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I have been coaching couples for 15 years. I have been through a few relationships that were not the best but very educational! I have find myself helping couples dealing with partner fighting substance abuse, mental illness , partners that have experience physical and mental abuse., cheating issues, trust issues. I am blessed that most of them allowed me to help them, and blessed that i was able, for most cases, to help them. I help couple with their communication path, and discover and apply their love language. In 15 years, via 3 countries, i have experience many issues, and i happy to have seen that most of them of solvable when both partners do the work.


Specialized in coaching couples how to create a safe and loving relationship while embracing each other individuality. While I have meet and helped many couples, I also experience issues with relationships before I took the learning curse of coaching relationships. I have coach not only many couples, I also apply the relationship coaching tools to my relationship, not only with my wife but with everyone with whom i create a relationship, business or friend. Most of my clients consider me to be very honest, direct, caring and understanding.

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Certified Professional Coach from Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching

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Client Reviews for lucien flahaut

I was about to break up with my partner Sue, but i decided to see a relationship coach before. I am glad I did. I was shutting my partner down, not allowing her to express herself, I realized that I wanted to be in power and it was hurting Sue. Thanks to Lucien, I came to my senses and we worked together for few months. Sue and I are now happy, i stopped my behaviors and I am enjoying our relationship better than before. Great Coach!!
― Jane & Sue
After i broke up with my 3 year partner, I was kind of lost, I wanted her back but had no idea how. Lucien asked me questions that I had no real answer for, I kept giving him excuses. The more i spoke with Lucien, the more I realize that I wasn't honest with myself. I was ignoring the real reasons for the break up just because i was lonely. Lucien worked with me to stop that behavior. I am now in an other relationship and I have worked on ME. I am a better partner now, thanks to Lucien's honest approached. Great coach!!!!
― Jeff
"My partner and I were going throw a very hard path, when my partner cheated on me after 1 year of relationship. It was hard for me to trust again, but I loved my partner and I wanted us to get help. I wanted to find a Coach as suppose to a counselor, I thought coach will be more direct and in the solving business!! Well, with Lucien we got just that! He was what we needed, direct, honest non judgmental and kind. He gave a chance; either let go let love or break up! That choke me! But the idea of breaking was too hard, I wanted to give my partner an other chance so I let love! We are married now and have adopted a lovely girl name Charlotte, Love Lucien!"
― Marine and Claire
   " I was single, and kept being in bad relationships, until Lucien made me realized the "why" and how to fix it. I am now in a happy relationship. I have a clearer understanding of what I want out of my relationship"
― Daniel
 "After 3 years of marriage, my wife and I were growing apart, his coaching helped us correct the behaviors that was causing the drift. He helped us create new healthy ones. Lucien taught us his Communication Path, a path that help us when we have issues. He is awesome."
― Steve and Cloe
 "Lucien made my girlfriend and I realized and understand our "Languages of Love", he showed us how to apply it everyday in our relationship. Because of his life experience he helped us in very real way, no-nonsense, no excuses. He is direct and a great listener. My girlfriend and I are now married and very happy, we just needed a little coaching"
― Mark and Stephanie

Case Studies for lucien flahaut

I helped a couple to make the decision of breaking up, after 5 years of pretending to be happy from both partners, both felt that they owe the other at least to pretend, but they were both unhappy. I helped couples understand that their own happiness was not their partner's responsibility. I helped them find what made them happy individually. The pressure they were putting on each other was lifted. I helped a single man change career but helping him understanding what was most important to him, he thought it was money, it was family, friends, love and do what he loved to do, traveling. He applied for a traveling job for a big travel website, and now make money while exploring the world.

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