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Coach Tanya Wallace

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About Coach Tanya Wallace

I have a passion for helping people learn, grow and succeed. As a Certified Professional Coach, I specialize in relationships. I help people who feel stuck in their personal and professional relationships gain clarity and take steps forward. Through the coaching process, I will empower you to develop, strengthen and improve your relationships while enhancing the one you have with yourself. Whether you want to nurture a relationship with your romantic partner, business partner, family member or friend, coaching will bring your relationship to a new level of functioning. I will also help you discover if it is time to let go of a relationship and if a divorce, breakup, or dissolution of a business partnership is the right next step for you. My intuitive approach will help you gain clarity and move forward with ease, so you advance at a productive pace. Coaching will also strengthen and enhance your self-relationship creating a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life. So, if you're not sure where to start, this is the perfect place!


I specialize in relationships, both personal and professional, as well as the relationship you have with yourself. - Gain clarity in your relationships - Improve communication - Build confidence - Overcome fear - Make positive changes - Increase self-awareness - Create balance

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Professional Coach Graduate of Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, accredited by the International Coach Federation

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Each week participate in a 1-hour session to help you make progress towards your goals. Develop skills, strengths and strategies to overcome challenges, stay motivated and create positive changes.

Each week participate in a 1-hour session to help you make progress towards your goals. Develop skills, strengths and strategies to overcome challenges, stay motivated and create positive changes. Receive unlimited messaging to connect between sessions as needed.

Client Reviews for Tanya Wallace

Find your Path. Working with Tanya has been life-changing. Through her custom approach, she will inspire and challenge you to find your path in various areas of your life. Her honesty, warmth, and genuine spirit are unparalleled. Through one meeting, you will see she's the right choice to show you that...."Anything is Possible."
― Holly M.
"I met Tanya by 'chance' when she walked into my store one day and we discovered we had many things in common including an interest in energy work, spiritual reflection and sheer wonderment of the universe and its synchronicities. I came to know Tanya and trust her guidance right away. She has a refreshing and extremely uncanny ability to see through many life situations and offer guidance that 'feels' right in my heart and soul. I believe God speaks through her, and that her insights are a gift. I would recommend her to anyone at all, who wants to find their way through the forest and into the clearing ... in utmost love and light. She's magical and very gifted with a huge heart. Her specialty is relationships. Her clarity and gentle delivery was what I knew to be truth."
― Ingrid R.
"Tanya is intuitive, a great communicator and simply great to work with. If you're thinking a coach might be beneficial, it is and I would highly recommend Tanya."
― Jim L.
The moment I met Tanya, I knew my life had changed for the better. She has guided me with skill, grace and ease to reckon, both personally and professionally, with critical conflicts in relationships and in difficult situations and decisions as well. Tanya is deft at guiding individuals with an uncanny and keen ability to hone in on the root cause of a conflict, difficulty or challenge. In so doing she effectively guides her clients to the path that is most direct and best suited for them. She does this with unparalleled professionalism, trust and care. Tanya continues to make a powerful and beautiful difference in my life and in the lives of all who know and work with her. I am excited for the many who have yet to meet her. I know they will benefit, as I have, from the depth and breadth of her experience, profound insightfulness and constant compassion.
― Alisa P.
I feel so grateful for meeting Tanya and experiencing her life coaching skills. Her energy puts me at ease as we work through the most difficult areas of my life, areas that do not come so naturally to me. She has helped me overcome many fears and blocks within me. So much has changed in my life since meeting her as I have felt the courage and motivation to make those changes. Tanya has helped me focus on me, build boundaries, stay motivated and follow through.
― Alison F.
To say meeting Tanya Wallace has been a life changing experience for me would be an understatement. Her insight on what being in a relationship is really all about has changed my life dramatically. Her ability to listen, and then guide me in the right direction has shown me the clarity that I was always missing in my life. She never tells me what I want to hear, she tells me what I need to hear. Knowing and working with Tanya has helped me grow in ways I never could have imagined. Anyone who is looking to enhance their personal relationships, grow spiritually, or simply wants to learn how to have a better, more positive outlook on life would greatly benefit from working with Tanya. As Tanya always reminds me “Anything is possible.”
― Dan B.
I take great pleasure in recommending Tanya Wallace, a life coach who has been a blessing in my life. Tanya exudes professionalism, serving my well-being with authenticity, attentiveness and compassion. She is the perfect guide who listens to her inner wisdom and helps me listen to my inner voice. Tanya never pushes her opinions or advice, but intuitively guides me to discover the answers within. I am grateful to Tanya for bringing clarity and joy into my life.
― Rosemary T.

Case Studies for Tanya Wallace

I am helping a mother of two through the early stages of divorce. By working together she was able to gain clarity on her marriage. She realized she wanted to respectfully part ways with her husband and end her marriage. After taking initial steps in learning about the legal process and working through heavy emotions, she is feeling calmer and less fearful in moving forward. Through our sessions, she has been able to clearly identify what she wants, overcome anxiety and take steps to make it happen.
I helped my client make the transition from being an employee of an organization to being a full time business owner. By working together she was able to overcome specific challenges and fears and take steps forward to make her dream a reality. A year later, we are now focused on continued growth and expansion of her stable massage therapy business. She is now enjoying her freedom and has greatly increased her confidence to explore new ideas and approaches to connecting with potential clients.

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