 min) call per month Unlimited texting

How would you change if daily you had someone, who has been in the same exact place as you, to bounce ideas off of? How would daily check-ins what you are facing each day? What if you could pick the brain of someone who has access to answers right at your fingertips? How would that type of direct access change your life? Having someone that you can access within minutes or your crisis can be life-altering. We all need support. Voice msg support is different than text/email based support, it allows you to talk to vent and to get your questions answered immediately. This is a one-of-a-kind program that is designed to give you intense support daily. You will get real-time feedback on your ideas, questions, concerns, and victories. Daily, you and I will be talking to hold you accountable, help you walk through the challenges, and give you the support you deserve. I made this super affordable because I get it!

You will experience the accelerated growth with ongoing monthly 1-on-1 coaching. This package Includes (4) sessions per month, unlimited messaging and accountability, homework, and access to group coaching session during the duration of the relationship. At times the resolution of one issue or accomplishing one goal will surface other things to work on and this program is flexible and address all goals, versus one single goal.

The Orgasmic Method or The Ohhh Method (for short) reveals the ultimate manifesting secret (power-tool) that will help you create the life you crave, designed for those who are ready to level up in a big way in all areas of their lives. Inside, you’ll find a place to connect, recharge and manifest. The Ohhh Method™ is a step-by-step program that teaches how to use the power of orgasmic energy to fuel your manifestations & your desires into reality, quickly while harnessing pleasure. Start experiencing more peace and joy and pleasure which are the peak vibrations to manifest your desires. Stress, anxiety, and depression are vibrations that manifest undesirable conditions. It's up to you! In 4 weeks YOUR LIFE CAN BE DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT I am well-versed in using creative and orgasmic energy to manifest, I never stop learning of ways to create my desired life —which also means I’m beyond thrilled eager to share with You new and ancient wisdom, experiences, discoveries and useful practices to FUEL you DESIRE. The Ohhh Method is an investment in finally designing the dream life, manifesting educational information, personal and spiritual growth that I deeply wish every woman makes. Included 4 weekly calls, unlimited access, and the training modules.

Client Reviews for Adjanys Marrero

The work that Adjanys does transcends traditional education, her understanding of limiting beliefs and de-personification of them has given me a new way of addressing challenges in my life. I have developed more trust in my intuition and have a deeper sense of purpose
― ANA AMADOR, addition specialist
Working with Adjanys has been a blessing & the answer to a wanting I didn’t know I had & a desire my soul must have put out there knowing what I needed. I have a different way of navigating & flowing through life & love to do things my own way. Adjanys was perfectly tuned into my needs & intuitive in her approach to voice the words I was trying to find! Grounding yet just as woo-woo as me. Loving & always gentle yet sturdy & strong. Honest & caring and always holds me in a space of unconditional positive regard. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity not only to have worked with her but to have her love, support, friendship & presence in my life as well.
― Keilyn, Health Coach
Working with Adjanys has been the greatest blessing. For a year, I’ve had access via text & voice message to her spiritual insights, as well as her truth bombs delivered with loving vibes. I absolutely HATE coaching that is the yell-in-your-face kind and I’m so glad Adjanys defies those stereotypes!!! In my business, I’ve grown not only in my mindset but in my income streams. With her help, I’m confident in reaching out to my niche and being my real-ass self to attract the people who wanna work with me. Thank you for being the most brilliant, shiny, sharing coach out there babe!! I’m excited to see what the next 12 months of coaching brings!
― KELLYANNE HERMAN, Herpes Healing Coach
Adjanys' energy is epic – and she really carries that around in person, in her writing, and in all of her communication. If you need some serious up-leveling, reach out to Adjanys because she will open your eyes to see things very differently. I can't thank her enough and I will definitely be working with her again on future projects
― Eunice, entreprenure
Adjanys has been a special resource for guidance over the years. She is foremost a great listener; She combines this with her incomparable counsel. I’ve had great breakthroughs and newly discovered insights through her ethereal counsel. She is unique, comforting and a blessing that you will be able to turn to throughout your lifetime.
― Jill, Sarasota FL
Before working with Adjanys I found I did not have energy, I had a poor self-image and self-esteem, I felt I lost myself and felt uninspired and I desperately wanted to get back into shape. Felt like I wasn’t myself, didn’t feel attractive or sexy, had no energy and no motivation. I felt like I had to make a change and really wanted to lose weight. Adjanys made me feel very supported with my workouts and eating plan, very inspirational, provided tools which can be used throughout life to improve mindset and energy, provided educated insight on my relationship and parenting challenges, explained how to actually put into use love and gratitude to improve my life. Provided teaching also through example, I felt like I could relate to Adjanys and that she understood my challenges and my life. I lost 15 pounds, I regained my confidence, self-esteem, and self-image. I learned how to apply gratitude to my life. I became a more grateful person. I became more aware of my energy and what I was sending out into the universe, I learned how to apply manifesting. My relationship improved dramatically and I’ve become a more grateful and loving person. 100% difference I would say. When I was at my wits end and had thought I had tried everything Adjanys would show me a completely different way to approach my challenge/ problem. If you’re not sure about working with her I would encourage you to work with Adjanys. She helped me and I can’t believe how much of a difference she has made in my life!
― S. M.
I realized investing in me really became an investment in my family, what I thought was a selfish act became the best gift I ever could give my family, the best ME possible. I learned I was worthy and manifested my mortgage paid off in full!
― Shauna M,
Adjanys has been a special resource for guidance over the years. She is foremost a great listener; She combines this with her incomparable counsel. I’ve had great breakthrough and newly discovered insights through her ethereal counsel. She is unique, comforting and a blessing that you will be able to turn to---throughout your lifetime.
― Jill, Founder of

Case Studies for Adjanys Marrero

Helped client find her passion for life, helping animals, she started a business that sustains her passion for traveling and she is currently abroad loving life.
I helped a client lose weight and shift her mindset and she got hired in a job she loves and she started to have sex again with her partner and loves her life
I helped single mother develop the confidence to go after her dream to be a stylist, she styled in the Buffalo Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and opened her own consulting business.
I helped a mother of 2 find the confidence to become a commercial model and go on to become Mrs. NY 2015

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