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My passion is unlocking peoples potential to maximize their own performance. As a coach, I will support you to achieve success, peace, energy and the freedom of living your life the way you desire. I will coach you in a positive, honest, relaxed and trustworthy way, so that you can have what you want in your life.

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G.R.O.W. Model Goal. Current Reality. Options (or Obstacles). Will (or Way Forward). This premise is very useful for defining outcomes and creating valid action plans which can deliver the desired success for the client. Anchoring Capturing specific emotional states (confidence, relaxation, excellence, high performance, etc.) through sensory language elicitation. The application can transform the internal landscape of response in the specific context in which such resources are needed. Meta Model Questioning An artistic semantic structure which challenges the clients current idea of how the world functions by asking questions about the clients view. Such questions are aimed at the missing information which even the client himself/herself isnt aware is missing. Ex: I am a total failure. This expression fails to specify what is the client referring to. Asking for specifics can illuminate the clients thinking as well as providing a much better understanding to the coach. Ex. Questions: A failure compared to what? According to whom are you a failure? A failure in what specifically? How do you know you are a failure? Etc. Identifying goals and resources Most peoples goals are not specific enough and that prevents them from recognizing which resources they would need and what action plan is available. By properly identifying the clients goals and all of the deeper levels which such goals contain: personal values, relationship to identity, effect on the clients world once the goal is achieved; and many others. The coach can structure a powerful session which will facilitate the creation of a structure that supports ecological and lasting change for the client; a form of change which is in balance with all the areas on the clients life. Empowering believes Inner exploration can reveal many things about a persons inner world and specific believes. Further analysis of such believes can shred light over the consequences and results of such believes on the persons life. By revealing the hidden limiting believes; finding the intention and the choice points in the personal history where such believes were created and generating new empowering believes which satisfy the intention of the old limiting believes; a great opportunity for change is created. This is a very powerful technique that supports ecological and lasting change. Generative visualization of self Having created a realistic outcome plan the client can explore the identity of being someone who already has obtained the outcome. This technique is based on biofeedback training and imagining visualization. Defining in detail the visual, auditory and kinesthetic structure of the self that identifies with the outcome helps prepare all the levels of the mind to embrace the change as well as discover available resources which may not have been visible before. Future Streamlining Designing a future where the client is naturally motivated to take the most efficient curse of action and can maintain empowering emotional states. It includes personal growth strategies and feedback systems to continuously learn and develop. As a part of working in solutions, helping the client install this strategy in the mind will empower the long lasting and satisfactory changes in him/her. Time Line and Personal History Reframe Sometimes its useful to go back to certain memories and reframe the learned lessons and update them with current adult knowledge or more effective emotional responses. Sometimes its useful to add to the memory different resources which can enable the person to have more choice and wider range of response to be able to achieve success in their desired context of coaching.

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Client Reviews for Juan del Pino

I am a handsome 29 years old man, however for many years I could not maintain a relationship, every time I liked a woman, or that I saw a beautiful woman I would get angry and behave foolishly for no reason. I tried everything and I was about to give up on myself. I went to a session with Juan and now I have a great control of myself and I feel awesome every time am out to party!!!
― Magnus I.
I used to smoke 1 pack a day. I went to see Juan for stopping smoking and it seems to be working cause is now 3 months since I saw him and I feel so good
― Kristian
Ever since our first session I've been noticing subtle but powerful shift in my self acceptance, reduction of anxiety and general openness towards life. Not to say I haven't any more problems left, they just don't strike me in the same way, paralyzing me into thinking and overanalyzing. I can take honest action and not feel conflicted in the process, not question and regret each move, paralyzed by indecision and doubt. My fears transformed into curiosity. I still feel some self judgement, lack of trust, and intolerance of weaknesses left, but not even a week has passed since our session so who knows how this integration thing will fold out. Life has gotten exciting once more!
― Anna

Case Studies for Juan del Pino

From stress to success in 2 sessions With the application of the G.R.O.W. model my client was able to shift his own mental state and performance drastically after just 2 sessions. Most people get stuck within a vicious circle where their problems become the center focus. Getting rid of them problem is all they think about. Such strategy is largely based on fear and utilizes it as motivation. People can become paralyzed if they don’t have any more options in mind. One of my clients was stuck in one of these vicious circles; as a result he wasn’t able to sleep and his performance at work was wagering. He was at risk of losing his job. He had sought counseling and assistance from different services but his problem continued. During our first session it became very evident to me that he was stuck on “the escape circle”: he just wanted to get rid of those things he didn’t want. G-oal: First step is to clarify and agree on a realistic and motivating outcome. I asked him: if you didn’t have this problem, what would you like to have instead? I continued to question him until he began to describe his ideal conditions and what he would truly love to have in his life. His whole face shifted, his body straightened up, his breathing changed and his eyes began to sparkle. He had become aware of the fact that something very powerful existed within him. R-eality: Second step is to raise awareness of what is happening right now. Looking at his current situation from a different state of mind he was able to quickly recognize all the influencing factors of his current situation. He discovered that every day he was engaging on a ritual which was causing him harm. He would lie down on his bed every night and he would imagine all the things that could go wrong. He would blow out of proportion everything that was really happening and as a result he couldn’t sleep. I don’t think anybody in the world would be able to sleep if he did that right before bed. We successfully identified many of those mental triggers and worked on transforming them during the session. O-ptions: Simulate ideas and choices of new ways to perform. He learned very fast how to identify his own intention for doing what he was doing. He learned to acknowledge such intention and to generate different mental behaviors which would all match such intention. We worked on some mental techniques to elicit states of high performance and to create a more resourceful response. W-ill: Check commitment to options. By this point he was so motivated and ready to act that I barely had to do anything more. He committed to practicing the techniques he had learnt and remaining aware to recognize any moment where he may be doing mentally what he used to do in the past. On our second session he was thrilled and excited. He had been able to sleep properly since our last session and he had gotten already very good results. He had been diligently applying what he learned on the first session. He even discovered that he found himself spontaneously thinking and planning his future on a very different way than he used to do. We designed a plan based on his aspirations and dreams. This time he was ready to dream big and he aimed to have a position of president in his organization. He got a promotion 2 months after our last session and he continues to improve on himself ever since. His stress totally disappeared and he sleeps deeply every night.

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