Professional Results Coach. Currently Traveling around the US helping others understand what it means to live in their ultimate self. Helping them take action with their life, obtaining goals, seeing their vision of their life come into reality, getting more time, freedom, money, success, better relationships, and being the best version of what they truly are. I get other's results quickly and effectively, where it's needed in their lives, by coaching 1 on 1, events, daily, weekly, monthly etc. Ask about the 5-day success challenge which has helped thousands of people all around the US. Stay True, Stay Awesome, -Chris

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Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Discovery and breakthrough. This is the beginning of getting clear on your vision, finding out what's holding you back and finding the belief to push forward. It's all about taking responsibility for your life and unlocking your greatest potential. Take action and book today!

This success challenge has videos, worksheets, calls with me, and more! It's designed to put you into action quickly, easily and effectively. Getting you to where you need to be in 5 days to get started with your true dreams, goals, passions and living in your ultimate self. There are so many success stories and testimonials. Message me to find out more, I would love to speak with you and support you. Be a participant of life, not a spectator!


Working with Chris is an unforgettable experience in the best way possible! I’ve never met anyone so positive and motivated and he just exudes this energy at all times. He is one of those people you feel lucky to have in your life because he is dependable and loyal and it’s impossible to have a bad day if he’s around. You can 100% be yourself around him and confide in him and never have the fear of being judged which is hard to find these days. He makes you want to be your best self and helps and inspires you to do whatever it takes to get there. Not to mention he is absolutely HILARIOUS and you burn calories hanging out with him because you pretty much can’t stop laughing. I will never forget our time working together and hope to have the pleasure of working with him again in the future!
― Sarah M.
I have worked with Chris for so many coaching sessions and I can say, without exaggeration, that his combination of strength, empathy, patience, and insight has helped me tremendously in resolving many challenges. For years I struggled to be consistent with my day-to-day business actions; as much as I tried, time-and-time-again I’d never succeed. Consulting a results coach wasn’t really an option back then as I felt it was just a waste of resources. It took so much persuading from a friend who also recommended Chris. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the past 5 months. His intensive coaching, targeted approach, and dynamic skills set are unmatched. I have witnessed a great amount of transformation in both my business and personal life since I started working with him. He has taught me how to make the best out of every moment, that nothing is impossible, and to trust my own potential. Chris is a great listener and has the ability to help you figure out what it is that you really want. I recommend him 100%.
― Zack H.
Chris is outstanding. He is always so fun and positive and supports you in a way you don’t realize you needed. He pushes you to be the best you, you can be. He helped me overcome stage fright which has helped me succeed in my new job and helped me grow in self-confidence to know I’m worth something. I can see how much he genuinely cares not just for life and his job but each individual whether he knows them or not. Once again a huge thank you to Chris for just being you and supporting me with your kindness and guidance x Definitely, recommend to anyone looking for help with anything from relationships to work or personal growth, this is your man.
― Leo A.
Chris is extremely positive, encouraging, supportive and honest. Working with Chris was such a privilege. I am so happy to have met Chris Loveland. Chris is a breath of fresh air and has had such an impact on my life without even realizing.
― Kara R.
Life altering is an understatement! Chris helped me identify some crucial challenges I was facing as well as provided tangible tools and suggestions to rectify them. Chris is effective, committed, down-to-earth and caring. His approach is also refreshing, simple and compelling. He masterfully creates an environment of trust and loving support, in a judgment-free zone, where one can openly explore relationships, career, health, and realize there are valuable tools available for how to navigate life’s challenges. After several sessions with Coach Chris, I have been able to move forward with confidence, in a direction that is right for me. I highly endorse him for anyone seeking coaching for any type of improvement.
― Sam P.
Where do I even begin? Chris has created a new light in me that I didn't think was even possible. In just a short time I changed my attitude, my outlook on life, my goals, my daily tasks, etc (I could keep going). I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with Chris because his attitude is so contagious and it makes everyone else around him so energized and motivated!! Let Chris help you get on track in your future endeavors, you won't be disappointed!!
― Jessica N.
I worked with Chris/C-Love and from the start, he was all about love and positivity! What’s cool about working with him is that he could easily relate to my personal hardships because he was once in the same state. He took my life challenges as seriously as his own, and the strategies proposed weren’t theoretical but very practical. I am always pumped and energetic when I communicate with Chris/C-Love, every time after we speak with each other I am fully motivated to work on my dreams. That’s the kind of coach one needs, and that’s the kind of coach that will help bring you towards success.
― Akmal H.
Chris is amazing at what he does! He truly cares about making a difference in people's lives. He helped me understand my goals better and actually set a time frame to them so I could take action toward those goals. Chris kept me accountable and his joy for what he does transferred to me and made me want to make strides toward bettering my life! Thanks Chris!
― Mikayla F.

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