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Coach Kelly Kirschke

Strasburg  ·  Virginia
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Relationships, Life Balance, Stress and Axiety, Mindfulness, Parenting, Self Esteem

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About Coach Kelly Kirschke

As your life coach, I will help you find your balance and empower you to fine tune your strengths and enlighten you in the areas that you desire improvement. Our interaction goes beyond the "session." I will be there for you in between our meeting times, as a supportive and accountable force to guide you towards your specific goals. My objective is to team up with the greatness of others, to motivate and assist in bringing out the full potential that lies within everyone. I have spent countless hours learning about the dynamics of relationships, about boundaries, about mindfulness and spirituality. I believe that my life experiences, and quest for knowledge have enabled me to empower others to find their balance, and achieve their goals. I have a positive passion for life, and desire to assist others in moving past challenges. I can assist in relieving stress. Bring out motivation needed for moving past an issue, or making a major life decision. Help with developing healthy communication skills needed in personal and professional relationships.


Relationship enrichment, Communication skills, Self care & confidence, Family dynamics, Stress reduction

Licenses & Certifications

I am an honors graduate of Universal Life and Business Institute

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Kelly Kirschke

I have been working with Kelly for the past two months as an actual client. She has been all types of helpful, considerate, and deeply informative. I am progressing through my career goals and my life has drastically improved with her help. I am thankful I found her. Her system is great. I would be glad to speak in further detail to anyone who has any inquiries, but only have positive things to say.
― Joseph J.
I will always consider meeting and working with Kelly one of the best investments EVER in my life. In just a few short months I have seriously done a 180(so much that my friend has noticed a big change within me). When I met her I was filled with anxiety, negative thinking and constantly repeating the same mistakes over and over. I was at the end of my rope. Kelly helped me to recognize these patterns and stop them in their tracks! It's not an overnight fix and I will have to be diligent in maintaining a positive, balanced thought life, but she has given me the tools that I need to succeed and it will become easier over time. I could not thank her enough for what she has done for me and, in turn, my relationships with those around me. She truly is a blessing. Thank you, Kelly!
― Mandy O.
I've been mulling over what to say without revealing too much personal information about myself. Kelly is a wonderful, nonjudgmental, helpful, knowledgeable, intelligent person. Please if you are having any life issues such as codependency, anxiety, or maybe you just need motivation or support, then please consider life coaching from Kelly. She is not only a good down-to-earth person, but she is also very experienced, professionally and personally. Life does not always give the skills needed to succeed in life or to even be happy. But with some positive direction and genuine effort that can change. All self-improvement work is done by yourself but with ample support from this gem of a person both in session and out.
― Mary W.
Kelly is amazing!!! She has already helped me so much in the short time I’ve been meeting with her. She is literally helping me get back to who I used to be. She’s helping me manage my depression and PTSD just by helping me retain my brain on how to do things in a not so negative way. I am very thankful for having her in my life right now!!!
― Pamela O.

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