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Coach Dallaa Moussallati

Manchester  ·  Cheshire  ·  United Kingdom
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Certified Life Coach passionate about helping clients recognise and change unhealthy habits that are causing unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Goals are set, new habits that are aligned with Clients values and dreams are identified and integrated into their daily lives. My Motto- YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE - WRITE YOUR OWN STORY - MAKE SURE IT'S FULL OF JOY! I am there for people like you who are having problems with: - Health and Well-being, -Unleashing Ones Full Potential, - Stress and Anxiety, - Addictions. - Feeling Overwhelmed, - Weight, Eating Disorders and Body Image, - Mindset and Confidence, - Self-Worth and Loving Oneself, - Habit Transformation, - Depression, Confusion, and Despair, - Goal Setting and Accountability, - Relationships, Marriage, Finding Love, Breakups and Divorce, - Letting Go and Integrating Gratitude, - Positive Parenting. Life can sometimes get tough, situations may seem overwhelming. However, there is always light at the end of every tunnel. And most times a change in perception, looking at something from another angle changes all! As your Coach, I will help you stand back and look at your life with a different set of lenses. I will help you clarify what you want in life, LOVE yourself once more and live to your full potential. Changing your life and creating one that you deserve will not be terrifying any more! I will be there for you every step of the way! 'NOTHING CAN DIM THE LIGHT THAT SHINES WITHIN' Mayo Angelou Let's work together to find that LIGHT!

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About Coach Dallaa Moussallati

I have successfully transformed peoples lives from all over the world. I love being a Life Coach and I'm dedicated to aiding clients to retake control of their lives and live to their full potential. So what's the key to my success? Yes, all my qualifications and studies have given me the tools to work with. However, I believe you have to have experienced some kind of turmoil to understand what others are going through. I've been through it all, marriage, divorce, loss of loved ones, starting from scratch, you name it! Would I change any of these experiences? NO. They have made me who I am today. I have rewritten the life I want and have made a career in helping clients rewrite their story. A Life Full Of Purpose and Joy is everybody's birthright, and I'm committed to supporting my clients throughout their journey! DO ANY OF THE BELOW SCENARIOS DESCRIBE YOUR CURRENT SITUATION? - You feel lost, tired, uninspired or overwhelmed. - You don't feel in control, lack of organisation. - You need help with addiction. - You are tired often and have low energy. - You want to start creating the life you deserve. - You need help finding out who you are and what you want to do. - You are having difficulties in your marriage. - You are going through or have been through a divorce or break up. - You experience Social problems - You don't love yourself. - You want to adopt healthy habits. - You have Health problems. - You have Parenting difficulties. - You find it difficult to set boundaries. IM HERE FOR YOU! I Will... - Examine your inner dialogue. - Uncover the root cause of your distress. - Create goals, integrate new habits and strategies. - Help you rewrite your LIFE! - RECLAIM YOUR HAPPINESS.


Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Insecurity, Relationships, Marriage, Divorce, Break up , Parenting Health & Well Being, Pain & Loss, Creating Goals, Finding your True Self Falling in love with yourself once more Addictions, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Stress, Examining And Changing Negative Thought Patterns, Excelling in Studies & Exams, Master Relationships,Overcome Marital Problems, Creating The Life You Deserve!

Licenses & Certifications

BSc (Hons) Psychology Certified Life Coach Quantum Healer Certificate Quantum Doctor Certificate Auriculotherapy Training Certificate Hypnotherapy Training Certificate Introduction to Aromatherapy Certificate Quantum Healing and Consciousness Certificate The Five Pillars of Health Certificate Quantum Taoist Medicine and Acupuncture Certificate Integrative Holistic Healthcare Certificate New Quantum Medicine Certificate Orthomolecular Nutrition Certificate Diet and Nutrition Certificate Brain Function and Nutrition Certificate Quantum Homeopathy and Homotoxicology Certificate Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certificate Herbology Certificate Quantum Biology Certificate

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Dallaa Moussallati

Dallaa has a new way to coaching. I found it really interesting that she asked me for my date of birth and any physical symptoms I was feeling on a regular basis. Through the sessions, Dallaa helped me build a new life that was in alignment with my personality hence the date of birth. She also helped me to take a look at my thought processes. I realised how harmful most of my thoughts were and through the sessions learned how to integrate new ones into my life. I highly recommend Dallaa!
― Laura .A.
I was bulimic for some years. I am so happy I found Dallaa. I am proud to say that I haven't purged in months. We worked through fear and forgiveness. It was easier to face my fears once they were identified. The journey with Dallaa has been incredible!
― Emma .J.
My health had deteriorated. It was just one problem after another. Dallaa explained that thought processes are related to most physical issues as well as external circumstances. For instance, I never knew that lower back problems are associated with financial worries. We set clear goals on a weekly basis. My health is much better, and I now feel I am the one in control of my life! All the best Dallaa!
― Brian .P.
I was having a lot of difficulties with my marriage, and with most of my relationships to be honest. I am a people pleaser. Dallaa taught me that it was 'ok' to say 'no' and put myself first. I found when I started to focus on myself my resentment towards my partner and others decreased and my relationships improved significantly. The sessions helped me find myself and saved my marriage. Thank you Dallaa!
― Susan .K.
Dallaa has a warm manner and is extremely positive. She helped me look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas I wanted to change and improve. The sessions allowed me a framework and a clear path. I am forever grateful for the chance to work with Dallaa. My life has transformed!
― Helen .C.

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