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Coach Kyle Hynes

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About Coach Kyle Hynes

Canadian Entrepreneur, Founder of ConsultUsFirst & Dream Clean Comercial Janitorial Services. Clients include ; Properfoods, Boston Pizza, Earls, Sir Corp, TRG, A1 Courier, Popins designs, RJST marketing and more.


Above industry standard microsoft office abilitys/ leadership & development/ Industry experaince / Business Growth / inventing / licensing / investing / stocks /

Licenses & Certifications

Insights / time management / joint health & saftey / smart serve & pro serve / first aid & cpr / business finacials & food costing

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Kyle Hynes

If it wasnt for kyle i wouldnt have managed through the breakup of a long time lover. The situation was hard on me and all i needed was an ear to listen to me. Kyle offered rhat and so much more. We talked for 3 months or so and i feel i have grown in confidence, self respect and generally more positive. I love that he helps me deal with overlooking all the small things in life
― Tessa G
Its been wonderful working with kyle the last few months. What started out as a quick conversation about an idea i wanted another opinion about, has turned to a great professional relationship. Kyle has a great ability to look at all situation from multiple perspectives and gives solid advice that i dont think i could go with out
― Jaime S
Kyle has helped me through many differant hurdles in life. From relationship advice, career coaching, money managment, investing and pretty much every aspect of my life. Kyle has been here for me for more than 2 years now, contently provided better then expected results weather its a quick call to get my self grounded and ready for the day to serious situation kyle is always prepair and professional
― Steven A

Case Studies for Kyle Hynes

An uber type app company was developing an app and reached out for a testing/review. By the end of the week the app was re-launch with ownership of code copywirte, within 4 months the newly developed app had profited 32.7 x more then previously predicted with the previous platform.
A client with a stock tip page was struggling to monetize and gain market leverage. Consulted me originally on what he should do/ how much to spend on marketing. With-in 48hrs i had a full business and market overview completed. We then worked to change and target his niche. He now has over 1,500 monthly / yearly subsribers starting from $10 dollars per month.
I created a start up plan for a graphic design company that included everything from market reasearch, step by step checklist to launch the company etc. Client had a $1000 dollar budget, with on 6 months client had a 6 figure income

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