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Hello, I'm an executive coach, consultant, and athlete who enjoys mindfulness and helping others achieve their full potential.

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About Coach Frank Rowe

I'm an executive leader and consultant with over twenty-five years of experience in the healthcare, professional services, telecommunications, technology, investment banking, and healthcare industries. As an entrepreneur and consultant, I'm is equally adept at building emerging companies and leading innovative programs at large corporations. My consulting firm, Cecond Opinion, helps CEOs and their teams thrive. I also teach courses on leadership, strategic planning and happiness at Drexel University.


I've been a coach my entire adult life., starting with my work as a fitness trainer in the early 1990s to an executive coach, consultant, and adviser in the last decade, serving CEOs and other executives of mid-sized companies. I also work with individual entrepreneurs and students to help them envision and achieve their full potential. . Specialties: leadership development, strategic planning, wellness, fitness, goal setting, conflict resolution, team dynamics, and mindfulness. .

Licenses & Certifications

Certified in the Caliper Profile Assessment. Adjunct Professor at Drexel University teaching courses in Leadership, Strategic Planning, and a new course called "Happiness 101: Living a Life of Meaning"

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

For business executives. Includes Assessment, Goal Setting, Access to Coachmetrix platform, bi-weekly 30 minute coaching sessions via Zoom Web Meeting, 360 feedback, and Wrap Up session.

For business executives. Includes Assessment, Goal Setting, Access to Coachmetrix platform, bi-weekly 30 minute coaching sessions via Zoom Web Meeting, 360 feedback, and Wrap Up session.

Client Reviews for Frank Rowe

Recently, I asked Frank to spend a day with my team to discuss a number of topics to improve our overall performance and effectiveness as a team. Frank led three sessions which throughout the day. Two morning sessions resonated well because he was able to connect quickly with our group and "pull out" candid feedback about what is working well currently and where we might be able to improve. Afternoon session included a session on EQ (Emotional Intelligence) which was very enlightening. I look forward to continuing to work with Frank on a one-to-one basis and also for my entire team. I highly recommend Frank as a top-notch executive consultant for executives and businesses looking to improve performance across many functional areas. Thanks Frank!
― Michael Naughton, Director of Product Management, Nielsen-Kellerman
I participated in Frank’s first executive bootcamp this summer. I’d offer three takeways for anyone considering joining an upcoming course. First, the content was interesting, concise, and actionable. Within the first two weeks I had implemented a number of the strategies we discussed and got tangible benefits. It works! Second, each participant came from very different backgrounds which provided valuable perspective. We discovered similar issues across our industries and were able to develop common solutions, or at least common point of view from which to address those issues. Meeting interesting people and hearing about their businesses was a pleasant bonus. Third, Frank is an excellent course leader. He presented interesting content and facilitated the sessions being mindful of our time and the work we wanted to complete. He frequently recommended articles to the group and to individuals tailored to our needs. And he exhibited the kind of thoughtful follow through and interest in each of us that you would look for from a trusted mentor. All in all I’d say the course was valuable and I’d highly recommend it.
― James Lovett, COO, Myoderm
? Frank did a great job and has put us on a path for long term success ? I’m grateful for Frank's expertise and ability to both challenge and support us ? I’ve had lots of management training but this was the best by far ? Frank is an excellent facilitator and really knows his stuff
― Sample Feedback from Frank’s Executive Team Building Training in London
Frank brings a perspective, backed with significant experience in the leadership of large and complex teams to bring about significant positive change. By providing a single focus point across all teams from sales, customer service, customer experience, marketing and internal operations, Frank has empowered us to increase overall net sales, decrease refunds and also deliver stronger long-term client value.
― Nathan Dennis, Customer Experience Manager EMEA, MINDBODY Inc.
Frank is a talented professional who has coached me to become a better leader in my field. With his guidance and support, I have become more productive, effective, and engaged in my work. Frank has listened carefully to my concerns and offered thoughtful and honest appraisals, often leading me to a new perspective and a different approach. With Frank’s direction, I have been able to set goals, take risks, and execute the steps necessary to achieve positive outcomes. I highly recommend Frank; you will wish that you had contacted him sooner.
― Deborah L. Culhane, Supervising Attorney, Women Against Abuse, Inc.
As the former Chief Operating Officer of MINDBODY, Inc., I had the great pleasure of working with Frank Rowe as my business coach. During the two years’ time we spent together he greatly impressed me with his ability to cut through the chafe and help me find valuable insights that helped me as a leader and contributed to creating real value for the company. Personally, I feel a great closeness to Frank simply because I know that I can trust him. His integrity appears right from the beginning, he is not afraid to tell you things about yourself you might not want to hear and is even faster at complimenting the positive changes being implemented. Going forward I consider him a great friend and someone that I know that I can rely on for excellent advice in the future.
― Bob Murphy, Co-Founder former COO, MINDBODY, Inc.
In the relatively short time that I've had the privilege of collaborating with Frank, I've found myself consistently seeking his point of view and have come to truly value his perspective. He brings a unique blend of strengths to business challenges: insightful strategic thinking framed with practical application; a strong bias for action founded on thorough analysis and risk mitigation; wisdom of knowing when to challenge the status quo and when to manage the pace of change. Perhaps most importantly, I appreciate Frank's targeted questioning, inclusive leadership, and collegial approach. His impact on my leadership style and organizational effectiveness will be long-lasting.
― Cyndi Sax, Senior VP Professional Services, Caliper Corporation
Frank is as adept at offering high-level, strategic advice to the C-suite as he is helping the team on the ground develop and deliver systematic and results-driven business processes. He takes a no-nonsense approach to mentorship but with an appreciation and thorough understanding of all the nuance and complexity infused in relationship building, team building, leadership and affecting change. Frank’s willingness to jump in where needed, his ability to see the big picture and help devise (and spearhead the execution of) the steps needed to get there, his astute assessment of business needs – both corporate and personal – and his affable nature make him a welcome coach, business leader and change-agent. In short: he drives success (and does it with a smile).
― Maeve McKenna Duska, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, USA Technologies
Frank’s Bootcamp is a very helpful and an even more efficient way to improve executive productivity. Frank takes a unique approach by focusing on four key issues and – for each issue – drilling down to one key way to improve. While my personal favorite was the session on EQ, Frank finds a key way to improve on each of the four issues. I definitely recommend Frank’s bootcamp.
― Lynn DiBonaventura, Sr. Director, Global Talent, Keystone Foods

Case Studies for Frank Rowe

Publicly Traded company was struggling with its 25-person sales organization. The company's sales team lacked transparency, accountability and trust. Cecond Opinion addressed these issues and the company's performance improved, leading to a substantial increase in the stock price.

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