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Coach Roxanne B Davidson

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I am a compassionate, spirited person, who finds great joy in helping others. This is why I have chosen to specialize in Personal Coaching, with an emphasis on balancing the wellbeing of body and mind. Drawing on knowledge from my own life, as well as extensive study of psychological literature and specialized training, I will work with you to create a plan for your success, however you may define it. I believe in the importance of mutual respect and kindness, and employ a more gentle coaching style while still intensely encouraging you towards your goals, be they emotional, spiritual, physical and relationships. I am also well experienced in ADD/ ADHD. My objective is to ensure you have a well rounded experience of life, and can maintain positivity through mindfulness in the face of everyday challenges, both big and small. As a licensed Esthetician, I also focus on self care as therapy.

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About Coach Roxanne B Davidson

My passion is helping others to be the best they can be!! I incorporate many teachings into my, General Coaching. I incorporate psychology, different kinds of faiths and spirituality, staying in the moment, focusing, health issues, relationships, stress,communication, family issues, emotional, relationship, add/adhd, career, anxiety, depression, amongst others. I have studied, taken from my own life experiences and continue with my education so I can give my clients the best experience possible and help them be the best they can be.


I am a General Coach that specializes in Mind, Body, spirituality and Mindfulness. If you need help with emotional, health, spiritual, staying in the moment, relationships, career, communication, family, romance,self confidence, personal and professional goals, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD. I am experienced in all these areas.

Licenses & Certifications

Certificate in Life Coaching, Coaching courses in the Robbins Mandanes Coaching program, Mary Morrisey Coaching Program, John Assaraf Coaching. Degree in Anthropology. Licensed Esthetician.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Roxanne B Davidson

Roxanne Davidson is an excellent Coach. I was having numerous family and ADD problems. She helped me realize that I was not the cause of my Family’s problems and how to handle it better. We made a plan of 4 months to work on this and my ADD/ ADHD which was making it so hard to focus. Through that 4 months I really practiced everything I was taught and am doing much better. I still have some problems with my family but have gotten through so many. My ADD/ADHD is a lot better and I am able to focus more on everything. I still have some work to do. Roxanne and I have made another plan to get everything even better. I would completely recommend Roxanne, she is an inspirationL and incredible Coach. Sheila M
― Sheila M.
Hi, I would highly recommend Roxanne as a Coach for the reasons that she has helped me so much. I was a very successful professional, then I was fired, my Father passed and my daughter moved to another state all I the same month. Roxanne helped me through all this, she taught me ways of handling the anxiety I was going through as well as the depression. She is very well versed in Spirituality and mindfulness. Staying in the moment, affirmations, visualization and manifestation, were just a few of the things she helped me with. These techniques helped immensely and I use them daily. I would absolutely recommend Roxanne to everyone who needs a Coach in all areas. Carol L
― Carol L.
If you need help with anything at all, I recommend Roxanne Davidson. I had a lot of problems which started out when my husband of 30 yrs became a full blown alcoholic. We lost everything including his very lucrative business of 25 yrs. we were able to keep the house and some retirement money. I tried everything I could to help him. Many rehabs and nothing seemed to work. The whole thing turned my life upside down. I have 3 children and the youngest was 14. I divorced my husband and got the house and some retirement money. Roxanne helped me through this and many of the fallouts from this problem. My son is doing fabulous as well as my 2 girls. I still see Roxanne as a way of dealing with the things I am having trouble with, one my ex. Anyway I appreciate all Roxanne has done for me and I tell anyone I know who are having problems to see her. She was and is a life saver. Claudette V.
― Claudette V.
I was having a very hard time in all areas of my life. I felt like everything was falling apart. I started seeing Coach Roxanne and it was a lifesaver in the middle of the ocean. Roxanne helped me get a plan together for the next month as we both agreed that starting out with a short plan would not be too overwhelming for me considering the state I was in. We started by getting my emotions under control., prioritizing as well as mindfulness. For me it was important to stay in the moment and not obsess about the past, future and what I could not control. We concentrated on my spirituality also as well as my health concerns. As time went on we set longer goals. I had a lot to deal with. Financial, romantic, family issues as well as what I have already mentioned. It took quite awhile to get through everything but throughout Roxanne was understanding and had the expertise to help me learn how to deal with and solve these issues. Roxanne has a very calming style while still urging you to get your work done. I feel as though my life is back on track and I will always be more than grateful to Roxanne for teaching me how to deal when issues come up. If you need a coach that can help you in many ways and set goals and plans then Roxanne is the best!!
― Alex B.

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