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It's an honor you're considering working together towards your goals! Through my Coaching Certification, I learned strategies and techniques that don't just solve specific challenges but all of them based on patterns that all challenges share.

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About Coach Lino Madrid

Hello! My name is Lino Madrid. While I do have an extensive background in business and life coaching, my most important accomplishments are: -Getting married to my amazing wife Stephanie Madrid -Accepting a cat that she brought home (#nowacatperson) I started a business development firm when I was 19 years old. Much of the work was in fostering an amazing culture for the businesses that we had contracts with. I worked with professionals on a one-on-one basis but also conducted group trainings when necessary. I found that often times the challenge that was presented to me was not the real challenge. It was just what sounded good. The reality was often in feeling unfulfilled at work or at home. Often times developing businesses from the inside out required developing its workers from the inside out. I didn't know it yet, but I was starting a life coaching practice as much as I was helping drive revenue. Out of this drive to help others move forward Awaken Life Designs was created. A non-labeling, medication-free approach to wellness. I knew I had to get certified, and I found this through Robbins Madanes Training. It was created by master psychologists Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, and it solves not just a certain type of challenge, but any challenge based on patterns and principles developed through years of constant application. I've been asked to speak for small groups all the way to a battalion of future Army Officers. I'm an intense studier and note filer on all things strategies, stories, and insights that can help people create change. Everday (no exaggeration whatsoever) I am either reading a personal development book, learning from a podcast or taking a course. I've filed every golden nugget from these studies for the past 3 years into my OneNote. And the kicker? I've organized it so it's easy to access when I need it. My OneNote is my pride and joy... Fun facts: -I proposed to my wife 3 days before our wedding (backwards planning gone wrong...) -I've had a continued desire to eat pizza since I can remember.


-6 Human Needs Training - The Key to Fulfillment -The Triad Training- How Physiology, Focus, and Language Affect Decisions -7 Master Steps Training - The Blueprint to Creating Change -Expert Listener -Happily Married

Licenses & Certifications

Robbins Madanes Training, Life Coach Certification, BCC, Graduated 2017

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

A little tip! As much as I would like, I am not able to conduct Discovery Calls same day :( I will have to kindly decline if I even get to my calendar in time to see it! Other than that, schedule away! I look forward to hearing from you!

For a limited time, let's give you a taste into what coaching with me would look like! This package comes fully loaded with: >>One Discovery Session >>One Regular 1/hr Session (with recap message after) >>One Week of UNLIMITED Messaging (good for 7 days from the discovery session) >>One 30/min Recheck (must be scheduled a week from the Coaching Session)! >>>Only the first 5 clients that sign up with this package will receive it!<<< Give yourself the gift of coaching. Let's jump start your destiny today! **Please allow 24 hours for a response on messaging. Also, I cannot take discovery sessions that are scheduled the day of (the calendar shouldn't let you haha but I wrote this just in case)!

