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Self-Mastery & Permanent Behavioral Change Coaching, Self-Parenting & Fulfilling Emotional Dependency Needs, Spiritual Life Coaching, Spiritual Relationships, Money Mastery, Weight Mastery, Holistic Parenting Mastery, Living with Anxiety and/or Depression, Healing Childhood Traumas.

About Coach Shakera Creatress Hudson

Peace & Greetings Spiritual Warrior! I'm Coach Creatress and I'm a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Advanced Life Skills Coach and Reiki Master! As a result of my services, My clients have become deeply in tune with themselves, healed deep childhood trauma, released repressed emotions and toxic wounds and more. They have gained lifelong resources and empowerment that has assisted them with breaking generational chains and dysfunctional patterns in their thoughts beliefs and behaviors. They have developed self love and self care soul nourishing relationships and the manifestations of their highest personal, professional and spiritual goals. I'm looking forward to working with you! It's an Honor to serve the divine within each and everyone of us!


Self-Mastery is the CORE of what I work to achieve with each of my clients. In order to achieve Self-Mastery, my clients are encouraged to heal dysfunctional belief systems that are dis-empowering them in their current lives. Utilizing the power and primary objective of Self-Parenting, my clients learn to become emotionally intelligent and sufficient, fulfilling any of their emotional dependency needs' (i.e. Unconditional Love & Acceptance, Intimacy, Nurturing, and Boundary Protection, a person needs to feel safe, sane and secure in the world) not fulfilled by their parents or caretakers during their childhood development. This work leads to the proper empowerment of my clients to lead the healthy, self-mastered lives they truly desire.

Licenses & Certifications

BA in Communications & Culture from Howard University, Washington D.C. Traditional Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 & 3 (Master), Avaluara's Healing Center, College Park, MD Advanced Life Skills Coach Certification, Holistic Learning Center, Forked River, NJ Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Learning Center, Forked River, NJ

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Shakera Creatress Hudson

If You’re Feeling Stuck, You’re In The Right Place! I have been doing counseling sessions with Coach Creatress for several months. I must say that my experience has been eye-opening. I never realized how much subconscious beliefs and behaviors were holding me back until starting Coach Creatress’s classes. I would highly recommend for anyone who needs healing and feels stuck. Believe me you will get to the root of it and get moving again!!!
― Luis A. Laguer III
When I decided to Work with Coach Creatress, I was living with family, looking for a new job after being quite unhappy at the one prior, creatively stunted, and wallowing in negativity and self harm without any sign of resolve. At first I was a bit hesitant on whether I was ready to open up to someone about what I was experiencing. However, I am constantly working on not giving into my ego and what supports or harms it.! Since working with Creatress, I am currently employed in a field that I hadn’t considered being in since high school, signed the lease for my apartment and just finished my first commissioned art piece. In our work together, I definitely appreciated her firm and stable energy, she doesn’t read as someone who will say they have you and then drop the ball. I also appreciated her living and speaking in firm honesty. Not harmful truth, but the words without filter. Creatress has helped me find more ways to speak honestly with myself without being harmful or problematic. She also reminds me that every goal I set is able to accomplished, it all depends on if I’m willing to work for it. I would recommend Coach Creatress to those looking for a more spiritual route to their healing where you start with self. Those looking to connect the dots to those things we may know innately by haven’t had someone to valid those beliefs. I would advise that you don’t sign up if you’re not willing to dig deep inside yourself and hold up a mirror, and work to change those things we acknowledge to be problematic. Much love and appreciation to Coach Creatress for her diligence in serving those who need her and providing the outlet to kick-start our own growth!
― Aminah Scott
At the time I decided to work with Coach Creatress I was feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for my elderly grandparents, working as a full-time elementary teacher, enrolled Graduate school full-time, caring for my 6 year old son, while in desperate need of some Self-TLC. My health was declining, I felt stagnate in my life and I knew there was an internal blockage that was making me feel like a victim of my circumstances. Since working with Coach Creatress, I am able to identify when my ego-mind is speaking and distinguish between my Spirit and Person. I now have a method to use to identify and intuitively communicate what I’m really feeling as well as, validate my feelings with myself permission to feel! Prior to our work together, I would suppress my feelings and keep them bottled up until they burst with ego- and victim-based emotion. I am now able to communicated what I am really feeling to my Self and others. This journey toward Self-mastery is not for the weak. It takes courage to acknowledge my wounds and past hurts and they were affecting me currently. But! There was a light at the end of the tunnel. I am now equipped with the tools I need to be a master of my journey and purpose. I now know the I have to first accept and love ME unconditionally no matter what I experienced. It has taken DISCIPLINE and DAILY practice to make all that I have learned second nature. What I love best about working with Coach Creatress was her ability dive deep and peel back those thick layers to get to the root of my pain and blockages. She stands firm and will guide and even push you through, while uplifting you because she knows and can see the Spiritual Warrior inside, even if I did not see. She uses her heart to guide my teaching. You will know exactly what I mean when becomes your coach. I recommend Coach Creatress to all who need to reconnect with Self. If one is still experiencing the effects of past hurts and want to regain their life back, or just want to better who you are spiritually I recommend Creatress as your coach to guide you inward to Self. Coach Creatress will dig deep into your ego and call it out. Only, so you can see and identify when it your ego-mind speaking and not Spirit. Creatress is the best spiritual coach that I have worked with because she makes herself available to connect and direct me back to my Self. She will not be a crutch, but someone that will TEACH you how to fish. The knows that YOU possess the power to heal YOU.
― LaMetra Martin

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