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Coach Maureen Casey

Tulsa  ·  Oklahoma
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I help people discover the meaning and purpose behind everyday situations, circumstances, thoughts, and feelings so that they can make purpose-driven decisions instead of falling into resentment and frustration!

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About Coach Maureen Casey

Hey there! Maureen here! ???? And I want to let you know a little bit about me before we start chatting! I started my coaching practice with the deep desire to help people move through the frustration and into a place of fulfillment where they can live life on purpose! My passion is helping people discover what lights them up and applying those things to every element of their lives so that they can create balance! Im a certified life coach with a thriving family, 10 years in sales, and degrees in mass media communications as well as business management. For the last 3 years Ive spend my time volunteering at the local elementary school working with parents and children on their communication and running my own business and mindset coaching practice! Its safe to say that Im no new to this those coaching thing and Im most certainly not new to dealing with the stresses and frustrations that come with careers, families, businesses, and life in general!

Licenses & Certifications

BA in Business Management BA in Mass Media Communications Coaching certificate from Core 100 with Tony Robbins

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Maureen Casey

Hands down the best life coach in the area! Maureen's coaching helped me and my business overcome a plethora of obstacles! I'm so glad to have the woman in my life! Highly recommend her if you plan on taking your business or life to the next level!!! Thank you for everything Maureen!
― Nora E
Maureen is the perfect coach if you're looking for someone that feels like a best friend coming to give you some tough love about getting real about your life! I loved her personable nature, and the fact that she was so dedicated to me as a client that she called me on the day of her sister's wedding to make sure I was following through! Hire her. You won't regret it.
― Payton D
Maureen came into my life at the exact time I needed a boost. She knows her shit, is knee deep in business building and since working with her I literally make money every day. Hire her, you know you want to. This is the sign you've been looking for.
― Stephanie C
I have been working with Maureen this past month and it has totally changed the level of my life. From our very first session I instantly felt so much more motivated and inspired and actually booked 5 clients the very next morning!!! Signing up for one of her coaching packages was the best thing I have done for myself and my business, so excited to see where she takes me!
― Stefanie S
I just complete Maureen's 24 day intensive. It is one of the most eye-opening challenges I have done to date. It forced me (in a good way) to confront my blocks and embrace myself. It has renewed my confidence in my business and I dare say, made me a better coach. It also helped me narrow my niche and create my own one of a kind Intensive. Maureen is a one of kind badass coach who removes your blinders and helps you be the best you that you can be. Thanks, Maureen!
― Amanda U
Wow I don’t even know where to begin, Maureen came into my life when I was lost and confused about my business. And not ONLY did she help me gain clarity but gave me the confidence to take it up a notch! My first ever Facebook live stream went viral after a chat with her because she’s just that BADASS!! ????????????????????
― Lakisha C
Maureen has given me so much help in my business between paid and free challenges she’s taught me so much about attraction marketing ???? It’s honestly changed the game for me with content!
― Sarah H
I just completed Maureen's 24 day intensive program and it transformed my life both consciously and unconsciously! Maureen showed us how to live with purpose, confidence, and integrity. I learned to prepare and bring my future self to life! Thank you Maureen. I am now confident and certain in my capabilities for business, and in sharing the importance of my business to the world.
― April M
I took Maureen's Be your own kind of Badass 24 day Intensive and it was a game changer. Maureen's coaching has a way of allowing you to see yourself and what you want for your business in a deeper way. She helped me to see all the things that were stopping me from creating the dream life and business I knew I deserved but didn't know why I was stopping myself from REALLY going after it. She showed up everyday Live bringing genuine business and mindset techniques that helped us all truly open up with ourselves. It was the journal work she gave us and her ability to share about her own business that really allowed me to see how common what I was going through was. I was able to learn more about what I wanted in 24 days plus then I did in the past 4 1/2 months I started. Her ability to feel like not just a coach but your girl friend is what attracted me to her work. All it took was a random sales page search and Instagram message for me to choose to work with her and it really has been a great decision for my business and life. As a relationship coach I now am more focused on who I want my soulmate clients to be. Why I really want to help change women's lives. I am more motivated to get my business/brand moving faster toward success. My confidence is higher in creating my voice, my messaging and my packages. I'm ready to kick-ass in my business and get the life I want by working on it each day! She showed me that I can have it all by showing me how to dig deeper than I ever have before. If you really want to feel like a bad ass and get shit done then hire Maureen, you won't regret it. It's worth the investment so be ready to work! Love her!
― Christina P
I have been working with Maureen for the last couple of months and my friends and family have noticed a change in me. I know more of what I want and Maureen has gided me towards thinking differently and getting my actions done. Am so thankful and grateful I found her. And even while I live in Australia the communication has been easy and fantastic.
― Sharon M
She knows what she's talking about and has life experience to use to help others!! She is amazing and I love listening to her vids. LOVE HER!
― Juju R

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