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About Coach Joshua Dredge

Hi everyone! My name is Joshua Dredge and I am a personal success coach. I help people who are unhappy, unhealthy and not where they want to be in life. I take people from where they are, to where they truly wish to be and explore the goal behind the goal to understand what you really want in life. After completing a BA in psychology in 2013, I worked in the community based mental health sector in Australia for four years, coaching those with a diagnosed mental illness to achieve their goals and live a life beyond their illness. I have recently relocated to Los Angeles and have transferred my extensive coaching experience in to the professional market. With my background in mental health and passion for health and wellness, I understand the close relationship that our physical and mental health have and how one can impact the other. I look deeper than the surface level goal with my clients, exploring their sleep, diet, activity levels and their mental and emotional health. By understanding these factors, it helps determine barriers and obstacles the individual is facing and what needs to change in order to achieve their dreams. As a newly certified NASM personal trainer, I am also able to combine personal training in to my coaching for those who are wishing to have a more practical component to their physical health goals. I am an enthusiastic, energetic coach who will challenge and push you to become the best version of you possible. We all have greatness within us, my job is to ask the right questions and challenge you to release it. So, if you're ready to take action and realize your true potential, please reach out to me!


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Licenses & Certifications

BA in psychology- Whittier College 2013 NASM certified personal trainer- 2018

Coaching Rates

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Let us explore what it is that you're currently stuck with in life and understand what you truly want from life. I offer all prospective clients a free 60 minute discovery session in order to see if I'm the right fit for you as a coach and you're someone I can truly help achieve their goals and dreams. I have been in your situation and choosing a coach is not something that should be taken lightly! I want to get to know you and you need to get to know me in order to create a fun, yet challenging space where you feel comfortable.

Ten, 60 minute coaching sessions across the span of twelve weeks. I believe to coach someone deeply and powerfully, consistency is key. It's one thing to move closer to, or achieve a goal and something else entirely in maintaining the change. By committing to a ten session package, you are making a commitment to yourself that this is not just a flash in the pan idea and something you want to change for the long run.

Client Reviews for Joshua Dredge

I highly recommend Joshua and his coaching. He lent me new perspectives to help me stay course on my progress with my substance abuse by holding me accountable, challenging me, articulating my emotions and struggles into a way I could understand. I came to him at a low point in my life and he has provided several mantras and healthy alternatives to my coping skills and stress management. His teachings have lent me a total 180 on my outlook of situations and a belief in myself I hadn't had in quite some time. I couldn't have found myself without his coaching.
― George Montalvo, Whittier, CA
“I have to give a huge praise for Joshua and his dedication to his profession. Speaking with Joshua helped get me in tuned with my business mindset and really opened up my thought processes. I found the questions he asked were thought provoking and helped me break down some habits that I wasn't even aware I had. He gave great "homework" assignments that I felt really pushed me to get things I needed done without having that overwhelming feeling. I started to feel more motivated because I had the - "I can't let Joshua down, when I talk to him next week, so I need to make sure to get it done" - mentality. He has a very positive attitude which made it easy to discuss my goals, while also pushing me to do my best professionally as well as personally”
― Jennifer- Balloons by Jenn, Los Angeles, CA
As a result of my working with Joshua as my coach I was able to see very clearly what was in front of me. He was able to have me look at things from a different perspective and allowed me to see what was between myself and my success. After our only second session I was able to have a very crucial conversation about my career that went very well thanks to his professional help. I would recommend to work with Joshua for anyone who is serious about accomplishing more and need support for reaching their full potential.
― Erkan O. Cultivate Purpose Los Angeles, CA
Josh's success coaching really helped me to focus and prioritize. The questions he asked really helped me get clear on what steps I needed to take to get to the next level in my business. I even had an emotional shift, which was surprising but really freeing as well. As soon as I narrowed my focus, my mindset shifted, and I felt more clear, positive and excited about serving my clients. We decided to see how many "nos" I could get in a week. I made calls and sent emails. Within 2 days of our session I got four emails, three Facebook inquiries and five phone calls, which converted to seven new clients on my schedule for the next three weeks and the rest are saving up for their sessions for next month. Thank you so much, Josh, for helping me get clear and laser focused. You're an amazing coach!"
― Kasia Weglarz, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA
I’ve worked with some excellent coaches in the past. Josh got me to focus on some concrete areas of my work/life balance that I had not previously considered; things that I was able to put right into action that have provided enormous benefit as to how I approach and think about my business. Josh coaches in a clear and concise manner. We ended each session with “next steps” that I was able to implement and practice.”
― David, Arbonne international, San Gabriel, CA

Case Studies for Joshua Dredge

I recently helped one of my clients regarding his job search. He had just been unsuccessful in acquiring a new role and had dismissed a couple of other opportunities for this one. I challenged him to reengage with the other opportunities that had presented themselves and challenged him to make a phone call to one of them before our next session. We were working on his follow through and focus through this time so it was a tough ask for him to do this and not in his comfort zone. At our next session, he informed me that he made the phone call and after speaking with them, was offered a position and started last week. Not only was the outcome good, but the mind shift from being reactive to proactive was what was most inspiring. He appreciated me pushing him to do this and holding him accountable during this process and ultimately got a great outcome.

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