Client Reviews for Lino Madrid

I remember I looked at the testimonials on Lino's profile and I wasn't sure what kind of coach he was. Could he really be good at relationships, business, health etc... My concern was that I wanted a productivity coach. Someone that really knew the ins and outs of productivity and efficiency and ONLY that. I told him this same thing during a discovery session and he hit me with the truth, "There is almost no such thing as a coach that is truly a specialist because every area of our lives are intertwined." We talked more about it but my common sense told me that this was true. In the end I wasn't disappointed in my decision! We focused on mapping out my day in a way I'd never heard of or done before. And it changed the game! I now have time for what's important. My family is happy, I'm happy, work is happy, even my body is looking a lot better! Thank you Lino
― Dan Montinello
Lino is a great relationship coach. I'm not sure how he's able to run a coaching practice with his companies. Not only that, he was able to make me feel like I was the only person he was working with! I would receive messages with different links or resources I should look into that he just discovered while he was coaching me. He is a great guy and a great coach. He really cares. Give yourself the gift of a REAL certified life coach. He knows what he's doing.
― Charmaine Peterson
Lino is THE BEST!! I wish there was a way to review him on Live Coach other than this. I'd give him 6,000 stars LOL. I came in with one challenge (which I thought was the challenge) but he was able to really dial into what the root cause of it was. Not only was I able to get my relationship with my man back on the right track (we hadn't talked in weeks) but I was also able to direct my passions into a company. He has some amazing insights. I think he's the greatest! He will transform you!
― Lyndsay M
When I found out my name was in Lino's full name I knew we were meant to be! He likes to have a good laugh and isn't afraid to tell you what you need to hear. He takes a very non-aggressive approach to coaching. It's mainly around asking questions and getting to know what's going on. Who's involved in the challenge and all of that. He makes you feel like the only person he's working with! It's his creativity and confidence that will surprise you! After phone calls, it's like he works on overdrive to think about the different ways the next meeting could go and what to do. I felt very catered to. Lino is amazing. The greatest coach a guy could ask for! Thank you Lino!
― Quil Skye
Woooo! Everyone needs Lino as their coach. I was tired of working in retail and he helped me find out what was truly important. he gave me resources to help me determine what was possible and he helped me craft out my new freelancing career! I really like his approach. He doesn't give much advice in the traditional sense. I feel like deep down he has to have his own ideas, but he is patient and let's you get to YOUR answer and what is right for YOU. He has such a wealth of experience, I know that he could have helped me whichever direction I wanted to go. Lino is an invaluable resource and coach! Do yourself a favor and select him!
― Cynthia Garcia
Lino helped me out a ton with that student life! I was getting very overwhelmed with my studies, my job, and my girlfriend. It was like I couldn't get a hang on anything. Lino helped me get my day in check! I like his thoughts on "the one thing." It helped me focus on what was important. It also helped me create long-lasting change. Not only did I get a 3.6 GPA but I also got a promotion at my work AND my relationship is at a place it's never been before! This guy is the best. If I ever need anything I know EXACTLY who I will be calling.
― Jesus Centeno
Lino is the best relationship coach there is! I learned SOOOO much from Lino. It's like he's some sort of love genius haha. My boyfriend and I now know how to meet each others needs. We also know how to resolve conflicts in a very productive way. He proposed to me and we're getting married in 6 months! What a change! None of our friends thought we'd be getting married haha. Lino never took any of the credit. He always insisted it was us! Yet without Lino, we wouldn't have made the distinctions we needed to make. We're very grateful for you Lino!
― Samantha Hicks
Well, what can I say about Lino. He helped save our company! I never expected him to be an expert in the field our company is in, yet he's so creative it's almost like he could see ways to disrupt the industry that our competitors didn't. It's almost like he knew the next million dollar idea for our company, it was just a matter of me getting to that answer. He helped me learn strategies to manage our team better. He helped us create a better culture. He helped align myself with what's important so that my family didn't get the exhausted part of me. Everything is just so much better. The best part? I became a business OWNER not an operator. I can do whatever I want when I want to do it. When I spoke with Lino I was definitely an operator haha. Work with Lino! He's a genius! And as an added bonus? He listens like a pro. You feel so understood when you're done talking to him.
― Rachel Smith
My life has changed for the better with Lino. I was a boy when I started with him. Now I feel like I can take on the world. Everything was pretty whack... to put it simply. My relationship was on the rocks, my finances, my career. Everything was not how I pictured it. Lino helped me find out what the most important goal was. He told me that by identifying this lynchpin goal that it would have secondary effects into all other areas of my life. And boy was he right! I found myself a new job that was fulfilling to me. This fixed my income challenges and the new income and happiness increased my relationship with my girlfriend! He's like a master strategist. You MUST use Lino as a coach.
― Dequarius "Q" Johnson
Lino is the man! Very respectful, you could tell he's done this coaching thing a couple times haha. I came because I felt like my days were so empty. The irony was that the days were actually very full of things! Just not the right things. Lino helped me align myself using a time management strategy. This strategy CHANGED THE GAME for me. Now I only do the important things, instead of everything. I even have free time for myself! Something that I figured was a distant past ever since I started my second company.
― Jake Stran
If you are looking for direction in your life you need Lino as a life coach! I was totally lost. Like TOTALLY lost and he was able to help align myself with what was most important. If there is one coach you partner with on Live Coach give yourself the gift of Lino. He will transform you!
― Shawna Chi
I was skeptical about working with Lino, but then again, I'm skeptical about working with anyone haha. He's a young guy but I tell you what he really knows what he's talking about. You leave the conversations feeling so understood and listened to. It can be uncomfortable sharing some of the difficult parts of your life... but I always left every conversation feeling happy and of value! I never felt like I overshared. My marriage was on the brink of collapse. Some would say it was over! I went to a ton of different coaches and they all had a bias as to what they thought I should do. Lino helped me discover what was right FOR ME. I truly thank him for that. My husband and I are back on great terms and have recommitted to each other!
― Paula Gethwin
Go see Lino. He really listens to you! I came to him trying to discover what I wanted to do in my life! He seems to come out of nowhere with these amazing questions that cause me to take a step back and think. In the end he helped me start a business idea I've been putting off. A mobile car washing company! Everything from mindset to the basics of starting a company, I now get to live the life I want to live and have the freedom I want. I love this guy!
― Richie S
Lino is the greatest coach a guy could ask for. I have much brotherly love for him. When I met him I was in a time where I was out of high school and had no idea what I was going to do with my life. Talking with him, he instantly made me feel better about my life and where I was going. He listens to understand, not to respond. I was an overnight stocker at Walmart when I met him but he connected me with a key business connection he had that took a chance on me and took me through a qualification process. I am now a partner in a marketing firm and I made an upgraded move to Las Vegas where I am much happier. My family knows of him and even my own mother hand wove a dreamcatcher for him. I love this guy. Definitely a raving fan.
― Marcus Sam

Case Studies for Lino Madrid

I helped a student in his early 20s determine his life course by using strategies to identify what is most important to him as well as what will make him the most fulfilled.

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