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About Coach Sandeep Srivastava

Do you struggle to get business, professional or career advice/guidance from peers, managers & friends especially when you have to be vulnerable? I help people by being their confidant, sounding board & guide to better deal with their professional challenges. I am looking forward to engaging with people who want an open & non-judgmental dialog to maximize their professional potential and/or significantly enhance the value of the business they are engaged with. I have over 29 years of experience. Since 2007 I have split my time working as a career, executive and business coach. As a career coach I have coached, mentored & placed people (from students to CxOs). Helping them make appropriate career choices and guiding them through their job search process. As an executive mentor/coach I have worked with company founders and senior leaders to help them validate their ideas; to provide critical feedback about their leadership style; to have an open discussion without being judged; or to brainstorm with them on their people and process issues. As a business coach I have embedded myself with several small & medium businesses helping them to address a range of issues from strategy formulation, organisation structuring, hiring, people development, business growth, etc. Prior to 2007 I have worked for 19 years with several multinational companies of which 10 years were in leadership roles like the Global CEO of Laing ORourke Technical Services; Managing Director of Bentley Systems, India & Middle East; Country Business Head at Siemens Industry Software, India; & Director Sales at Autodesk, India. I have a bachelor's in engineering from NIT and a master's in business administration from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management. I am a TPC Leadership Coach Practitioner (ICF Certified Program), a Marshal Goldsmith Certified GLA 360 Professional and a Caliper Certified Psychometric Assessment Professional.

Licenses & Certifications

MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, India. TPC Leadership Coach Practitioner (ICF Certified Program). Marshal Goldsmith Certified GLA 360 Professional. Caliper Certified Assessment Professional.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Sandeep Srivastava

Working with Sandeep was a great experience. He was extremely professional & his clarity of thought was very good. His market understanding & perspectives stood out.
― Sudha Kumar, CEO, Prayag Consulting
Sandeep is most importantly a thorough professional. An indepth knowledge and understanding of the industry, combined with experience are Sandeep's strong points. His valuable criticism and helpful suggestions have enabled us to take a fresh, different and most inportantly a focussed look at our business and its growth. Using humour as his best tool, he has helped us understand the nuances of business and got us aligned towards working cohesively. He is a mentor to us and we have gained immensely from our association with him.
― Urvashi (Purohit) Bora at Manager - Design (Interiors) at Kalpataru Limited
Sandeep is a focused professional with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry. He has an excellent business networking and client engagement skills; an articulate professional with high level of energy. And his focus on customer responsiveness is truly commendable. He provided me with invaluable guidance that helped my research for a great career opening.
― Srinibas Patnaik, Senior Director - Remote Sensing, Geospatial, Analytics business, India & South As
Sandeep has been extremely helpful in setting a direction to our vision. His valuable experience in the industry in terms of business potential as well the financial associated with it gave us a great insight. He was very patient and was a deeply involved in understanding our business practice. His advice certainly helped us in improving a lot many issues at our end
― Sharad Hulji, Founder Director at Capricot Technologies Pvt Ltd
Sandeep is a rare breed of professionals – experienced, knowledgeable, networked and very accessible. His vast industry experience and contacts is a great enabler when it comes to finding the best man suiting the industry profile. His straight forward approach and advice helped me a lot not only during interview process but also during the final discussions leading to a great career opening. I recommend Sandeep to all organizations searching for talent and to individuals looking for a great career move.
― Anirudha Joshi, Business Development Manager at ESTECO Software India PVT. LTD
Sandeep is one of the best mentors I worked with in my profession, his guidance and directions helped me to build the career in sales. His native intelligence for sales and management is among the best I have seen.
― Nitin Choudhari, Director & Co-Owner at Metamorphick Solutions Private Limited

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