About Coach Crystal Maynard

10+ Years experience in coaching -- I have a Faith-Based approach to coaching and my primary focuses revolve around Family, Relationship, Pre-Marital and Marriage Coaching. My most valuable assets are my perspective, experience, and ability to find hope in all circumstances.


Though I have learned tremendous skills and gathered wonderful tools via academic education, a vast majority of my coaching skills come from pairing those skills with personal experience and in working with various clients and situations. From helping pick up the streets and counsel those who lost everything after Hurricane Katrina, to helping 18-year-olds decide which university acceptance letter to choose, and from helping the rejected wife fight for her marriage, to coaching parents through a terminal diagnosis. My empathy is present in all situations with an ever-present hope to coach you through any situation life throws your way. My most valuable asset is my perspective of hope in any and all situations -- I can't wait to help you navigate your process and coach you through tools and skills to help you always land on hope. NOTE: This is NOT to replace any clinical position -- if you need the help of a clinician I can make referrals, but again this is NOT to replace them. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING AN EMERGENCY CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY -- again, this is NOT a clinical practice and Crystal Maynard will NOT be held liable for any issue as she is here to serve you as a coach and NOT a clinician.

Licenses & Certifications

B.S. Exercise Physiology M.S. Counseling Psychology Ordained > Trained in Leadership Development >Trained in Crisis Management > Trained in Grief Counseling >Trained as a Hospital Chaplain > Trained in Relationship Development > Trained in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) >Trained in Business Development

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Crystal Maynard

This is such an intimate subject and scenario to talk with anyone about that so much depends on who the coach is. I feel very comfortable with Crystal in this role.
― Carol H.
"No better person I can think than you to pour out wisdom God has given you to help save marriages and restore relationships"
― Cami C.
"We are already benefiting from your service so much, you are our go-to for marriage coaching for sure!"
― Madison J.
"We greatly benefited from a faith-based, gloves off approach to our pre-marital counseling from Crystal. We are still using the tools she gave us from over a year ago."
― Madison F.

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