About Coach Becky Cooper

My purpose in life is to serve YOU in creating lasting satisfaction and fulfillment in your career and life. You have potential (which I believe is truly a reflection of your most authentic self) beyond what you may currently see in yourself. I want to help you remove those limiting beliefs so that you can realize your full potential and feel rooted in whom you are and how you show up in your life. How do you want to show up? Coaching is a special partnership between the coach and the client. As the client, your agenda is first and foremost and is where I will focus my attention. All of the answers you seek are within you. It's my job as your coach to help you find those answers and remove anything that stops you from achieving your best life possible. What I want for you is to live with no regrets and be unapologetically you. What do you really want in your life? It's critical that as the client, you are fully committed to participating as authentically as possible as we unravel more of what that means for you. This is why I have three requirements for all the clients that I choose to partner with: 1. Must be 100% committed to the process, and 2. Must be willing to deeply explore your truths, and 3. Must be willing to have a little fun and learn a lot about yourself! If you are not achieving what you think you really want to achieve in your life, there are reasons for it. It can be scary to commit to accepting responsibility for your entire life and the outcome you are currently experiencing. I will create a safe place for you to explore who you are and what you really want for your life. This is YOUR life! You choose how you want to live it! Nobody else does. You are not a victim to your life. If you can step into taking that responsibility, you can change EVERYTHING! A coaching relationship can be VERY powerful and life-changing if both parties are fully in. I'm in! Are you?


I have been a professional for many years in accounting (CFO) and operations (COO) working in public accounting and the venture capital arena, But the truth is those are just labels and titles that don't really matter. What matters is that I have always been a studier of life and people. I like people and have been an observer of how we choose to show up in our lives and how we get in our own way from achieving what we say we want to achieve. I believe chronic stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction comes from feeling like we need to check a part of ourselves at the door before we walk into the "office". We don't. We can show up with our whole authentic self wherever we go. This is why I'm passionate about serving professionals toward becoming fully rooted in who they are or "Innerwoven", which is the name of my coaching practice. Brene Brown calls it "wholehearted", which I love. There is a place for us where we can feel rooted or wholehearted even in our work. This could be a physical place where we choose to work or an inner place where we learn to show up differently without changing our external environment. Therefore, my specialty is helping people unravel how they can enjoy all aspects of their life, including their 9 to 5. Also, I was laid off once and have experienced many challenging transitions in my life, and I've learned how to move through them with more grace over the years. For those of you experiencing a major transition, I'm here for you, too. Transitions can be seen as a major failure in life or an incredible gift and opportunity to grow more deeply than maybe ever before to realize more of who you are and what you really want.

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Professional Coach - Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Coaching is partially about momentum; therefore, I believe if clients commit to several weeks of coaching in close succession, they will build momentum and see better results. This is why I offer a Three-Month Intensive Package that includes 10 sessions that need to be completed within that period of time. This allows for two weeks of no calls for vacations or other life events that may come up. Your investment in yourself is $2,000.

Together, we can make significant life changes in six months. We can come up with your clear vision, understand your values, and set your Big Harry A@$ Goals (BHAG)! We will learn about accountability and what works for you. It's about your life and your agenda. If you commit to six months of coaching, you will not only build momentum, see better results, but you will gain a significant amount of self-awareness to uncover what blocks you from achieving what you want in your life. Coaching is about investing in yourself! Your six month investment in yourself is $4,000 and includes 20 coaching sessions over that period of time.

If your goal is to completely transform your life and you are ready to commit to the work it will take to get there, I'm committed to taking that journey with you! As your coach, I will support you for an entire year in partnering with you to uncover your biggest life vision for yourself, setting step-by-step goals to get there, unraveling your inner belief systems that block you from taking significant actions, learning how to reframe those belief systems, and help you build in accountability that works best for you. This package includes between 40 to 44 coaching sessions throughout the year, depending on how many we can fit in. I'm throwing in the extra four to make sure we are achieving what you want to achieve. I would be honored to take this journey with you. I'm in! Are you? Your investment in yourself for one-year is $8,000.

Client Reviews for Becky Cooper

I’ve really seen a lot of growth in myself while working with Becky toward goals for my life. Her ability to listen has produced a discovery of cognitive content which has made me see things completely different for the first time in my life and learn to listen to myself. I ALWAYS felt grounded and confident after a coaching session. She is thoughtful and has great insight and intuition. THANKS Becky!
― Kris A.
Becky has a way about her that puts you at ease when digging into what's holding you back. Her thoughtful questioning helped me get clear on where I want to be and establish a plan of action that made sense to me and who I am. Becky has good insights into building a business and really help me get to the core of how I want to move forward with each step I was taking. I cannot thank Becky enough for her help during the time we worked together and the steps that she helped me take to get one step further in my journey.
― Naomi G.
I have had the pleasure to be coached by Becky for 3 months. During this time Becky has helped me to progress in several aspects of my life. She has been helpful in getting me back on an exercise schedule and has helped me in moving my new business forward. Becky is very intuitive, straightforward and kind. She has helped me to realize some very limiting beliefs I have about myself that simply are not true. I greatly appreciate Becky and her talents. She is simply amazing!
― Tami B.
I felt an instant connection to Becky. Becky is great at leading me in the process of making changes, looking at things differently and working toward living my most fulfilling, happiest life.
― Katie H.
Working with Becky has been awesome! With her empathetic, intuitive and insightful guidance, Becky helped me work through a confidence-crushing and anxiety-producing life event. Becky’s keen listening ability and self-reflection techniques have helped me identify and keep my self-doubt gremlins at a distance. I now have the tools to focus my energy toward my strengths and to draw upon those for continued positivity, both personally and professionally. A REAL CONFIDENCE BOOST! Thank you, Becky, for taking the time to work with me! I am so very grateful!
― K. M.
Becky is a total pro. While Becky has a natural ability to listen, empathize, and guide, two particular attributes really make her stand out. First, she brings an incredible amount of thoughtfulness and thoroughness to helping a person achieve their best self. Becky has been great about helping prioritize what is most important and then coaching to ensure that those priorities are realized. Second, Becky is very versatile. She can handle and adjust to a broad range of topics and areas of focus that may be in line with a theme that she’s been coaching or completely new and relevant based on real-time events. I’m happy to be working with her!
― E. J.

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