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Coach Hasnaa Akabli

Vancouver  ·  British Columbia  ·  Canada
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I am a wellness coach for women. I help them go from struggle and self-doubt to unconditional confidence and passion. My expertise is to take people to these breakthrough moments when their inner belief system changes and they start taking inspired actions, with ease and calm..

About Coach Hasnaa Akabli

- Former Executive for 10 years. - Business owner, CEO advisor and coach. - Speaker on Wellness and the Power of our emotions. - Certified Life Coach by the International Coach Federation - 2,000+ coaching more (most experiences coaches have a few hundreds only). - NLP Practitioner - Reiki Practitioner


- Sense of Purpose/ Goal Setting - Gaining Clarity on your Vision - Peak performance/ Maximizing your Potential - Action Plan/ Implementation - Productivity/ Taking action - Confidence/ Self belief - Motivation & building a thick skin - Communication skills - Leadership/ Assertiveness - Time Management skills - Increase your energy level physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - Stress Reduction - Self care - Self love & Celebrating your Success - Spiritual practice & Using the Laws of the Universe - Resilience - Humour and positive attitude
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Immediate Benefits : • A crystal clear vision about the results you want. • An achievable action plan that drives you. • Reduce stress and increase well-being at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. • A shift in your mindset to start seeing fresh opportunities in your life. • Enjoy huge personal growth as you navigate the transition. • Have a whole different set of skills and practical tools/methodologies to make your life turn around in the direction you want. • A renewed sense of energy that comes with the awareness that you are in control and able to create ANY result you want in your life. How does it work ? - 2 monthly fifty-minute-coaching sessions. - Weekly support & Accountability via email. - Access to world-class resources, strategies and resources to transform your mindset and emotions and create long-lasting change in your personal and/or professional life. - My clients start seeing RESULTS IN DAYS, not months. - A minimum of 3-month-commitment is required to build up LONG LASTING RESULTS.. - After 3 months, you're free to continue coaching or not.

Client Reviews for Hasnaa Akabli

As a CEO, I often felt a lack of support and even loneliness being at the top of my company. I was exhausted and my health, both physical and emotional, was deteriorating. Hasnaa fully invested herself in the process of helping me set goals for my personal life and create that sense of balance that was missing for decades. The results were beyond my expectations. Hasnaa helped me create powerful new habits that brought me inner of peace, more health and happiness. My relationships (both at work and at home !) improved and I was able to access my strenghts anytime I needed them.
― Al R.
Hasnaa fully invested herself in the process of helping me growing my company. As a CEO, I felt lonely in my decision making and also full of doubt about conquering some foreign markets in Western Africa. Hasnaa helped me along away on the mindset and the strategy. We developed our market share by growing internationally in 9 months only ! Hasnaa is an efficient and brilliant person to work with, and is of good moral character.
― Al L.
Hasnaa knew how to instil me with confidence and helped me create a clear plan of action for leading my employees and my company. She helped me be more productive with all the indicators looking shipshape and also helped me grow my teams. Hasnaa is passionate about her work and very attentive to the needs of her clients. I cannot recommend Hasnaa enough, both interms of her professionalism and her individuality
― Karen B.
Before my coaching, I was stuck in the past. I'd struggled to deal with the impact of abuse and didn't know how to stop it affecting my life. I knew it was holding me back, and I needed help to break out of it. Having Hasnaa as my coach was like having a great friend that won't let you get away with the stories you tell yourself - you learn to listen to yourself and trust your own mind. I learned to let go of my fear and really uncover where it had come from and why, I used to shake at the thought of talking in front of anyone, I'd be paralysed with fear and couldn't share what I thought or felt. In a heartbeat that went from hiding away and hoping no one spoke to me, to presenting to a room- Voluntarily. I started a new job and with my self confidence and 'strong character' was promoted to team lead (over more experienced people) within a few weeks. I would definitely recommend coaching to others, everything can and does change for you in a heartbeat- If you're committed to it. The effort has to come from you, but you're guided every second of the way. She will hold you accountable for everything you commit to! ????
― Anne B.
When I started working with Hasnaa I had hit a real low in my business and I knew I needed help. Hasnaa helped me to clarify my most pressing goal, it was a breakthrough goal for me and every call Hasnaa helped me stay on track. What was really great about working with Hasnaa was her ability to cut through my blocks and blind-spots and simplify my thinking so I had a clear focus and direction. With Hasnaa in my corner I achieved so much in 6 months - I have so much to be grateful for! Specifically I tripled my monthly income, I created a passive income stream, I made peace with my past and best of all I have written a book and am currently at editing stage! I would recommend Hasnaa because she is a no non-sense coach with a heart of gold. She didn't let me wriggle away from conversations that made me feel uncomfortable but in those moments I grew the most. I love you, amazing lady!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
― Sandi F.

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