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Strategy Coaching, Sobriety Coach, Grief and loss aid, Student of Stoicism

About Coach Sean Brosnan

Educated in England at the top British boarding school, Millfield and graduated with Honors. Sean went onto receive a bachelors in English literature at the Royal School of Speech and Drama. He is currently completing his Masters in Clinical Psychology and has been a Professional Life Coach for the past six years working with the worlds top athletes, models, musicians, CEOs and actors. Sean has seen his success as a professional actor in theatre, film and TV. At the age of 21 Sean was cast as Romeo in Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet with the prestigious British Shakespeare Company. He toured Europe for a full year before heading off to South Africa for 8 months to star in HBOs GENERATION KILL which was nominated for 11 emmys. Sean has starred in over a dozen feature films alongside some of Hollywoods biggest icons. Sean is a professional writer having penned, produced and sold numerous screenplays whilst simultaneously raising millions of dollars for production. Sean made his directorial debut in 2016 with the adaptation of the prolific 18th century play by J.M. Synge titled Playboy of the Western World. Sean currently writes for Talk House Magazine and is finishing a Novel that recounts his wayward youth and a car accident that stopped his heart twice and forced Sean to learn how to walk again. Losing both his mother and sister to ovarian cancer, Sean has experienced firsthand the perils of tragedy and grief. Since then hes devoted much of his time to helping those in need working as a sober companion, a fearless advocate for intervention and a grief and loss aid. Sean has been in the world of recovery for the past ten years and still helps those who struggle with trauma and addiction to find their success, balance and inner peace. He is also one of the founders of The Oasis Malibu sober living. Sean is happily married to his life partner and friend Sanja Banic, a successful personal trainer and nutritionist. They have a beautiful three year old daughter and live in the mountains of Malibu. Sean firmly believes that a life of meaning is more powerful than a life of expediency, and that a life of purpose can overcome any adversity.


Entertainment industry. Sobriety. Grief and loss. Romantic relationships. Parenting.

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Life Strategies Coach from the Spencer Institute BA in English Literature BA in Drama Currently earning a MA in Clinical Psychology

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Client Reviews for Sean Brosnan

If you want to instill some grit into your life, if you want to stop procrastinating, if you want to learn how set realistic goals that compound overtime into something beyond your wildest dreams, then SEAN IS YOUR COACH! I came to see Sean when I was very overweight, unemployed, smoking way too much pot and had no prospects of a relationship. I was very embarrassed of my situation, but Sean didn't seem fazed by any of it. Instead he told me how he saw a man who was afraid of what he could be... I started to cry, because it's true. I could never live up to my older brother's success. Yet I was too afraid of failure to even try so why not just do nothing. Sean broke down a 6 month time line of what he calls , "manageable micro-routines." At first I thought, how the hell is waking up and screaming YES! at the top of my lungs (into the pillow, because of my room mate) going to help me start my day? I did it begrudgingly and then followed his simple mourning routine of ten pushups while listening to my favorite energetic song (at first I could only do three pushups)after this I had to do, a two minute meditation and half a page of free writing. I won't lie, it all seemed very trivial and silly and I didn't see the point of any of it. Then... After 30 days of doing that along with some other "manageable micro-routines" that Sean slowly incorporated throughout the week (rather innocuously I might add) I began to loose weight, which in turn made me not want to eat as much, which then turned into being more productive. It seemed as if big changes were happening without me even trying! There were times were I wanted to be done with all or just give myself a little midnight reward, Sean told me to call him when I felt like that so I did. Sean is always available. I called him at 2am once and he picked up! This man doesn't sleep, I thought to myself as he talked me off the ledge of wanting to smoke a bong rip and eat some cookie dough. I was depressed because I had gotten back into the darting scene and some of my old stories about myself were beginning to pop up. But, Sean was able to help me re-write those and I went to sleep that night without smoking weed or stuffing my face with cookie dough.... hmmmm cook-ie-dough :) I have been working with Sean for two years now and I have lost 135lbs, I have a beautiful partner, a great job and a schedule that makes me happy! Most importantly Sean has showed me how work through the tough days, how to deal with it Stoically and not completely toss the baby out with the bath water. Thank you Sean!
― Gabe Wayneright
I started working with Sean four years ago. I was just starting out as an actress and had no idea what or how to break into the industry. Sean showed me how to get a solid acting reel together, how to find the right photographer for my headshots and showed me how to reach out for representation... 2 months into working with Sean I got an agent, 3 months after working with Sean I got my first acting role in a TV series!!!! The most important thing Sean showed me is how to not get overwhelmed. How to maintain a strong balance and how not be so attached to my career. It was threw letting go that it all came. Sean isn't one of those super peppy, tell you want to hear kind of coach. He is logical, honest and driven.
― Samantha Baily

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