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Dating for Successful Single Professionals

About Coach Coach JAM

As a certified Top 100 ranked Life Coach, I work with single professionals who cant understanding why they are not getting dates or who are sick of wasting evenings on disappointing dates. I help you create a lifestyle that attracts high quality dates consistently in 90 days or less. I am not a matchmaker who organizes dates for you. I want you to develop the skills necessary to control all aspects of your dating life. That way, you never have to worry about dating for the rest of your life.


~ What you should be doing to magnify your value and make your attractiveness undeniable ~ How to build intense mutual attraction during conversation, even when you cant think of the exact words to say ~ How to know if they are interested in talking to you BEFORE you speak to them ~ How to build a vibrant social life, so dating feels less like a chore ~ How to write an online dating profile that puts you in the top 10% of any site ~ The 3 types of dates and when you should use each type to intensify the chemistry ~ The 3 components to keep the attraction high forever once youve attracted them

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Professional Coach B.S. in Psychology

Coaching Rates

Have a free 15-minute initial discovery session with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

You will learn how to create an enjoyable social life and get quality dates consistently within the next 30 days! Over the course of 6 coaching calls, you will master: Section 1: The Attractive Lifestyle Game Plan ~ The 6 asset categories for creating intense attraction ~ A simple tactic to magnify your value and make your attractiveness undeniable ~ A road map to focus on improving your attractiveness instead of chasing dates Section 2: The Easy Traffic Generation Matrix ~ How to identify the most time-friendly method for meeting a ton of people ~ How to become the person everybody at the event wants to know ~ A template for writing an online dating profile that puts you in the top 10% of any site, while attracting good-looking, genuine, successful professionals Section 3: Customizable Conversation Openers and Attraction Tactics ~ How to know if they are interested in talking to you BEFORE to speak to them ~ Over 50 examples of customizable conversation openers ~ How to build mutual attraction during conversation, even when you can’t think of the exact words to say ~ The one skill you need to never freeze or run out of things to say ~ An easy method to practice flirty playful banter that creates attraction in a way that feels natural ~ A repeatable online message flow to smoothly set up a date in 4 messages You also get access to inbox messages as often as you like. I will personally walk you through each of the skills above. Every call is like a mini-workshop to teach you a new tool and evaluate the progress of your dates.

Client Reviews for Coach JAM

“When I first talked to JAM, I was asking why it was so difficult to get on the same page with people you are dating. I had dated some men in the past that were emotionally unavailable or weren’t ready to move forward in the direction I wanted. I worked with JAM on easy ways to guide a conversation. That same night, I went to my pre-birthday celebration and met a man who met all my standards! We’ve continued dating. It feels joyful and calm. I am not ‘hustling’ for a connection and that is the difference.”
― Francis
“The conversation piece has always been a challenge for me in dating and socially. Specifically, not knowing what to say and when to say it. Through this great training, JAM has given me a lot of tools to meet high quality women and really market those million-dollar assets I possess. I got numbers from eight women in the following weeks. A few women were raving fans and said they never met a man like me and really connected with my conversation.”
― Ramone
“I moved to the United States from another country, so I contacted JAM to help me meet women. I’ve been on about 20 dates with high quality women of different ages and backgrounds. Most importantly for me, I built a habit of approaching naturally. I learned how to build my social circle by organizing events and became a leader within my circle. I would say that I am a more socially intelligent person than before.”
― Demetri
“Because I’m a highly networked business owner, I mistakenly believed my dating life would naturally work itself out. I’d been single for 7 years and had never met the right guy. The first month working with JAM, I met a great guy and he adores me. His ability to eliminate the drama, reframe unhealthy thoughts to get results is unparalleled. All the single women I know should be working with JAM!”
― Tina
“It was fun working with JAM. I met about 25 women. Regardless of whether I got a date, it was nice to get over my fears of talking to other women. JAM is very intelligent and he helped me realize that confidence is more of an attitude and a way of carrying yourself. I can do that. He helped me get out of my head.”
― Josh

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