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Entrepreneurs, Business, Spirituality, Leadership, Marketing

About Coach Ryan Sharp

Im a life and business coach in Portland, Oregon. I help authentic entrepreneurs and courageous leaders all over the world get clear about who they are and what they want so that they can get un-stuck and take intentional steps forward. Need some clarity? Hit me up.


Serial Entrepreneur. Musician. Deep Spiritualist. Spiral Dynamics. Enneagram. Marketing Guru. Dot-Connector. Creative Thinker. Active Listener. Father. Husband. Small Business Owner. Winemaker.

Licenses & Certifications

Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC)

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

This is our chance to really unpack your life goals and challenges in a way that is wholistic and relatable. We'll explore archetypes and value sets and assess the areas of your life that need the most resources to get you to where you want to be, to live the life you love.

Client Reviews for Ryan Sharp

As a new business owner I've come across some tasks that are not as much fun as others and found it difficult to keep myself enthusiastic about performing them. No matter what I did, my attention was always directed towards something other than what I set out to do. After struggling through a couple of years of this I decided to get help from Ryan Sharp. Ryan's approach in life coaching helped me identify my motivations and what they truly mean to me. This in turn, helps me stick to those not-so-fun tasks which gives me a great sense of accomplishment and a feeling of relief. Doing these things allow me to have more free time without worrying about getting things done, because they are done! What I didn't anticipate as a result of a freed-up mind is that I find myself thinking about future gleanings which is helping me to take those next steps to build my future. I would highly recommend Ryan as a life coach. His thoughtful sessions and caring style is something I always look forward to.
― Rob W
I am a new entrepreneur and am learning every step of the way. My coaching sessions with Ryan have been so essential to me whilst setting up my new business. Ryan has an incredible gift to be able to ask vital questions which I haven’t even thought of! He is able to understand my visions for the business and keeps me on track that I am being true to my values with what I am creating. I would highly recommend you seize the opportunity to work with Ryan as he will help you navigate the path towards great and exciting things! Thanks Ryan!
― Karen T
Ryan is fully present and a deep listener. He was able to help me gain clarity around a key aspect of my business while also gently reminding me that I didn't need to have it all figured out before I started. He helped me give myself the permission to let things evolve as I do rather than letting my perfectionist stop me before I ever get started.
― Kimberly R
I like how Ryan's intuition and his natural ability to listen also to the eneegy of what I was saying have led us to the conversation I needed, not one I previously had in mind. If you like depth to add to the conversation he is right for you.
― Manca K
Ryan is an AMAZING coach. In one session he was able to make me feel lighter and guide me to major revelations that have turned my life around. I would recommend him for anyone. Thanks again, Ryan!
― Bobby F
Ryan is the best! He is super passionate about helping his clients with their business and marketing struggles. He's a great listener and cares deeply. He helped me find clarity surrounding my niche and reach conclusions I hadn't even previously considered. Ryan's supportive style, fresh approach and eagerness to help his clients thrive was readily apparent in our work together. If you need a trusted guide as you navigate business and marketing growth or challenges, you cannot go wrong with Ryan.
― Tina G
Working with Ryan is a hoot! He has such a great vibe, and is really passionate about helping people. He is genuine and authentic in his approach, and does a splendid job of eliciting powerful insights during our sessions. I've learned a lot from being coached by him and highly recommend him to any considering hiring him. He's a true professional!
― Rachel V
Ryan is very comfortable to connect with. His demeanor of openness, great listening skills and open ended questions makes one think. I feel he is a courageous person himself and would be a wonderful person to travel with along one's path.
― Denise J
Ryan has a keen way of figuring out what I really care about in my life and what my roadblocks are to achieving my goals. I have always been a confident person and never thought there were any mental barriers I had. Working with Ryan made me realize that even the most confident / capable person could be confused or have blindspots. He brought out of me solutions and ideas that I had within myself but didn't think of yet. Thanks, Ryan!
― Kelly L

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